Welcome to Shelbyville, Tennessee!

From Patriots for America:

Muslims Take Over A(nother) Quiet Southern U.S. Town

They come not to seek refuge, to blend or to appreciate our way of life. They come to inflict pain, dominate and overpower our country. The very country that welcomed them with open arms, they want to annihilate.  Like other American towns, Shelbyville must learn to protect themselves. If they wait for government intervention, it will be too late – by then it will be Shelbystan.


(h/t to Wendy)

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5 Responses to Welcome to Shelbyville, Tennessee!

  1. Mrs AL says:

    I like the fact you posted this, Kathy but I just can’t hit the like button because I do not like this at all!

    We are being sent down the toilet by people who breed at very high rates. This is going to get very ugly. They need to be deported, period. I know that sounds harsh, but golly, what else can we do? These are NOT immigrants, they are sent here to infiltrate and destroy.

    And those who are trying to ‘take things in stride’ in Shelbyville are foolish to say the least.

    Sorry, but this is scary stuff, Kathy.

    • Kathy says:

      It’s ok if you don’t like it – I don’t either. One of the things that makes it worse, is that we’ve known for years what their plan is. We even know where the terrorist training cells are located – all you have to do is type it in the search bar and a dozen maps will pop up.

      I know why O doesn’t do anything about it, but what I never understood is why Bush wasn’t more aggressive with it.

      You’re right – this is not something you ‘take in stride.’

      • Mrs AL says:

        My opinion about Bush … he felt ‘false guilt.’ He was born to privilege. He also believed that showing religious intolerance was counter to the Bible. Put those together and you put your arms around everyone and even go out of your way to demonstrate you are not a bigot in any way. And that can include ignoring some hard facts. Just my opinion.

  2. Buck says:

    Exactly, Mrs AL. The rank and file of the Army of Islam. They immigrate to a non muslim country and set up shop. They then become the eyes and ears, (or spies or ‘intelligence corps) of the Army of Islam. When the Army of Islam Special Forces (whom we call terrorists) enter the country, these immigrants are their base of operations, their disbursing clerks and their communications center. Do not doubt it Islam may be a religion but it is also a political movement and an army and it is on the march with the same goals as the NAZI movement before it.
    Islam is a religion;
    Islam is a political movement; and most of all
    Islam is an army.
    The Army of Islam is on the move.
    And that army is One Billion strong.
    THAT’s why you will never find a “moderate” muslim.

    • Kathy says:

      Great comments, Buck. One of the things I keep harping on is that if they had really come here to blend and be Americanized, they would ditch Islam, lose the burkas, and they would join our efforts in fighting it.