Anti-Frack riot north of the border

Canadians Riot Against Fracking

Demonstrators set five cop cars on fire

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
October 18, 2013 9:35 am

A police vehicle is seen in Rexton, N.B. as police began enforcing an injunction to end an ongoing demonstration against shale gas exploration in eastern New Brunswick on Thursday, Oct.17, 2013. Photos

Dozens of anti-fracking protestors were arrested in Canada after throwing Molotov cocktails and torches into at least five police cruisers on Thursday.

The demonstrators were rallying against a shale exploration project in New Brunswick, Canada, home to the Elsipogtog First Nation tribe, the National Post reported.

Many of the protestors were tribe members and New Brunswick locals.

The Post reports:

The Mounties said at least 40 people were arrested for firearms offences, threats, intimidation, mischief, and violating the court-ordered injunction.

The RCMP began enforcing the injunction at around 7:30 a.m. to end the blockade of a compound where energy company SWN Resources stores exploration equipment. Route 134 at Rexton and Route 11 between Richibucto and Sainte-Anne-de-Kent were closed to traffic for about 12 hours and schools in the area were closed early for the day after they were locked down as a precaution.

Rogers-Marsh said police decided to enforce the injunction because threats had been made against private security guards at the site the night before. She wouldn’t reveal what tactics police were using to contain the crowd and refused to comment on reports that officers had fired rubber bullets.

The Elsipogtog First Nation’s chief was also arrested during the protest.

More coverage on National Post


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16 Responses to Anti-Frack riot north of the border

  1. Kathy says:

    I need more details, like who are these people and what have they got against fracking? Why take it out on the cops instead of the fracking company?

    • bullright says:

      It seems to be a mess, the Indians are generally behind it which is what they say, Other than that, I don’t know.

    • bullright says:

      There are tensions many places throughout the Marcellus shale area. But mostly its no frack signs and op-eds, and ganging in public hearings, this is well, scorched earth. But I don’t know how often cops have to take action. (at least they did there) Would they in the states? Excuse me for having a few doubts.

  2. bullright says:

    From the Post article
    “The protesters, who include members of the Elsipogtog First Nation, want SWN Resources[energy company] to stop seismic testing and leave the province.

    Alward called for a peaceful resolution to the protest, saying the violence that erupted Thursday was “very troubling.”

    “In no way can we as a country of laws condone the breaking of laws and violence,” Alward said in Moncton, N.B.

    “I fully support the work that the RCMP do to ensure that the laws of New Brunswick are protected.”

    The government’s position that a shale gas industry can be developed in the province as long as it is done sustainably and safely has not wavered as a result of the protest, the Progressive Conservative premier added.

    “We believe in the responsible development of our natural resources. The company has been following the regulations of New Brunswick.”

    Last week, Alward and Sock agreed to set up a working group to find a resolution after meetings were held in Fredericton and Moncton. At the time, Sock said there were still many details to be worked out.”

  3. Kathy says:

    It sounds like some Elsipogtogians are going be In a lot of trouble. That’s not a smart way to protest, because you don’t get away with destruction of police property, and you don’t threaten security guards with bodily harm.

  4. Clyde says:

    Translation: The tribe didn’t get enough of a kickback from SWN Resources. A BIGGER bag of cash to the tribal elders, and POOF away go all concerns. Take that to the bank.

    • garnet92 says:

      WE HAVE A WINNAH! The frickin’ frackers didn’t meet the extortion demands of the frickin’ Elsipogtogians and so they frickin’ protested by burnin’ the frickin’ police cars.

  5. Hardnox says:

    There go those peaceful environmentalists again.

    I wonder who will show up after they dial 9-1-1 when there are no patrol cars to respond? Assholes!

  6. I am not a geologist nor a petroleum engineer, but from what I have read, RESPONSIBLE fracking does NOT tear up the environment, and would :
    1.) Increase the rebates to the tribe of Enviro-idiots, and
    2.) Reduce the dependency on Middle Eastern petroleum, as well as
    3.) Major pipelines from the Northern Canadian Territories.

    Seems to me what they’re whining about is a local grievance against a world-wide concern. And what the Elsipogtog First Nation folks are NOT seeing is the loss in MANY ways of potential benefits.

    NOTHING has EVER been accomplished without danger, death, or effort. One of the three, if not ALL three, have been present in EVERY ENDEAVOR ever attempted. It’s part and parcel of the game we call, “LIFE”.

    Deal With It.

  7. Mrs AL says:

    What a fracking shame.

  8. Buck says:

    Just goes to shows there’s dumbshits on both sides of the border.

  9. Terry says:

    It’s the old “NIMBY…unless I can make much wampum” game .
    Good post, Bull.