What Government Gives,,,

Government can,  and will,  also take away.

Fox News has the story.


Feds try to eliminate housing for the deaf — at complex built for hearing-impaired 


By William La Jeunesse, Jennifer Girdon
Published October 21, 2013 FoxNews.com

Arizona is defying a federal order to eliminate apartments for deaf seniors at a housing complex built specifically — for the deaf.

“I think it’s about the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while,” said Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who attempted to negotiate the impasse. “There are a lot of stories of out-of-control regulators, but this just seems to be going to the extreme.”

A 2005 federal study found that the U.S. had virtually no affordable housing for the deaf. So the federal government helped build Apache ASL Trails, a 75-unit apartment building in Tempe, Ariz., designed specifically for the deaf. Ninety-percent of the units are currently occupied by deaf and deaf-blind seniors.

But now, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development says Apache ASL Trails violates civil rights law — because it shows a preference for the hearing-impaired.

“A preference or priority based on a particular diagnosis or disability and excluding others with different disabilities is explicitly prohibited by HUD’s Section 504 regulations,” says a HUD memo about the project. “There is no legal authority contained in any of Apache Trails funding to permit such a priority or preference.”

HUD is threatening to pull all federal housing aid to Arizona unless it limits the number of hearing-impaired residents to 18 people. The agency would not forcibly remove current residents, but wants many of their units to be blocked off to deaf residents in the future once they leave.

However, when HUD approved and helped fund the project in 2008, it did so knowing that the property was specifically “designed for seniors who are deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind.”

“It’s impossible to walk into this building and not see that real people were hurt and continue to be hurt,” said Mary Vargas, an attorney for the residents.

The National Association for the Deaf has also stepped in, calling HUD’s actions “atrocious” and “a tragic irony.”

“HUD is forcing deaf and hard of hearing residents to live in isolation and firetraps,” said the Association’s CEO Howard Rosenblum in a letter to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. “There is no statute or regulation that mandates any 25 percent quota.”

State housing director Michael Trailor refuses to comply with the federal orders.

“Quite frankly, the attorneys I dealt with at HUD I would characterize as ignorant and arrogant and much worse, they are powerful,” Trailor told Fox News. “And if they worked for me, I would have fired them a long time ago.”

State taxpayers and the apartment’s developer have spent $500,000 so far fighting HUD. After two years of negotiation, Trailor met with Donovan earlier this year hoping to resolve the dispute.

Trailor said: “He looked me in the eye and said, ‘if you say we have taken too long to resolve this, you are right. If you say we haven’t handled this very well, you’re right. We’re committed to solving this — but to do so can you be patient?'”

Trailor asked “what patience means in terms of time,” and was told it would be a matter of weeks.

“It’s now been five months,” he said.

All 74 units at Apache ASL Trails accommodate wheelchairs. Blinking lights signal when the doorbell rings and when utilities like the garbage disposal and air conditioning are running. A video phone lets residents “talk” with friends.

“It’s nice to have a life that’s equivalent to other people that are not deaf,” said resident Linda Russell. “This building is designed for deaf people, by deaf people, and we know what is best for our needs. And people that don’t understand our needs, should not be putting themselves in decision-making positions for us.”

HUD provided the Arizona Deaf Senior Citizens Coalition and its developer $2.6 million in funds and tax credits to build the complex in 2008. It is now fully occupied, with 69 of the 74 rented to deaf and deaf-blind residents. They meet daily in a large events room to talk, watch television and play games. The room is largely silent but the residents are animated and busy talking in sign language.

“I’ve been living here for two and a half years,” said 74-year-old Rose Marie Pryce. “I love the deaf environment. We have a great time together. I have lots of friends. (If forced to move) I would be devastated. I would cry. I want to stay here, we need this place.”

~ ~ oOo ~ ~

I have a dog in this fight. I am a “Become Deaf”, born hearing, served in the Military, and subsequently became deaf. At one time, I was married to a deaf woman, and learned sign language as a result of that relationship. Therefore, i am cognizant of BOTH worlds and cultures. And indeed, the deaf culture is a culture and lifestyle of which the hearing world has little understanding .

