Wonder who has been saying THIS for quite some time now.

But, I’ll take it. The good scientist just doesn’t go far enough. Better late than never. From The Daily


Climate scientist calls for abolishing UN climate bureaucracy.

11:51 AM  09/30/2013  Michael Bastasch

 Dr. Curry is spot-on. However, I think she should carry it just a BIT further……..
…..Take THIS, and add THESE…….
VOILA!!! Problem solved.


Has the United Nation’s climate bureaucracy become too political to function?  At least one climate scientists thinks so, and argues that the institution  should be shut down for good.

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry is calling for the Intergovernmental Panel on  Climate Change to be shut down with all due haste as governments and scientists  have invested too much time, money and credibility for the institution to be  anything but a hindrance to scientific progress.

“The IPCC needs to get out of the way so that scientists and policy makers  can better do their jobs,” Curry writes in her blog. “We need to put down the IPCC as soon  as possible.”

“After several decades and expenditures in the bazillions, the IPCC still has  not provided a convincing argument for how much warming in the 20th century has  been caused by humans,” Curry added. “The politically charged rhetoric has  contaminated academic climate research and the institutions that support climate  research, so that individuals and institutions have become advocates; scientists  with a perspective that is not consistent with the consensus are at best  marginalized … or at worst ostracized by labels of ‘denier’ or ‘heretic.’”

Curry is a professor and chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric  Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The issue of global warming was oversimplified, according to Curry, by  alarmists during the 1990s who said that there was only one answer to the  problem — radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The vast amount of scientific and political capital invested in the IPCC has  become self-reinforcing, so it is not clear how [to] move past this paralysis as  long as the IPCC remains in existence,” Curry said.

The science and the policies behind tackling global warming aren’t making  much progress. Australia and Germany have been forced to reconsider their  greenhouse gas reduction efforts in the face of intense political  opposition.

“In any event, there is a growing realization of that neither the science or  policy efforts are making much progress, and particularly in view of the failure  climate models to predict the stagnation in warming, and that perhaps it is time  to step back and see if we can do a better job of understanding and predicting  climate variability and change and reducing societal and ecosystem  vulnerabilities,” she said.

The IPCC recently released its latest assessment of global warming and says it is 95 percent sure that  human activities that put greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are the  main drivers behind global warming.

One of the major controversies in the report was how the U.N.’s climate arm  would address the 15 year hiatus in global warming. The Obama administration and  some European governments urged U.N. scientists to downplay the data showing no  warming so it couldn’t be used by global warming skeptics to derail  international climate negotiations in 2015.

The IPCC whitewashed the data, saying that short-term records “are very  sensitive to the beginning and end dates and do not in general reflect long-term  climate trends.”

“As temperatures have declined and climate models have failed to predict this  decline, the IPCC has gained confidence in catastrophic warming and dismisses  the pause as unpredictable climate variability,” Curry said.

Curry said that ignoring such important data has harmed the IPCC’s  credibility as “substantial criticisms are already being made of the [climate  report] as well as of the IPCC process itself.”

She added that UN climate scientists are “bemoaning their loss of their  scientific and political influence” and that the mainstream media has paid  little attention to the U.N.’s latest climate report.


This first question is EASILY answered.  “Has the United Nation’s climate bureaucracy become too political to function?”  Not only YES, but HELL YES. Like everything else the criminals stand for.

While only one scientist who DOES NOT buy into the hype and hoopla won’t get the IPCC, nor the rest of the U-frigging-N shut down, it IS a welcome sight.

Tell you what, Dr. Curry. The boys and I will meet you at Turtle Bay, with the dozers READY to go. YOU need to bring the BEER.




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10 Responses to HERE Is A GREAT Idea.

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good news. Curry is not alone. There are a great many so-called climate scientists that have reversed their original positions. The number is in the thousands. Naturally, this does not get reported.

  2. Buck says:

    She’s right. The jerks at IPCC will continue to predict gloom and doom because to predict otherwise would be pretty much closing and locking the doors. And no more big, fat paychecks either to them OR the pack of tyrants and despots populating the halls of the UN

  3. Mrs AL says:

    Full steam ahead, Clyde! I’ll bring pulled pork sandwiches.

  4. bullright says:

    Clyde, hard to know what to say to the scienceholics anymore.
    “climate models to predict the stagnation in warming,”(what a term)
    I can direct them to somewhere that has no stagnation in warming.