The Discussion Zone – October 17, 2013

With all the drama, etc. coming out of D.C., I have to say it reminds me of a Soap Opera.  I just haven’t thought up a good name for it … All My Elections?  Nah.  Oh well, you get the idea.  Have you got a suggestion? 

And how about Harry Reid, et al pointing their fingers at “The Tea Party” members of Congress?   I thought the left was against minority bashing. 

Now because I didn’t have children, I am ignorant on the parent thing and dealing with all the technology today. Perhaps someone will help me understand why parents aren’t able to better control things like cyber-bullying and the like. I would be grateful for your insight.

If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, what will some of the D.C. electeds be doing?

One of the phrases that really gets my goat is when ANY elected talks about “putting Americans back to work”. E x c u s e me, but your job is not to put people to work. You hold a position in government.  Your job is to ensure the government does not unnecessarily not infringe on job creation.

So what do you think?  Comment on the above or write your own. 


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10 Responses to The Discussion Zone – October 17, 2013

  1. Kathy says:

    How about “As the Knife Turns” – you know – the one in our back. It wasn’t a soap, but there was a show named “Pretty Little Liars” – that’s fitting, except some of the liars are so pretty.

    The left is against minority bashing, unless it’s them doing the bashing.

    A lot of parents aren’t as involved in their kids’ lives as they should be, and they don’t put time limits on all the phones, ipads, computers, etc. Nowadays you see a lot more blended families and single parent homes – that makes it tougher for everyone.

    • Mrs AL says:

      As the Knife turns is great, Kathy! As for the ‘Pretty little Liars,” I have visions of the Minority Leader in the House and yes, some of them aren’t so pretty b/c they are so nasty.

  2. Mrs, AL,,, Parents are too busy keeping the kids busy with soccer, football, cheer-leading practice, etc etc and so forth.

    They have forgotten and have abdicated their responsibilities as parents. Now, they want to be peers, friends, and a part of the kid’s life (Party-wise~! Think “Toddlers and Tiaras” ). NOW, the kids don’t know the meaning of responsibility, perseverance, persistence, and working for what is desired.

    Instant Gratification. Flat, Pure and Simple.


    • Mrs AL says:

      Thank, I will pause and reflect on this, Grouchy. Appreciate your input. It’s hard to understand things when you were raised so differently.

  3. Clyde says:

    How’s this, Mrs.Al ? “As The Turds Plunk”.

  4. Saltwater says:

    On the DC drama: It seemed more like a comedy of errors on part of the Republicans. I was thinking of “Fibber McConnell and Johnny”

    As for the actions of Prince Harry the Despicable… What can I say?
    He’s despicable.

    Grouchy nailed it on cyber-bullies. Today’s “parents” are too lazy or timid to do their part in rearing children they produce. They are the most coddled generation ever spawned. It is impossible to pass on lessons in civility never learned.

    Eating Kobe beef before the Wednesday night White House Bieber concert.

    I just want to yell, “Put your own damned self to work for a change!”

  5. Hardnox says:

    Here’s one: “As the Veggies Rotted”

    The fat-ass Wookie wouldn’t pick the WH veggies in her garden, claiming that there were no Park Service workers to do the chore. I’m getting ready to do a Bob rant.