I am officially revoking my respect for John McCain’s service to our country

From Joe the Plumber’s (website:

Former Hero now Disgraced Douche

Whenever a politician from either side of the aisle, a member of the media, or anyone speaking on any topic involving you, your opinion, or your vote in the matter talks about the subject – they must first run the “McCain Disclaimer;” praising your service to this country.

Lest anyone be seen as insensitive or ungrateful after 40 years of hearing anything you say or do premised with how much you have given – Mr. McCain, let me now say what every conservative has been thinking for a long, long time:

Let me tell you what you have done to this country…

You served almost 6 yrs in a prison camp and now you have sentenced 300 million Americans to a LIFE sentence of Obamacare. I want everyone to remember your name as their 65 year old grandmother lies in bed dying because she is deemed too much of a “risk” to help, ie, she is deemed too expensive.

I also want everyone to remember your name when they can’t find work because you stabbed them in the back and allowed our borders…YOUR borders… to be opened to a flood of Illegal immigrants who have nothing to add to this country and our way of life beyond a lifetime of out of control growth in state and federal entitlement spending, and a guaranteed vote for Democrats for countless generations to come.

And I want everyone to think of you every time they try to have their voices heard, and help make a difference in the electoral process, only to find themselves being ridiculed and shunned by you and your crony “gangs” in Congress. From calling your fellow party members “whacko birds” or “without intelligence”, to your mockery of Americans standing up for fundamental change in Washington, you have proven that you have no respect for the people you swore an oath to protect and defend…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I hold you in utter contempt, as do a great many Americans; you have made a mockery of your service to this great nation, getting far more mileage out of our pity than our embrace, and I call on every Veteran to stand against you and stand against your next election campaign. It’s clear that you would stop at nothing to help Obama and his regime, and your actions in recent years have given me, and many like me, no choice but to revoke my respect for you and for your so-called “service” to our country.

Being a veteran of war no longer gives you a pass for being bad for this country. With your express help, liberals have succeeded in destroying much of what made this country great and threaten to ruin the very fabric of America. You’ve enabled and assisted these Marxists and to continue looking back all those many years to what you did in VietNam as an excuse doesn’t cut it anymore.
What have you done for me lately?


(hat-tip Kathy)

Well said Joe.  I couldn’t agree more.

A commentator has this to say:

Let’s look at john mccain’s record. . . From his involvement in the “savings and loan” banking scandal to his (questionable) military service, he has been PROVEN to be a total disaster (as well as his traitorous political behavior).
mccain NEVER had the “courage of his convictions” but was a spoiled brat (not unlike the o’bama) who used his “connections” to wreak havoc on this great country.

mccain’s “daddy” was a hotshot Navy admiral that got “young johnny” into Annapolis. “johnny” graduated near the bottom of his class, proceeded to wreck 3 perfectly good aircraft during training, was called “songbird” mccain during his captivity (I wonder why?) and proceeded to use his military career as a political “stepping stone” with disappointing results. . .

Let’s not forget, that in 1999, traitors “songbird” john mccain and “swiftboat” john kerry voted to cut off investigations into VERIFIED LIVE POW sightings in Southeast Asia. (It is not well known that only HALF of our POWs were “returned”, the other half was to be used as “bargaining chips” to push for “war reparations” for North Vietnam. When reparations were not forthcoming, our remaining POWs were given a “life sentence” in Southeast Asia).

The best thing that mccain could do now would be to quit the republican party and retire. . .
As a veteran, I am somewhat ashamed to have POSs like mccain and kerry in my ranks . . .


~ Hardnox


PS. BrianR will no doubt weigh in on this as his disgust for McAsshat is in the stratosphere.

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25 Responses to I am officially revoking my respect for John McCain’s service to our country

  1. Mrs AL says:

    Took him long enough. Sorry to be so sarcastic, but really …

  2. Buck says:

    I’m glad he brought up nom de pow, “Songbird of the Hanoi Hilton”….

  3. Kathy says:

    Any credits he had racked up due to his service were used up long ago. McCan’t needs to get back on his meds and report back to the home.

