Another “Obama Green Car Success” Story.

Long-time readers of hardnox and friends have read several articles I have put out about the way the “green car” craze that has the environmentalists all wet, and have absolutely SOAKED the taxpayers. This one is the WORST of the bunch. 

This article shines another previously unknown, and troubling, light on. From The Daily


Chinese investors again benefit from U.S. green energy loans.

9:14 AM  10/20/2013   Michael Bastasch

YET ANOTHER monument to stupidity, funded by the beleaguered U.S. Taxpayer.


WHY this asshole isn’t in the cell next to Bernie-Madoff-With -The-Cash is beyond me.


THESE unindicted criminals should be there as well…..

….as THIS one. But, when THESE guys own your ass,


… he’s going to do what THEY say, damn the U.S. taxpayers.


Taxpayers could lose out big on the sale of the government’s loan to Fisker  automotive to a Chinese investor.

The Obama administration is currently ironing out the details of its sale of its $192  million loan guarantee to Fisker to the Chinese billionaire Richard Li. The  Energy Department completed its auctioning off of Fisker’s loan this week, reports Reuters. Li and the Obama  administration are currently ironing out the details of the purchase.

The sale to Li represents the second acquisition of an Obama-backed green  company to Chinese investors. Earlier  this year, the electric car battery maker A123 Systems was sold to the Chinese auto parts conglomerate  Wanxiang Group.

“Fisker is just one of the many failures resulting from this administration’s  green energy spending bonanza, and now Chinese investors will once again gain  from another fumbled project while the American taxpayers will lose,” said Rep.  Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican and vice chairman of the House Energy  and Commerce Committee, in an emailed statement to The Daily Caller News  Foundation.

No details on how much the loan was bought for have been released, but those  interested in purchasing it had to  bid at least $30 million on the outstanding $168 million of the loan. This means  that taxpayers could lose up to $138 million on the loan guarantee to the  troubled green automaker.

The last auto loan the  Energy Department sold off — a $50 million loan to the Vehicle Production Group  — netted taxpayers a $42 million loss.

“The Obama administration has gotten into the business of picking  winners and losers at a significant cost to taxpayers,” said South Dakota Sen. John Thune. “From Fisker and Vehicle Production Group, to the  Chinese-owned A123, this administration should not be making questionable  investments with the American people’s hard-earned money.”

Fisker was awarded a $529 million loan guarantee by the Obama administration  in 2009 to help the company produce its luxury hybrid Karma, which sold for a  $103,000 per car. However,  the company experienced many problems early on, exacerbated by the failure of  A123 which was supposed to supply batteries to Fisker.

The Energy Department cut off Fisker’s loan in 2011, after the company drew  down on $192 million of the loan. The Karma’s poor sales and the lack of DOE  funding has hurt the company’s ability to attract new investors.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration seized $21 million from Fisker to help repay the money it owes to taxpayers.

Li’s purchase of Fisker would give the Chinese mogul a key stake in Fisker,  but it could take hundreds of millions of dollars to right the company’s  financial situation and begin producing cars once again,  reports the Christian Science Monitor.

The Energy Department did not respond to TheDCNF’s request for  comment.


After reading this, I think I know where the problem lies.

Namely, with the absolute COWARDS of BOTH parties for NOT upholding the law, and the Constitution to have a BUDGET submitted, and voted up or down.

The monies for these loans are being doled out via the Energy Department, which, like the REST of the damned government, is simply being funded through a series of “Continuing Resolutions”, therefore, these are virtually untraceable amounts of money being tossed around by Obama and his ilk for whatever agenda items they desire.

If the linguine-spines of the House and Senate would DO THEIR GODDAMN JOBS, and hold this administration’s feet to the fire, along with the lily-livered French Repubics, and DEMAND a budget be submitted, and END these kick-the-can-down-the-road-CR’s, some of this waste COULD be averted.

While Rep. Blackburn gets kudos for letting this cat out of the bag, SHE, along with the REST of the so-called “opposition party” NEED to start actually OPPOSING this shit.

It is WAY past time these coward assed French Repubics stood up for TRUE free markets. Not this ridiculous “crony capitalism” that is NOTHING but a losing proposition for ALL.

But, since they do not want to appear to be …wait for it…. seen as RACISTS, they will just continue doing whatever the BECS wants. No matter the cost to the U.S. Taxpayers.




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6 Responses to Another “Obama Green Car Success” Story.

  1. Our government is known and named as “Public Servants.” BUT, that begs the question be asked, ,,, Wait for it,,, ,,, ,,,

    “Servants of WHICH PUBLIC~!~?~!~?”

  2. Buck says:

    We need to amend the Constitution to read, “High crimes and misdemeanors and incompetence..

  3. Hardnox says:

    You nailed it correctly brother… COWARDS. I’ll stop there otherwise I’ll go into a rant.

  4. Clyde says:

    “I’ll go into a rant.” You MAY do just that. BUT, remember THIS : I have FIRST crack at dropping F-bombs. Says so right here in my contract on page 308, para 6 subpart H line 190. And don’t you forget it, mister. bwahahahahahah