Our NEW Civil War

Make no mistake about it; we are slap-dab in the middle of a new civil war in this country. It’s not a formally declared war and it might be lurking just below the surface, but it is a battle nonetheless.

We have two factions at war with each other to determine the future of the United States.

On one side, we have the informed, politically aware portion of the citizenry.

While they listen to what our national leaders are saying and what the talking heads and pundits allow, they don’t assume they’re being told the truth, instead they dig deeper, seeking to verify the veracity of what is said.

There is a long-held belief about politicians: that is that they lie. The vast majority of the public believes that. It may be cynical, but to most of our population, it is the truth.

Why then would so many allow themselves to be taken in by a politician’s statements?

It doesn’t take long to identify which politicians play fast and loose with facts. The informed citizen lives by the admonition to distrust, and verify. That admonition holds true regardless of the political party of the politician.

There’s an old adage in the computer world: “garbage in, garbage out,” which means that without good, clean, valid input, it’s impossible to render a good, clean, valid output. That is true of any decision. Without real facts, one simply can’t make a good decision.

The informed army is armed with facts when making decisions about issues of the day.

On the other side, there are the uninformed; the army of the unknowing and uncaring – the “low information voters.”

They don’t really understand what is going on, nor do they care enough to be curious, they’re too engrossed with NCIS, Dancing with the Stars, or Honey Boo Boo to be bothered. While they do care about the results and how those results will affect them, they simply aren’t engaged enough to recognize that they’re being sold a handful of magic beans.

They aren’t well informed and often, when interviewed on the street, can’t even name our three branches of government, or how many Supreme Court Justices sit on the court. And what’s worse, they won’t exert any effort to learn the facts about the issues facing the country in order to cast a more informed vote.

They’ll overhear a few snippets of news from the media news outlets or get their knowledge of current events from late night comedy shows and that’s about the extent of their knowledge of what’s happening in D.C., to their tax money and to their freedoms.

Their opinions are formed by hearing media sound bites, but they never challenge the veracity of what they’re being told. They are being influenced by those with a vested interest in slanting the “news” to favor a liberal agenda – and they blindly accept it.

They are essentially puppets; but unfortunately, puppets who vote.

And their vote counts the same as a citizen who has been engaged and informed. One who has studied, read, considered pros and cons, and arrived at a reasoned conclusion based on facts and truth.

It doesn’t really seem fair, does it?

Consider for a moment how engaged our founders were. They risked “their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor” to create our United States. And many of them lost their lives, fortunes, and were castigated for their actions. Consider our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, weren’t they engaged? Many were so engaged, that they lost their lives protecting our way of life.

Is it too much to expect that a voting citizen be at least minimally informed when exercising his or her civic duty?

Some may disagree, but it is my firm conviction that if the electorate had been fully informed of the qualifications and character of the candidates for President in 2008, Barack Obama wouldn’t have been elected the first time, much less for a second term. The so-called fourth estate purposefully insulated him from any negatives and built him up to be the country’s savior. Now, because they’re afraid of losing their façade of infallibility, they can’t admit that they were wrong – and so they double down and continue to support him – ignoring his readily apparent inadequacies.

So here we are again, tumbling head over heels into another crisis. We, the informed, are trying to do the right thing for the future of our country, our children and grandchildren. But we’re being blamed for all manner of ills by the propaganda machine. And the uninformed are accepting statements made by the president and his sycophants as being the gospel truth when, in fact, much of what they’re saying are intentional lies and/or obfuscations.

The other side has been winning battle after battle based on ignorance alone. And the other side’s generals know that they can depend on the ignorance of their army of puppets to win the day simply based on their numbers.

Actually, the uninformed army of LIVs isn’t literally told what to do or how to vote, they’re simply herded like sheep towards a desired conclusion by the media’s choice of what they reveal and what they hide. Even when some anti-administration subject can’t be ignored by the media, they’ll influence their army’s opinion by a judicious choice of words describing the subject (it’s called “spin”).

We are in a vulnerable position when our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our economic well-being are all being jeopardized by the votes of an army of uninformed puppets.

The only way we can win this not-so-civil war is to break through and inform a sizeable number of the previously uninformed opposition about the issues confronting our country and depend on facts, truth, and informed common sense to prevail.

The battle of 2014 looms large.

UPDATE: A number of fellow bloggers have raised a few issues that I didn’t properly cover, like the fact that some informed citizens are still liberal/lefties because of their belief systems and that some of the uninformed army are, nevertheless, conservatives. I can’t argue against either point, both are correct.

We also don’t currently have any way to quantify the distribution of left/right leanings within each of the informed/uninformed groups. So, the point is, even if we were to find a way to inform the uninformed, without an accurate census of them, we can’t be sure whether that “conversion” would yield the numbers necessary to win future elections.

Regardless, we still have to try.


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8 Responses to Our NEW Civil War

  1. Buck says:

    Yeah, they are trading the milk cow for some magic beans. And guess what goliath is coming down that beanstalk!

  2. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Garnet. Government has a stigma. It’s complicated, it’s big and for many people it’s over their heads. All of that makes it easy to accept the snippets and adopt other people’s opinions, instead of doing their own research.

    In addition, most LIVs are stubborn when it comes to holding onto opinions, mistaking them for facts, so it’s a war alright and it looks to be a long one.

  3. Rich B says:

    Amazing isn’t it – after taking forty-five years to defeat the Soviets we (progressives, not normal people) turn around in America and embrace the same crap we fought against since the end of WWII. How many died in Korea, Vietnam, and other far off hot zones standing up for democracy.

    And you’re damn right Garnet. We ARE in an undeclared and cold war. But if the give-aways and freebies don’t end soon the folks paying the freight are gonna revolt and things could get HOT. I seriously believe we’re on the verge of the second Revolutionary War if liberal douchebags keep giving away the hard earned money of those who work to those who won’t. I won’t even bother with what they’ve done to pervert the educational system and media in America. That would take hours.

    One of my favorite quotes is Margaret Thatcher’s “The problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money” Well we’re just about out of other people’s money here in the USA and people are pissed!

  4. Terry says:

    Great essay G92.
    The problem is getting the LIV’s to actually pay heed to any facts.
    It brings to mind the scene from “A Clockwork Orange” where the hooligan is strapped into the chair, eyelids wired open, and forced to watch atrocities on the big screen.
    I believe that is what is required now.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Excellent essay Garnet. This crap happened on our watch because we were too busy working, raising families, running business, protecting the country. The Left was busy tearing this country down and feeding off those that made it great. Now we have a dictatorial government and a government run media supported by bottom feeders.

    I engage anyone that is willing to listen. With the exception of a brain dead left-tard, the bulk of the people believe as we do even though they might have voted for the asshats in charge now.

    Most people have been fed a bucket of lies.

    I don’t believe that 2014 will turn out well for us due to voter fraud that the GOP is unable or unwilling to fight.

    Personally, I echo Rich’s sentiments. There is only but one reset button that has yet to be pushed. Our votes don’t mean squat anymore.

  6. Mrs AL says:

    Great essay and great comments! I will return to read more.

  7. Buck says:

    The maddening thing about talking to a LIV is when you counter his/her bullshit with truth, they STILL refuse to admit they’re wrong.
    But, then, Fools rarely ever do.
    Take the Fool in the Oval, for example.