Government Shutdown – Who’s REALLY to Blame?

Here’s one set of views:



Well, I have determined there is blame to go around.

Here is one way to calculate the blame:


.00076% of the blame goes to each member of the House of Representatives

432 voting members = 33%


.33 % of the blame goes to each member of the Senate

100 voting members = 33%


33 % of the blame goes to the President

1 member = 33%


1% of the blame is divided amongst all voters who put the members of the House, Senate and, President into office.


I’d like to hear your take on this shutdown and ‘the blame games’ these days. 

~ Mrs. AL

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21 Responses to Government Shutdown – Who’s REALLY to Blame?

  1. Hardnox says:

    Interesting conclusion. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    Technically one could blame the whole thing on that long forgotten Constitution that the R’s finally dusted off.

  2. Kathy says:

    Good calculations, Mrs. AL, and I agree with you for the most part. Dems have always been finger pointers, name-callers and on the offensive. Reps have always been non-fighters who usually give in at the first sign of confrontation.

    Both sides have been fighting for years, mostly civilized, but I blame O for the escalation we’ve seen in the past 5+ years, and particularly the past couple of years. His ‘my way or the highway’ attitude has ratcheted the fight up a few notches, or down, depending on your point of view. He’s taken them from men who maintained their civility, to punks and bullies duking it out on the playground.

  3. Clyde says:

    Redo it. You forgot about the limp media. THEY get a share as well. Somewhere around 25% at LEAST.

  4. Saltwater says:

    Assign blame for the shutdown? I am more inclined to award credit. This non-shutdown shutdown, where 83% of the government still functions as 800,000 non-essential employees sit on their Barcaloungers, only highlights just how bloated the federal government has become.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Excellent, Saltwater. A 2-fer. The non-shutdown and credit for same. I like that. Soooo … how would you assign credit? Maybe the Resident and Senate split 50-50? Giving credit to them would certainly go against the media-driven blame game, eh?

      • Saltwater says:

        I respectfully submit that a case could be made by all involved.
        Obama, who is quick to claim credit for reductions in deficit spending brought about by a sequestration he opposed
        Reid, who continually stalls spending bills sent over by the House
        Boehner, who so far has stood firm on defunding ObamaCare
        “TEA Party” Republicans, who insist on reducing overall spending
        With that in mind, and in true “share the wealth” spirit, I will award each a 25% share.

  5. Buck says:

    Maybe Obama was a gift… Had we not elected a pure American hating Marxist muslim who spends 8 years trying to destroy the country we would have had the same thing done over a longer time period and maybe more successful .
    Remember the ol’ Birch story about the frog in the water…
    The Bushes, the McCains and the Romneys would have taken us to the same place but ever so gradually there would not have been the reaction we are seeing today.
    And by that time it might have been too late.

  6. Bobbie Kelley says:

    It’s my humble opinion that a good bit of the blame for the shutdown and, in general, the fiasco that is government rests on the shoulders of mute pastors from sea to shining sea. When 40% of Christian don’t vote, another percentage of them vote to support an administration that forces us to pay for abortion, touts the homosexual agenda, turns taxing into outright theft and other monstrosities, somebody isn’t doing their job.
    Those somebodies would be pastors who practice political correctness or who are too scared to warn their flocks about the wolves at the door. Thereby, they cease to be pastors; shepherds of their flocks; they become mere half-the-message preachers. Pastors could have made the difference in the 2012 election if only they had opened their mouths.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Interesting take to say the least, Bobbie. I guess I got caught up in the blame-game only in the context of the electeds in D.C.!

    • Hardnox says:

      That is an excellent point Bobbie. I couldn’t agree more. Further, there are a great many clerics that use the pulpit to add fuel to the already divisive politics of the day in an effort to be relevant to their flocks. Frankly, I don’t understand how one claims Christianity and supports the Left. The two are exclusive.

  7. Bobbie Kelley says:

    Thanx, Harnox & MrsAl. Appreciate the feedback. I agree with you whole heartedly, Hardnox.I can’t make Christianity and the liberal agenda mesh at all.

    Another group that shares more than a little blame is the portion of “We The People” who are disinterested, ill informed, 100% partisan , lazy and/or greedy. I’m a believer in pre-vote tests on the constitution. Ignoramuses, deadbeats and the greedy don’t deserve a vote.

  8. Garnet92 says:

    Wahoo! The esteemed Ms. Kelly has joined the fray! Good to hear from The B. And, as usual, you’re right on about the pastors – I know that has been a point of concern for you for a long time – they haven’t been any more vocal than in the past. Thanks for adding your perspective, it’s always worthwhile.

  9. Garnet92 says:

    Sorry, had a case of premature termination (that’s never happened to me before!).
    I also wanted to thank Mrs. AL for a pithy subject. It seems that there are a bunch of clowns who share blame for the shutdown – but, the world hasn’t stopped, we’re all still here, and (unfortunately) Obama’s still in the WH. So, what’s been accomplished? The RINOs will cave, and Reid and Obama will bend us over again and “do it one more time.” If only the Senate had supported Lee and Cruz, things might have been different.

  10. Bobbie Kelley says:

    Thanks, Garnet. Your input always valued.