Liberal Superiority. (Well,At Least In Their Eyes) Part 3

In this series, I take a look at the left, and their smugness, and their self-imagined sense of superiority.

In part 1, here, I examined their views on the government shutdown, and the environment.

In part 2, here, I examined their views on education, media, energy, and economics.

This piece is going to look at their views on the following items:


It never ceases to amaze me WHY the left so despises our armed services.


1. The military. When we conservatives think of our military, we tend to look upon them as above the average, in that they see service to the nation as something larger than themselves. We also believe them to be a cut above due TO that sacrifice. When the left looks at the military, they look at them through contempt-colored glasses. THEY believe the military is a force for U.S. IMPERIALISM, as opposed to being a force for FREEDOM from oppression. Along with this idiotic notion of being an experimental laboratory for all their moronic notions, such as gays, women in combat units, the elimination of religion, except, it seems, for muslims. The most basic premise of our military is to KILL as MANY of our enemies as possible, AND destroy as much of their shit as possible. The left believes we should only use our military for such crap as “meals on wheels” for any nation that wants it, or those hit by natural disaster. Or, if the current Asshat-in-Chief, along with the REST of the left, get the foolish notion of a “good war”. Then they just try to tie our military’s hands as tight as possible. The left decries the amount the government spends each year on the military, but thinks NOTHING of the MASSIVE amounts spent on social welfare programs. If our military, which, unbeknownst to the left, IS Constitutionally mandated, UNLIKE ANY social spending, had the funds pissed away due to fraud, abuse, waste, and redundancy, we could have the BEST-EQUIPPED, up-to-date forces ANYWHERE. But, we know, and some of us much better than I, just how sad of a shape MANY of our military units are really in. So, the question is, how smart is it for the left to hold the military is such disdain, and outright hostility? When it’s job is to protect THEM as much as US, I would think the SMART course of action for the left would be to support them. Never happen in OUR lifetimes, however. OK, on to THIS:


Want to see a liberal shit themselves ? Show them THESE. And, defend your RIGHT to have them.


2. Guns.  Liberals literally break out in HIVES when they hear this word. And WHY ? I believe it is their absolutely moronic notion that the government, through police agencies, will “protect” them and their families. We’ve read countless stories of people, young and old alike, defending themselves SUCCESSFULLY because of their 2nd. Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We’ve seen even MORE countless stories about the police showing up to use the body bags and write their reports, such as the outrage at Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora, Colorado theatre shootings, the Fort Hood massacre, etc etc ad nauseum, because a BAD guy had a gun and USED it and the good guy DID NOT. The left seems to believe for some only God knows reason, if THEY can eliminate guns, they can eliminate crime. Can’t happen, ain’t going to happen. Been crime as long as there have been humans, it’s just that the left is too stupid to notice. Or, such as in the case of the leftists running government these days, if THEY can disarm US, they WIN. Damn good reason to stock, lock and load. It IS, after all, THE reason the 2nd.Amendment EXISTS. To protect US from a tyrannical government, such as we are witnessing at the present. Unfortunately, the people who NEED to see this are the SAME bunch who voted for these oppressors in the first place. So, is the left smart for wanting to eliminate guns, or are they stupid people who will rue the day THEY get nailed by a bad guy with a gun, because all the LAW-ABIDING citizens CANNOT, by liberal edict,  no longer possess same?  So much for that, now onto THIS.

Look yummy ? Well, according to liberals, we have ZERO clue as to how, and what, to eat.

3. Food.   Let’s start with the so-called First Lady. If she had her way, ALL of us would be eating NONE of what SHE eats. There was a story out today about how a LOT of the vegetables in her White House garden were being LEFT TO ROT, due to not being harvested. We have seen NUMEROUS stories about her stuffing her face with the SAME items, if she had HER way, would be OFF-LIMITS to ALL. Such as Wagyu beef, expensive pates, rich desserts, etc etc. Look at Mayor Bloomberg, in New York City. Banning trans-fats, salt, too large of sodas, among other things. It always amazes me how liberals can look at people and think these people are too stupid to eat right, WE must tell them WHAT, and HOW MUCH they should be eating. I believe it is NONE of their damned business what, or how much, ANYONE eats. Most of us with basic knowledge, and common sense KNOW if what we are eating is healthy for us, or not. I can tell you this much, I DO NOT CARE about how healthy it is, or isn’t. If it looks GOOD to ME, I’m going to eat it. And, trust me, I am NOT that fussy. Can’t be, after 37 years of truck stop food. I know the ramifications to my health if I get overweight, obese, or what have you. When people are inclined to want to FEEL healthy, they KNOW what to eat, and what NOT to eat. To try to force people into eating what SOME think is healthy, is NOTHING more than trying to control PEOPLE in general. This is going to be a REAL problem for the left. MOST people are going to eat what they damn well want to, regardless of what some dumb ass is telling them. Now with the government thinking THEY are going to be paying for EVERYONE’S healthcare, look for them to be even MORE aggressive about being “food police”. I believe this will backfire on them. Take away fried chicken, chitterlings, ribs, etc etc from those who LOVE that stuff ? Good luck with THAT. I have ZERO problem with those who want to pursue whatever diet THEY think best suits their needs, but, as they are wont to do, the leftists think only THEY know what’s good for everyone. You want to be a vegan ? FINE by ME. Saves MORE meat for me. I’m not going to tell you to eat ANYTHING you do not care to, just show me the SAME respect. So, the question here, is HOW smart is it to mess with what people choose to eat? I compare it to trying to get a polar bear to give up seals. Not happening, and also not happening is getting people to give up what THEY desire to eat.


At this, I’ll stop here, and thank you all again for my indulging my thoughts.



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14 Responses to Liberal Superiority. (Well,At Least In Their Eyes) Part 3

  1. Mrs AL says:

    I am taken by your “Military” section, Clyde. It is refreshing for someone to say, “The most basic premise of our military is to KILL as MANY of our enemies as possible, AND destroy as much of their shit as possible”

  2. Buck says:

    Clyde, the left only wants US disarmed. They, themselves, have either armed bodyguards or a CCW or both.

  3. Kathy says:

    When the muslims and the Mexican drug lords come after the lefties’ heads, they’ll be rethinking their position on our military.

    The lefties fail to see that a gun is merely a tool. Remember that Cain killed Abel with a rock.

    When Moochelle’s butt isn’t as big as the broad side of a barn, then I might listen to what she says I can eat.

    • Clyde says:

      I do not believe the left will EVER admit that guns, especially in the PROPER hands, would be a good thing. As they lay there dying, they will think to themselves “we didn’t get the gun ban, and now we’re dead” “Damn the NRA anyway”.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Great post Clyde. The reason lefties despise the military is because the military is EVERYTHING that the left is not. “Duty, Honor, Country” The asshats have no clue about such things.

    Our comment policy prevents me from ranting as I would like.

    When the SHTF I will NOT repeat NOT help a lefty.

  5. Terry says:

    Did you say “take away fried chicken” ? You’d BETTER take my gun 1st !

    Did you ever notice how pale, skinny and gaunt health store workers and regular shoppers are ? No ‘cushion for the pushin’ types.

    Great series Clyde .

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Terry. I’ll try to keep pounding away at it, but I don’t know how much more yelling at the computer while I hammer away my dogs can take. haha

  6. Bullright says:

    Outdid yourself Clyde. So they’d question the guns….. but how about some government control. Not on their menu.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Bull. I appreciate that. The dumb asses have ZERO clue about how MISERABLE a government-ordained existence would be.