Liberal Superiority. (Well, In Their Eyes Anyway).

Sorry for the extended absence. We have a plateful going on here at the Casa Del Clyde, which has prevented me from doing much.

So, with that being said, I thought I would just pound out some thoughts on the left.

1. Liberals think they are the smartest people. OK, let’s have a look. Here we have a president, who will NOT negotiate on one of his MAJOR duties, and that is  budget items. He has not submitted a single budget since taking office. The Smartest Man On The Planet has NOT done so for ONE reason. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

….but I don’t know what that “B” word means”…..


2.The Government Shutdown.  Really ?  17 % of the government has been forcibly shutdown, NOT by the House’s action (or inaction as the case may be) but by edicts from this petulant little pissant poseur. HE is the one making the edicts on what gets shuttered, and what DOESN’T. Memorials, parks, you name it, ANYTHING that people DESIRE, as opposed to what they actually NEED is verboten by Mein Fuehrer. And, those seeking to visit said areas, are treated like criminals. To ME, if the government is TRULY shut down, the FIRST thing to go would be ALL the House and Senate members, their staffs, the administration’s flunkies, the MILLIONS of absolutely WORTHLESS, and unconstitutional, flaks implementing Obamacare. Now THAT is something TO shutdown.

Yep. This about sums it up.

So, 83 %  of the moronic government is STILL doing “business as usual”, the criminal class who calls themselves “leaders” are posturing, and ALL the leftist shills who pass as “journalists” are squalling on about  THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUTDOWN!!!!! EEEEKKKK. HOW WILL WE EVER SURVIVE!!!!!  More proof of what passes for “liberal intelligence”.

3. Man-Made Global Warming.  We ALL know what an absolute farce THIS nugget is. We’ve seen story upon story about the FACTS of NO rise in mean temperatures in 17 YEARS. We have seen NASA satellite photos of a ONE MILLION MILE increase of the Arctic Ice Sheet THIS YEAR alone. We have read the reports about the Northwest Passage freezing over EARLY this past summer, STRANDING in excess of 20 “yachts”, operated by a bunch of “The Smartest People On The Planet”, wanting to sail on through it to “bring awareness to the problem”. The ONLY problem was for the poor Canadian Coast Guard, who had to come BREAK AWAY THE ICE THAT HAD TRAPPED THE MOONBATS. A Commandant Clyde, of the CCG, would have let the stupid bastards sit there, and WAIT for the “warming” to occur. As a BONUS, the polar bears, who, BTW, are so NUMEROUS they are stretching the capacity of the their natural ecosystem, would have been WELL-FED until the supply of fresh moonbat meat ran out.

Moonbats ought to thank God THESE exist. If liberals were turned to polar bear shit, would anyone notice?

Now onto their CARS. We all know what a flaming fiasco the Chevy Volt by Government Motors turned out to be, but the DARLING of the eco-cars, Tesla, has had IT’S share of issues, such as THIS:   ( hat-tip to Hardnox)

Couple THAT, with the FACT the ONLY way Tesla had earned ANY money this year was through the sale of…. wait for it….. CARBON CREDITS. So, these cars, which were, according to Obozo, going to “revolutionize” they way we propel our vehicles, have been emitting a LOT of carbon, CO2, AND smog by CATCHING FIRE. WHY, you ask ? Simple. The “geniuses” of the envirowacko movement in and out of government had these things RUSHED into production.

Well, that’s about it for this installment of ” LIBERAL SUPERIORITY” for now. Watch for the next EXCITING foray into this phenomena.


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11 Responses to Liberal Superiority. (Well, In Their Eyes Anyway).

  1. Hardnox says:

    Glad to have you back in the saddle. I’m liking this series. Lefties are fun to ridicule. They give us so much ammo. Too bad the lemmings can’t discern fact from fiction.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks. Might be temporary, but here and ready for now. As to this piece, I intend as I think of shit, to jot it down and post it.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Glad you’re posting again, Clyde!

    Summing up your post — burn, baby, burn.(won’t elaborate, some isn’t nice — hehe)

  3. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Clyde. Another problem with lefties is that they act like they’re above the law – they don’t think they have to play by the rules like the rest of us.

  4. Buck says:

    Always makes me laugh.
    Think about it.
    The dumbest woman in politics is billed as, “The smartest woman in the world,” and the stupidest sonofabitch to ever come down the pike is elected by these morons and he is billed as, “The smartest man in the world.”

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    I like this post! I’m also doing a continuing series on my blogs: Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? I’ve done them on a few of my blogger and WordPress blogs; I’ll have to access my TypePad blogs and do some on them as well.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks much, myfox. Glad you like it. I will be posting more as I think about it, and have the chance to put fingers to keys. Also have to try to get over to your place.

  6. bullright says:

    Hey, persistent devils they are. That last picture looks like hot fun in the summer time – ala lib style..