Is Obama Purging The Military Brass?

And if so, WHY? Further, why is he negotiating with the newly elected president of Iran on Nuclear enrichment?

Fox News has the story. 


Air Force general in charge of nuclear missiles fired over ‘conduct’ 


Published October 11, 2013


Shown here is Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, who led the 20th Air Force. US Air Force

The two-star general in charge of all Air Force nuclear missiles was fired Friday following a probe into alleged personal misbehavior — just days after another key official overseeing U.S. nuclear power was relieved of duty.

The Air Force announced Friday that Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was removed from command of the 20th Air Force, which is responsible for three wings of intercontinental ballistic missiles — a total of 450 missiles at three bases across the country.

The circumstances of Carey’s firing were unclear. Two officials told the Associated Press it had to do with alcohol use.

A senior U.S. Defense official said he was fired over “conduct.” Officials said that it did not have to do with gambling, or the loss of a nuclear weapon, or sexual misconduct.

Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, made the decision based on details from an inspector general probe into Carey’s behavior on a “temporary duty assignment,” according to the Air Force.

“20th AF continues to execute its mission of around-the-clock nuclear deterrence in a safe, secure and effective manner,” Kowalski said in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to relieve an officer who’s had an otherwise distinctive career spanning 35 years of commendable service.”

Earlier in the week, the Navy announced that the deputy commander of U.S. nuclear forces, Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was relieved of duty amid a military investigation of allegations that he used counterfeit chips at an Iowa casino.

The move was already exceedingly rare, and followed by Friday’s decision at the Air Force.

Kowalski has selected the vice commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein, to temporarily replace Carey as head of 20th Air Force.

Fox News’ Justin Fishel and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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General Carter Ham, General McChrisytal, Various Admirals and Generals who have possibly failed the “Litmus Test” for loyalty to (o)bama, rather than to the Constitution,,, Quite a record, indeed~!  Further, Alcohol??? Gambling chips??? Specious reasons, indeed, in my book. Men who have reached that level of authority are well aware of personal responsibility and integrity, as well as morals and ethics~! NOR are they going to risk careers for a drunken spree or a few dollars in chips~!

Rather interesting, that BOTH officers are involved in Nuclear Warfare, and mr. obama recently decided to “reach out and touch someone” in the person of the new President of Iran, discussing the nuclear enrichment program of Iran,,,

Something smells like overripe Lutefisk, and my apologies to the fish~!

Where will it end? Is (o) creating more grief than he will be able to bear?

~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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13 Responses to Is Obama Purging The Military Brass?

  1. upaces88 says:

    The firing, replacing, retiring our Military Leaders began with McCrystal and Laken when they both spoke out against Obama. You know McCrystal was fired and Lt. Col. Laken was sent to prison.
    It became worse and really hurt us when the Russian Troops were here training with out Military. Some of the younger ones let it slip (“Loose Lips DID Sink Our Ship”)…
    that there was a plan in place for the Military to remove Obama IF he got into office again. It did get back to Obama; and he immediately began firing, retiring and replacing them with “his.”
    Following that, of course, was Benghazi when top leaders practically begged him to allow them to go in and save our Ambassador and the others. Of course, he refused.
    I have praying since he was in the office the first time that they would “do it now!!!”
    They follow protocol, the Rules, etc. Following Rules keeps them strong, but in our case of saving our country, their strength now has become their weakness.

  2. L/C Lakin had slipped my mind, Upaces. Thank You for reminding me. Excellent comment, and I appreciate the addition.

    • upaces88 says:

      He didn’t keep his profile out there for us to keep up with him.
      He did get to work in a Prison Hospital…so he was able to at the very least work at a j ob he loved.
      When it all came out, I was so appalled that I vowed to myself that I would NEVER forget about them. Obama is such a petty little bitch!

      • Col. Denise Lind, the trial judge in the Lakin case, has a lot to answer for, herself, because of her conduct in the trial. See this WND article from 12/10/2010

        Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney stated he felt Lakin would not get a fair trial, because of the lack of “Discovery”.

        • upaces88 says:

          I have the video running now…listening to it. Also sent it out viral so people won’t forget about him.

  3. bullright says:

    Something not Kosher here. All in a couple weeks, takes action on IG probe here when he did not take one action on Benghazi, or the gun running in Mehico. Scarier yet with o having access to top secrets when he couldn’t even pass a clearance himself. .

  4. Hardnox says:

    My concern with this is why remove TWO generals that are experts in nukes? Is it to remove them in the event that we are attacked thus providing cover for an “ah shucks… they didn’t mean it” response from Obonehead?

    Don’t forget about that “winds of change” thing.

    This stinks on ice.

    Obonehead is kissing Iranian ass as we speak.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Thinking about this some more… Congress should investigate this. I know this is a pipe dream. Which reminds me… where are the other Generals and Admirals that have been canned? Where is their testimony?

    The inability or unwillingness of Congress and/or the media to investigate anything about this administration is mind numbing. We know the media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the left, but for crying out loud… are there no journalists out there anymore?

    The only ones doing any research write books that no one buys while the lamestream sweeps it under the rug. The rest die mysteriously.

  6. Mrs AL says:

    What is scary to yours truly is what kind of ‘military personnel’ will replace these guys? If the military has become a political arm of the government, what will military personnel do? Are they starting to “take sides”? Are they abandoning their oath and pledging allegiance to a PERSON and not the Constitution? Yes, I know commander in chief and all that stuff. But the CIF is an office, not a person per se. Or is my thinking off-base again?

  7. Buck says:

    They have been replacing real warriors with perfumed princes since at least the Clinton years. But then, again, the country has always been hard on line officers who misstep. Take General Patton, for instance. He might have been wrong but to sideline the general the Germans feared most at such a critical time as the Normandy Invasion was a today type nutty decision by Ike…

  8. Clyde says:

    “Should ill winds blow,I will stand with my muslim brothers”. All one needs to know. Obama is adroit at clearing the decks of opposition.

  9. Kathy says:

    A guy who’s invested 35 years of his life doesn’t just suddenly start screwing up and stories of ‘alcohol use’ are manufactured all the time.

    At least with Petrius we got the full story, made up or not. With these last 4-5 cannings, there are no details at all.

    Bullright is correct – somethin’ ain’t kosher and it smells like a set up. These are coming too often and too close together. There is no such thing as coincidence and timing is everything.