Benghazi drips on: what they knew and when they knew it

Here we have the ever-artful Jay Carney doing his worst snake oil sales pitch. For a guy who had no answers for James Rosen, he sure manages to mention every other thing and person possible except directly addressing Benghazi.

“Was there adequate security at the diplomatic facility in Benghazi to protect the Americans there, the answer is no”, Carney stated as a matter of fact. We know. But about the preparations and admissions… Nada. The failures live on and on.

Note what he did: Carney invoked the predecessor, Bush administration ,3 times. He invoked procedure, handled by the military, even though it was Obama’s statement and memo. He invoked partisan Republicans at least 3 times. He injects Fox as a firewall. And he finished his answer right where he started by admitting what he could not deny: that the security was inadequate.

Artful Carney sent him on a wild goose chase as if Rosen was taking issue with the Inspectors report, suggesting they are beyond question when they didn’t even question Hillary. Then he seemed to hand off to State that Hillary and Kerry had fixed all the screw ups, afterward, which apparently did not get fixed the night of the memo or next day.

Lets see, if the military commanders and Hillary would have started at that point that day, they would have almost a day to prepare or fix some of it. Now what was their excuse of why they could not respond to the attack in Benghazi? Oh right, it was due to not enough time.

But of course Carney talked in circles, just the way his logic works, to avoid that.

If you admit the day before that security is inadequate and then something does happen, which no one denies was related to inadequate security, what do you expect people to think? So why did they not ramp up security at that point? And if they did anything, then it was still not adequate because it was inadequate at the time of the attack. But even at the time of the attack, they did not try to respond and fix it. They did, however, follow the events unfolding. What we don’t know is if they ordered popcorn. (I’m sorry but that makes as much sense)

Yet all we get is circular reasoning and diversions from Carney. And we do know that Obama had the time to get to Vegas the next day flawlessly. Notice a pattern here? In the face of undesirable predictions, he tramples ahead undeterred with his political agenda. Ideology is supreme to the Rad-in-Chief. Lying is just a natural byproduct.

“This reflects partisan gamesmanship”, claims Jay, while Obama was locked in ‘partisan campaign’ mode during Benghazi, and could not be deterred from his next campaign “event”. More compassion for the fainting women on the campaign trail than he had for the Benghazi victims. “Predecessor” had nothing to do with that tar baby.

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16 Responses to Benghazi drips on: what they knew and when they knew it

  1. myfoxmystere says:

    The Circus Carnie has resorted to the “BLEHMMMMM BOOOOOOOOSH” tactic, as usual. While Bhengazi was under fire, 0bama was doing the campaign rodeo, clowning around as usual. 0bama knew what was going on, and refused to climb off Mr. Ed, because he wanted another 4 years of joy riding in the White House Air Force One, not to mention the Chrissy Matthews tingles he got up his scrotum while joy riding Mr. Ed’s back.

  2. Wonder how many HOURS it takes Slimey Carmey to wash of the muck and sludge at night???

    What a poor excuse for a stool – in ANY definition thereof~!

  3. Clyde says:

    Why is it whenever I see or hear this asshat my fist finds it’s way into something? Guess after a while, all that spin would make me dizzy as well.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m amazed the man can keep his stories straight and separate one work of fiction from another. How does the man sleep at night?

    I hope I live long enough to finally hear the truth about that night in Benghazi.

  5. garnet92 says:

    My friends, my esteemed colleagues, you are making a mistake. You are assuming that Jay Carney has a “normal” set of human values and morals. He does not. He is cut from the same cloth as his boss – that is, lies and obfuscation are simply tools that are used to influence the masses. He lies, and knows that he’s lying, yet he will feel no shame or remorse for misleading the public – it’s his job. He’s another “Baghdad Bob” and proud of it.

    He must be an atheist since he has no compunctions about “bearing false witness” and has no fear of an afterlife paying for his sins. He’s protected by his boss and Executive Privilege and can’t be touched by Congress or any other legal body without great difficulty – and he’ll be protected in perpetuity by the DNC.

    It’s all political theater, scripted and played out for public consumption. He’ll only answer questions for which he has a pro-Obama response, else he’ll shuck and jive without actually saying anything. We all know that we can’t believe anything that Obama says, we must treat Carney exactly the same way – take anything/everything he says with a buttload of salt ‘cause the odds are, it’s a lie.

    • Kathy says:

      Point taken, Garnet. We tend to forget that s**t runs downhill.

    • bullright says:

      You nailed it Garnet. You couldn’t write satire as good as he delivers. Its surreal. I assume that Obama’s words are coming from Jay’s mouth. We can’t draw a distinction between them. Funny how people grovel over his empty words. See the rest of the press sit there watching, afraid to speaketh. Even 4 dead Americans can’t shake their loyalty or confidence. They’ll probably label Rosen a racist.

  6. Mrs AL says:

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    Everyone knows its Slinky.

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  7. bullright says:

    “Inadequate security?….You betcha!”

  8. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Carney is nothing more than a modern day Goebbels. He should be in an orange jumpsuit along with his boss.