  4. Clyde says:

    Kudos to Joe. Putting into words what I’ve felt for a long time. My disgust for McCain has ZERO to do with his military service, and EVERYTHING to do with him disguising himself as a republican first, and conservative second. NOTHING conservative about this guy at all. Brian, when you read this, THANK YOU again for opening my eyes to this asshat in’08. After the items you put up to read, and follow up on, were a GREAT help in my decision to not vote for him, as HATED as it was by a number of those on our side, the vilification was worth it. NEVER should we blindly vote for ANYONE of ANY party if they are not close to OUR beliefs. Excellent post, nox, and thanks for putting it up.

  5. This sure wraps it up, and ties it neatly with a not-so-pretty bow.

    Talk about a cow-pie covered with fool’s gold~!

  6. BrianR says:

    One thing you left out, Nox: he managed to bomb his own aircraft carrier, too.

    He’s a complete douchebag. I absolutely can’t stand that moron.

  7. Saltwater says:

    I learned there was much to loath about McStain from a man I truly admired, my former XO and Skipper, the late Navy Captain Gordon Nakagawa.

    For those not familiar with that name, CDR Nakagawa was also a “guest” at the Hanoi Hilton. CDR Nakagawa was the Executive Officer of my old squadron, Attack Squadron 196 (VA-196) when he was shot down over Haiphong in December 1972, along with his Bombardier Navigator, Lt Kenneth Higdon.

    Although CDR Nakagawa ejected successfully, Lt Higdon was severely injured. CDR Nakagawa refused to leave his injured shipmate and escape. Both were captured. They were released with other POWs in March 1973. Lt Higdon’s injuries prevented his return to active service. CDR Nakagawa returned to the squadron and was subsequently promoted to Commanding Officer of VA-196. He later attained the rank of Captain.

    You have all heard the romanticized tales of McStain’s treatment while held as a POW. Brutal as that may have been, consider the treatment CDR Nakagawa received at the hands of the North Vietnamese. He was not only a American Naval aviator, he was a Japanese-American Naval aviator. The memory and history of Imperial Japanese forces still weighed heavily on the minds of people in Southeast Asia. I submit that his three months of captivity were every bit as brutal, if not more so, than the six years McStain spent there.

    I ran into CAPT Nakagawa when he attended an all Navy pistol competition (he was an expert marksman) in 1982 while I was a reservist at NAS Miramar. During our visit, I mentioned that I had moved back to Arizona and McStain was running to be my Congressman. The Skipper said, “He is unworthy.” He refused to elaborate, but his disdain for the man was unmistakable. That simple statement spoke volumes about McStain and his character.

  8. Buck says:

    I wish his plane captain would come forward and tell us what he thinks….

  9. bullright says:

    Perfectly said. Except not to forget his “agents of intolerance” statements aimed at anyone who disagreed with him. And he’s been a “songbird” for the media since.

    • bullright says:

      PS: “I have to tell you. Sen. Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States.” — candidate McCain.

  10. garnet92 says:

    Frankly I don’t care if he truly WAS a war hero (though I believe differently), what he has exhibited here as a Senator has bordered on traitorous. He, for a long time, has acted just like the royalty in the other party and has taken upon himself the role of Official Republican Party Detractor. He has become one of the RINO “leadership” that completely ignores the Constitution that he had sworn to protect and defend. He is below scum and the quicker we get him out of Congress, the better off this country will be.

    I wish I could vote against him, it would be so satisfying.

    Another good one, Nox

  11. bullright says:

    (WASHINGTONPOST) — Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Tuesday that he is considering running for another term in 2016, when he would be 80 years old.
    “I’m seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me in a few years from now,” McCain said on KFYI-AM in Phoenix. “I’m seriously giving that a lot of thought.”
    Asked by host Barry Young to clarify if he was saying he might run again, McCain said: “That would not be wrong.”

    Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2013/10/john-mccain-considers-2016-run/#zEejybUMQBEVDXv2.99

  12. Terry says:

    My deepest, heartfelt, apologies to my fellow conservative Patriots, for my vote for this scumbag in ’08.
    I panicked when I heard the name Hussein Obama.