It is a well established fact that people of similar interests and cultures bind and bond together – There is a lot of truth in the adage, “Birds of a feather flock together.” And while it is true there are a lot of deaf living off the government teat, there are MORE who are solid, productive citizens, earning their way and proving their worth to themselves and to society. The looter/moocher lifestyle would be, and is~!, totally foreign to the great majority of the deaf community.

This is total nonsense on the part of HUD and it’s narcissistic, ego-driven bureaucrats. While I am (or was) skilled in the use of Signed English, I would be uncomfortable and out of place in a world where I could not communicate, or empathize with another person’s challenges. I wear hearing aids, and I know damn well I am a challenge to hearing people because of my impairment.  I try to make it humorous for them, to set them at ease. (” I have three ears, and not a damn one works right~!”)  Still, communication can be a challenge.

This situation is pure insanity on the part of HUD and it’s “Shit don’t stink” legal team. And based on my own experience with lawyers, I would class them all as “The Devil’s Spawn”. And sadly, it appears the HUD lawyers and legal team is driven to prove me right. 

It is my belief that this is just another sand-burr thrown under the public’s saddle. And it won’t be long before the public takes notice and starts to buck. Witness the reaction recently at the Veteran’s Memorials and the Lincoln Memorial.  Could this be only the beginning of America taking back our country???



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12 Responses to What Government Gives,,,

  1. WELL SAID~! Classic, Crawfish~!

  2. Saltwater says:

    Call me cynical, but when I heard this story today my first thought was, “Now it begins, purging the ‘undesirables’ from ‘polite’ society. When come the rail cars?”

    • Mrs AL says:

      Agreed. This particular “group” is probably not likely to support and further their agenda. Now can it be any more WRONG?

      Great post, Grouchy. And thanx for sharing from the personal perspective. Helps really highlight the true nastiness of these pine cones.

      Go get ’em Michael Trailor!

      • I am in full agreement, Mrs AL,,, I miss the singing of the songbirds~!

        And I DO appreciate the angst and anger of Mr. Trailor~! It is evident that Mr. Shaun Donovan sees the deaf as do most TV weather segments – As of no need / value for closed captioning. The deaf are not important. Just ask the Government – They’ll prove it to you~!

  3. bullright says:

    Nice post. The rotten stench of government know -better elitism. Only thing is, they don’t and they prove it everyday with crapola like this. I hereby declare that too many people got Obama phones. No that didn’t work, did it? How about places taking too many section 8 residents? Nope that just doesn’t have the right sound, sorry. But they found something other than guns they can seriously limit. And by golly, they are sticking to their guns.

    • The physically challenged, as well as the mentally challenged, are always fodder for the “Aristocratic Elite”,,, and it has been that way for thousands of years.

      To the best of my knowledge, The Christ and Florence Nightingale are two of very few who lived the injunction, “Greater Love hath no man, but that he give his life for a friend.” Sadly, the terms, “Give His Life” and “Friend” are all too often extremely narrowly defined and interpreted.
      Thanks, Bullright~!

  4. Buck says:

    To quote Bugs Bunny, “Now waitaminnit!”
    The government wants to shut these apartments down because they cater to a small minority group?
    The government wants to continue college admissions based on race to ‘advance’ a minority group?

    • Don’t forget the “Gay Liberation Front”, and the Gay/Lesbo Alliance,,, among others,,,

      As has been noted in other replies, “All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”,,, Old George Orwell was on a par with Ayn Rand, no???

  5. Kathy says:

    This smacks of payback for Governor Jan Brewer. She has stood toe to toe with O on several issues including illegal immigrants. This sounds like an edict coming down from him to find ways to make like miserable for the folks in Arizona, just because he can.

    • Thank you for this comment, Kathy – your thoughts echo my own~! I could not remember the Governor’s name,,, I just remember her pointing her finger up (o)’s nose~! She’s a She-Tiger,,, and she ain’t been declawed~!

  6. Clyde says:

    Damn stellar post, GF. The lovely Mrs. Clyde has moderate hearing loss in both ears as well, so I see where you are coming from. I think Kathy is over the target here. Brewer has been a thorn in the side of the Regime since taking office.