Liberal Superiority.(Well, In Their Eyes Anyway) Part 2.

In the last installment, I took a brief look into a few areas in which liberals believe themselves to be smarter than anyone else.

Here, I will examine a few more issues, with their thoughts (for what THAT is worth) and why they are wrong.


Typical democrat big-city school room.


About sizes it up, eh?


Hahvahd. A BIG source of our nation’s woes.


1. Education.  We all know how the unionized left has pretty much ruined our public schools, from the purposeful lowering of standards, the keeping of sub standard, deficient teachers, to the communisticly titled Common Core Curriculum, endorsed by leftists everywhere, up to, and including teaching a NEW fad, which I’ve titled: “Gutting The Bill Of Rights 101”. Add in the insanity of “esteem-based” learning, ie: if little Johnny says 2+2 =7, well, he is right, WE cannot criticize him, or tell him he’s wrong, or (GASP) God forbid, he has to be HELD BACK a year because he has NOT learned the RIGHT answers, lest his feelings be hurt, we find our students lagging FAR behind most of the industrialized nations. Now THESE people that are doing the “teaching”, are “educated” in such bastions of thought like Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Michigan, etc etc. We ALL know MOST of these institutions are run by leftists, bent on destroying the nation as founded. How smart is THAT ?  On to the next.


REAL “objective” you think ?


We need THIS bunch like a dose of clap.



2. Media. We all know what an absolute JOKE America has had played on it by these Fifth Estaters. Journalism, as practiced in the EARLY days of our nation, held the government to ACCOUNT for the people. Today’s media has so bastardized itself to the leftist political hacks that comprise today’s democrat party, one cannot distinguish between what is “news” and propaganda. The media, along with those who TEACH said “journalists”, have become nothing more than the talking lapdogs of this government. A FREE press, accountable to ONLY the citizenry is VITAL to our nation. How smart are these clowns to prostate themselves to the democrat plantation masters, hoping THEY will be the “official information outlet of the Obama Regime” ? Once this bunch has outlived their usefulness to this despot currently residing in the White House, they will see just how WRONG they were. Again, how smart is that? Continuing our foray, we go to….


Another “genius”, or Obama puppet. You decide.


With “economists” like THIS, no wonder we are so SCREWED. And, rendered the Nobel Prize for Economics worthless.


3. Economics.  With the outrageous cadre of clowns like Paul Krugman, of the N.Y. Slimes, Tax-cheat Tim Geithner, and now the odious Jack Lew as Sec Treas, and Bernanke, of the so-called “independent” Federal Reserve calling the Keynesian economic shots, we see just what a dismal failure that truly is. How smart is it, to have these theoreticians in charge of policy, who HATE free markets, HATE capitalism (except when same benefits THEM and their friends) and HATE individuals making THEIR own decisions about what types of cars, insurance ,you name it, for the mass population? Are these people, just because the liberal media says so, smarter than YOU ? Ask ANY housewife, doing her budget, what SHE does if there isn’t enough money for the necessities, let alone luxuries. She can’t PRINT more, like the Fed, nor raise taxes, fees, or anything else. No, these leftists, when it comes to economics, simply are NOT smart. So, that being said, WHY is it this government follows blindly THEIR advice? Is THAT smart? I didn’t think so either. So much for that, let’s move along to…..


The left HATES these, and these…….

…along with these……….


… all of which work WELL, and are economical, but HERE is their TRUE love…..

….. THESE. What a waste of money, along with THESE…..

…. Which work well if you live in the DESERT, maybe. Think Solyndra.

4. Energy.  Now here is where the cheese gets thick. How smart is it, to have NO coherent energy policy, then start shutting down the MOST EFFICIENT, PLENTIFUL, and  CHEAPEST source of fuel to run our power plants? This resident has declared war on the coal industry, and by extension, the electrical generation industry as well. ALL these geniuses running the companies, and the unions, SUPPORTED this asshole.  How smart was THAT ?  They BLOCK any and all attempts at the CLEANEST form of electricity production, nuclear, because they FEAR it. With the growth in the nation, the Regime wanting us to drive electric cars, how smart is it to take MORE power plants OFF the grid, and BLOCK new ones from being built? If  nuclear power is good enough for FRANCE, for Christ’s sake, it is good enough for US.

Then look at oil. Oil is THE lifeblood of the WORLD. We have PLENTY of proven resources, on and off-shore, and from tar sands and shale, to tell the Arabic world, which, for the most part, HATES us anyway, to piss up a rope and chew the wet end. But, NO, can’t have drilling, and CERTAINLY not (GASP SHRIEK)  hydraulic well fracturing, to access more oil and gas at MUCH lower costs per bbl., and cubic hundredfeet, because liberals FEAR this as well. They also have an aversion to building any such infrastructure, such as pipelines, refineries, etc etc that provide GOOD PAYING jobs in the construction of, and maintaining, and operating such infrastructure.

No, these wizards of smart instead throw BILLIONS at such KNOWN failures as solar, and wind energy. I have made dozens of posts on THIS fiasco. So, how smart is it ? For the liberals to have SO much sway over so many aspects of our daily lives, when it is PROVEN on damn near a daily basis, that these people aren’t smart, they are MORONS with ZERO common sense.

Time to tell these assholes to have THEIR OWN nation, and let US have OURS, to run as we see fit under the Constitution. We shall see who would be the BETTER nation.

Thanks for reading, and look for the next EXCITING installment. Same Bet-time, same Bat-channel.




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6 Responses to Liberal Superiority.(Well, In Their Eyes Anyway) Part 2.

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post as always. The left is stuck on stupid because they can’t tear themselves away from the scripted narrative. They are just simply ignorant lemmings that have their noses up each others butts so closely that they can’t see the cliff up ahead.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Education is the piece of your excellent post for me, Clyde, that really gets under my skin. Unions must have their own order and the individual be ____. Unions have and continue to dumb down the populace so they can retain control. It’s beyond evil, IMHO.

  3. Buck says:

    I believe those journalists actually believe they are practicing true journalism.
    After all. Most of them have never had a real education but only 12 years of indoctrination followed by 4 more in an institution of higher indoctrination where the journalism classes taught them that what they now practice is solid, standard, professional journalism.

    Part 2… On the lighter side…
    So the keep blotting my horizon with these damnable wind turbines but their reasoning may be twofold.
    First. After a couple of random acts of vandalism by some real morons the left will push for a law outlawing hunting anywhere within “x” miles of a turbine…Boy that will shut down a bunch of acres. Of course the deer population will explode even more.
    Second. If you drive the length of I-40 West to East in Oklahoma you will notice a pretty strong wind buffeting you around. As you pass through Oklahoma City and continue East you will notice the wind has dropped off noticeably. That’s because Eastern Oklahoma has trees which act as a braking force on the wind.
    So. Should the turbines ever become a viable source of cheaper energy look for the looney left to start campaigning to shut them down as they are acting as a braking force to the wind and as such are contributing to Global Warming.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    Last Sunday, Jack Lew appeared on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace exposed him for the 0bama puppet Lew really is. Lew must have dumped in his Depends, for he got quite testy and irate. His Depends will only add to the libtard’s global warming, because one needs to cut trees down to make a pair of Depends.

  5. bullright says:

    Great post Clyde, Almost hurts the eyeballs. Best Krugman pic i’ve seen. Wonder if he’s related to Freddy Krueger ?

  6. Clyde says:

    All: Thanks for wading through this, and your great comments. I will post more as time permit. WAY too much going on around here.