A Sunday Feel Good Story

Instead of the sappy, grab a tissue stuff, let’s have some fun this Sunday.  The prez and the vice prez took a stroll after lunch yesterday and someone snapped this picture.  I thought it would feel good to bash these two, so let’s see what different captions everyone can come up with for it.

obama and biden

Here’s mine…  “Non-Essential Government Employee #1 and #2”

Go for it!


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12 Responses to A Sunday Feel Good Story

  1. MickeyG says:

    Kathy’s. ”Non-Essential Government Employee #1 and #2″

    Yeah, playing “pocket pool ! !!

  2. Terry says:

    …and in perfect ‘Goose-step’ !

  3. Mrs AL says:

    “Look at all those old geezers trying to get to the war memorials. Saps.”

  4. Buck says:

    “Look out..Ol’ Foureyes is sneakin’ up to give us a wedgie again..”

  5. garnet92 says:

    Secret service guy says to his mike, “OK guys, release the black Infinity on 3..2..1”

  6. “Look at all those peons! Too bad they don’t know what’s comin’ down the pike~!”

  7. BrianR says:

    “It’s good to be the king.”

  8. vonmesser says:

    Most people walk. These two lock-step.

  9. Buck says:

    No, vonmesser, soon as the camera is out of range the two outrigger guys will carry ’em piggy back and Ol’ Four Eyes will count cadence.

  10. Kathy says:

    Good ones, guys!! Here’s another on – Dumb & Dumber, the Sequel.

  11. Hardnox says:

    What are these two assholes smiling about?

  12. Buck says:

    Maybe they just found out Reggie is up for a menage a trior …. (sp?)