Merely ‘Glitches’ or is O’s House of Cards Crumbling?

From Kyle Becker at IJ Review:

Healthcare.Gov Facebook Page Hit with Avalanche of Angry Comments

This is truly a must-read of the day. Just in case’s Facebook page wanted to delete these comments, they are preserved for posterity below. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show!







This the biggest joke of the century and there are literally thousands more posts just like these, but I didn’t want you to bust a rib from laughing so much, so I stopped here.

If you want to read more you can click on the Facebook link at the top.

If their system is this ‘fried’ just with folks trying to look at info and prices, one can only imagine what a nightmare it would be to actually process a claim. Assuming one has money to burn, that is, because it will take a small fortune to buy into this debacle.


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14 Responses to Merely ‘Glitches’ or is O’s House of Cards Crumbling?

  1. House of Cards, indeed~! Anyone remember the kiddie tale of the three pigs???

  2. Kathy,,, Here’s something else:
    From Facebook: “
    We are continuing to experience tremendous demand in signing up for coverage on Extra engineers are working around the clock to meet the demand. We have been able to cut the wait times by one-third, getting more people into the application and plan shopping process. We appreciate your patience and look forward to you getting quality, affordable coverage like Kathy did last night:

    and this from the link on FB:

    “Kathy Kanak on Wednesday night laid to rest fears that no one in Illinois was able to sign up for new health insurance plans made available a day earlier under the Affordable Care Act.

    After several failed attempts to log on to a federal website that hosts the Illinois insurance exchange, the Libertyville 57-year-old finally broke through in the late afternoon and signed up for new coverage that starts in 2014 for herself and her husband, Brant.
    END QUOTE: – There’s a lot more propaganda here, btw.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for the input, Grouchy. That is pure propaganda, because from what I’m seeing, people are just trying to look at prices – there are not that many takers.

      To top it off, the website is down for the weekend for ‘repairs’. Four days up, 2 days down,…this is getting off to a swell start!

  3. myfoxmystere says:

    Go figure Kathy that the government hired the technology company rejects to run the N0bamacare sites…the rejects are crying “Unholy Shishkabob! Stop the embarassment!” Choomly 0bama must be toking a big hit from his huge stash of Dopeium in his crak pipes.

    • Kathy says:

      Remember too, that BCBS has something like $60 billion invested in this. They must have thought it was really about healthcare!

  4. Mrs AL says:

    This will sound rash, but I don’t want this ‘house of cards’ to ‘crumble.’ I want it nuked!

    Kathy, this is a most informative post. As you know, I don’t do the ‘social media.’ I am grateful to you and anyone who posts this kind of stuff. And thanx to Grouchy for the link to the Chitcago Tribunal.

  5. bullright says:

    Great post. (so I expect them to write up some phony reviews.)

    Now imagine if Apple opened its products this way!

  6. Bill Baldwin says:

    This obummercare has been described as a train wreck way before it opened, now, we get to see the train wreck. And, like a train wreck, I couldn’t look away. On the first day I was successful at creating an account on the DC portal, but I was unable to see any plans. All it gave me was a blank screen, and still does. Today, I was successful at creating an account on the federal exchange, after logging in, I got an error message.

    For those of you who haven’t looked at the facebook page, 99.999% of comments are people apposed to this ‘healthcare’ plan. It looks like they’ve got some plants feeding misinformation. What’s more, although this was marketed as affordable healthcare for the poor, if you’re too poor to pay for it, you can get an exemption. I read a few comments about how the person can now go to the doctor because they have insurance, but the truth is, if you can afford even the cheapest plan, you could have afforded to pay full price for a checkup. With the cheapest plan, IIRC, the deductible is somewhere in the neighborhood of ten grand per year.

    If this program isn’t stopped, it will be bankrupt within a year. This plan requires that young, healthy people participate. Once they realize it’s cheaper not to, the only option to continue it will be to have healthcare taxes taken out of the paycheck like social security. The problem with that, is just like income taxes, people that have illicit income won’t be paying for it.

    • Kathy says:

      Great info, Bill, thanks for sharing that. Like you, I’d tinkered around on their site, wanting to see some prices, and when I FINALLY found the page, it was jaw-dropping! Other than the plants who are spewing propaganda, there is NObody out there who’s happy with it, at all.

      If something doesn’t change, not only the program, but the rest of us will be broke too, which of course, was part of the plan all along.