Are Liberal “Climate Journalists” Reading Hardnox and Friends?

They must be. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see THIS.

From The Daily


Liberal media huddles to re-hype global warming.

12:10 PM  10/02/2013  by  Michael Bastasch

So all these asshats think they are NOT hyping this scam ENOUGH ?

Well, maybe not, when compared to THESE assholes.


The liberal media is scrambling to figure out if they are under-reporting the  seriousness of global  warming.

Journalists from left-leaning news sites are meeting in Chattanooga, Tenn.,  to discuss whether or not they have “blown it” when it comes to global warming  coverage and how they can better portray the seriousness of the issue.

The Society of Environmental Journalists will be hosting a meeting on Friday  that will discuss the media coverage  surrounding global warming, which will include a panel of journalists from  left-leaning news sites.

The panel will include: Daniel Grossman, contributing  editor, National Geographic  News Watch; Katherine Bagley with InsideClimate News; Peter Dykstra with  Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate; Joseph Romm with and the chief science editor of the Showtime TV series,  “Years of Living Dangerously.”

The description of the panel on global warming and the media reads: “Have We  Blown it? The impacts of global warming have been a concern since about 1988.  How well has the media done in reporting on this issue? How can it do a better  job in the future?”

“Many critics have accused mainstream media of confusing the public by  reporting this topic as if the small (and often industry-funded) ‘skeptics’ were  as credible as researchers representing the scientific consensus. This phony  balance between real scientists and skeptics appears less common now,” the  event’s pamphlet reads. “But many people say that journalism is still  doing society a disservice, by under-reporting and downplaying the seriousness  of the threats of global warming. We’ll look for lessons and advice from people  who follow this issue closely.”

Global warming became a hot-button political issue again after President Obama unveiled  his plan to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, primarily by capping carbon  dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.

However, environmentalists and climate journalists have accused the media of  whitewashing the issue by not properly conveying the seriousness of the problem  and giving global warming “skeptics” air time.

In April, environmental groups sent a letter to the heads of major news  networks, urging them to stop treating the issue as a “two-sided debate” by  giving skeptics air time.

“By bringing on climate-denying politicians and pundits, and giving them as  much ‘expert’ status as actual climate scientists, the networks perpetuate the  false debate that polluter-funded think tanks have instigated to cast doubt on  whether we should take action to address the climate crisis at all,” reads a petition from the  League of Conservation Voters aimed at the heads of nightly news programs for  ABC, CBS and NBC.

The liberal media watchdog Media Matters claims that media outlets have been  not been reporting enough about global warming. According to a study by the group, those three major news  outlets only aired a combined 12 segments on global warming in 2012 — a year  that included heat waves, droughts and Hurricane Sandy.

That could be because the American people aren’t very concerned about global  warming, as the economy repeatedly shows up in polls as their biggest  concern.

According to the Pew Research Center,  only 28 percent of Americans thought stopping global warming should be the  president’s top priority in January, down slightly from 30 percent in 2009.  Global warming was at the bottom of a list of 21 priorities for this year.

An August Rasmussen poll found that only 35 percent of likely voters  think that global warming is a very serious problem. Furthermore, a March Gallup  poll found that 64 percent of Americans don’t see  global warming as a serious threat in their lifetime.


OK, now that the howling fit of laughter until peeing myself at reading the first sentence has passed, on to my commentary.

So, the liberal media believes they have not done enough to “illustrate the seriousness of the issue”, they are going to DOUBLE DOWN on their asininity.

I guess it’s true. DO NOT confuse liberals with FACTS. NO appreciable warming since 1998. Hurricanes, and tornadic activity at 50 YEAR LOWS. The Arctic Ice Sheet expanding by a MILLION square miles THIS YEAR ALONE, and it has 3 MONTHS to go.

Polar bear numbers at historic highs, straining their available food supply. Near, or below normal floods and droughts. Reduced solar activity. All these FACTS, and this bunch of morons believes “their message hasn’t gotten out”.

No, I believe they THINK we are TOO STUPID to see the “problem”. So, in typical liberal fashion, they jet around the country, wasting precious resources, spewing THOUSANDS of tons of pollutants in the air, to confab and wonder why we are so stupid as to not believe THEM.

Sorry, moonbats. I’ll take SCIENTISTS, such as Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. William Gray, and countless thousands of other REAL climate scientists who KNOW what is going on, over a bunch of Gore-led Gorons, who believe the “END IS NEAR”.

The ONLY end that is near, is the amount of people falling for the scam. And, since it has become BIG business, these assholes are seeing the gravy train flying off the track.

Let’s hope the wreck is FAST, VIOLENT, and FINAL.




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10 Responses to Are Liberal “Climate Journalists” Reading Hardnox and Friends?

  1. Buck says:

    ONLY 28% thought the POTUS’ top priority should be global warming?
    That means over one quarter of the population of the country is dumber than a box of rocks.

  2. Kathy says:

    I had a real hard time getting past that first sentence too, then I had to go again when I got to the part where they want to leave the skeptics out of the discussion.

    The answer to your question is a resounding NO!!

  3. myfoxmystere says:

    What happened to Current TV, whoops, I mean Al E Babba Gore’s Al Gorezeera America TV? Aren’t they with the rest of their inbred global warming gorons? Oh wait, my bad…they’re hosting the conference inside their gorebot caves, and breeding amongst themselves.

  4. vonmesser says:

    Unfortunately, the media has no shame, and the general population has no brain. Therefore, whatever they say will be accepted as TRUTH. Remember Herr Goebbels and his comment aboput telling a big enough lie often enough.

  5. BrianR says:

    “However, environmentalists and climate journalists have accused the media of … giving global warming ‘skeptics’ air time.”

    And there you have it, neatly summed up in one sentence. You can’t possibly win this argument if you present BOTH sides of the issue. Actual FACTS will defeat your entire agenda.

    Therefore, the “skeptics” must be silenced, plain and simple.

    It isn’t often you see their agenda and outright bias so clearly stated. Someone clearly screwed up by printing the actual TRUTH.

  6. Clyde says:

    Yep, pard. Very much standard procedure for ANY issue the left doesn’t want the TRUTH out about. Had a hard time figuring out WHY this story was akin to letting the cat out of the proverbial bag.