EBT System Crashed, Now Folks About to Riot

Goodness, you’d think the world has come to an end with all the drama surrounding this computer glitch.




People in Ohio, Michigan and 15 other states found themselves temporarily unable to use their food stamp debit-style cards on Saturday, after a routine test of backup systems by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure. Xerox announced late in the evening that access has been restored for users in the 17 states affected by the outage, hours after the first problems were reported.

It only lasted hours, yet people were about to panic and riot over it. Folks, this is what happens when you count on someone else, especially the government, to take care of you. People have completely stopped trying to be self-sufficient and ready for the ‘what if’ situation. Being prepared is a thing of the past.


(h/t to Hardnox)

Sources: Yahoo News and Pat Dollard

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11 Responses to EBT System Crashed, Now Folks About to Riot

  1. Clyde says:

    Can you say “trial run” ? The leftist media was all over TV news last night, decrying the shutdown, when THAT had ZERO to do with the EBT card glitch. Too bad the stupid shits doing the whining don’t realize, you make yourself a ward of the state, you are just going to get what they DECIDE to give you. And, when the OPM runs out, Katy-bar-the-door.

  2. I was not aware that things had been restored. But the panic??? Clyde has the right of it. As Henrik Ibsen said, “The strongest man is he who stands alone.” HE KNOWS who he can depend on~!, and lives within his capabilities.
    We’ll last as long as the water holds out.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    My initial reaction to a picture of WalMart shopping carts, LOADED with goods the EBT cards couldn’t pay for was to laugh.

    Then I thought that SOME of those folks had a real need and the EBT debacle would be difficult for them – so I felt bad for them.

    Then I began to get angry, thinking that there may be a connection between the EBT system failure and the ACA enrollment software failure.

    And in a few minutes, I was sad because I knew that, regardless of the true cause, it would be blamed on the shutdown, and by osmosis, Republicans (trying to starve the needy).

    But now, I find out that it was caused by a power outage at a Xerox facility that occurred during a routine backup system test – and felt some relief.

    BUT we will be blamed for it anyway. It’s what naturally happens when people become dependent on others for their survival. It is sad (and dangerous) that personal responsibility has become uncool and passé.

    Good one Kathy!

  4. Hardnox says:

    I saw this unfold last night. It was funny and pitiful at the same time. These breeders are totally clueless as to how to provide for themselves. in any way shape or form but it never occurred to them to close their legs and stop servicing every swinging…

    The men aren’t any better.

    When the dollar crashes and the spigot gets turned off, anyone within an urban area is screwed. The barbarians will be loose.

  5. Bullright says:

    Wow, it just keeps getting worser and worser. I also heard lottery payments are withheld in Maryland. They are borrowing the money for other things.

    • Hardnox says:

      Ditto in DC. They can’t touch the lotto money due to the shutdown. The mofos are heading to the VA burbs now draggin the chilrens with them. I just saw it on TV… shaking my head.

  6. Buck says:

    “A hungry enough man will KILL.”
    Yeah, well
    A REAL hungry man will WORK…

  7. Mrs AL says:

    Does anyone really believe that one day w/o buying groceries would mean starvation? Really now. Don’t mean to sound cruel, but this is ridiculous to the core.

  8. Kathy says:

    Thanks, guys, and great comments! These morons thought the problem was because of the shutdown, which tells me they don’t have a clue where the money comes from, or how the system works.

    At the first sign of a problem, they’re ready to riot and kill people because they’re hungry. They can’t buy groceries, but they can sure as hell tweet about it on their obamaphones.

  9. Terry says:

    Dem folk get PO’ed when ya cuts off their steak & lobster !

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