French Repubs, Shut It Down.

Yes, you republicans are going to be blamed. NO KIDDING.

But, if you think it is a loser for you in 2014, look back at history.

You may be surprised. From


GOP Expanded Senate Majority After 96 Shutdown.

Repubs, with a shutdown, it IS possible to rid the Senate of THIS asshat next year. Just stick to your guns, AND CONSERVATIVE principles. History is on your side. Unless you AGREE with the equinal sphincter.
            by             Mike Flynn    30 Sep 2013, 7:24 AM PDT

Democrats and the media are convinced that the public will “blame” Republicans for the looming government shutdown. This is predicated on memories that Republicans were “blamed” for the last government shutdown, in 1995-96. The media certainly did “blame” the GOP at the time for causing the shutdown. The voters, however, didn’t seem to have the same view. Just months later, at the next election, the Republicans retained their majorities in Congress. The Senate GOP even picked up 2 seats, in a year in which Clinton won reelection.

President Clinton did win reelection that year, but it was with less than a majority of the vote. In other words, a majority of Americans voted against Bill Clinton in the three-way presidential race. Democrats stayed roughly even in the House and lost ground in the Senate.

Senate Republicans went into the 1996 election with 53 seats in the Senate. They emerged with 55. In the House, the Republicans lost just two seats, retaining their majority. The conventional wisdom today is that the GOP “suffered” as a result of the shutdown. The party should be so lucky this year.

All of this was at a time that the three broadcast networks and mainstream media could unilaterally dictate the political conversation. In 1996, they used this power to bludgeon the GOP over the shutdown and did eventually get the party to cave and agree to Clinton’s budget terms. They have nothing like this power today.

In the months that followed, though, Republicans in Congress secured a balanced budget deal and achieved their long-sought goal to reform welfare. Whatever short-term “blame” they suffered from the shutdown didn’t preclude policy and electoral success just months later.

The media may say now that the GOP is committing “political suicide” by pushing demands that threaten a shutdown. But, as the great philosopher Cab Calloway said, “It ain’t necessarily so.”


Now HERE is something I had totally forgotten. The French repubs, after the shutdown in 1995, went into the elections with the majority in the senate, and came out with TWO MORE seats. In the House, they had only lost two seats, retaining their majority.

I know you in the GOP will not read this, or the fine article by Mr. Flynn, but history is on YOUR side here, if ONLY you stick to what the constituents actually WANT you to do, and that is to rein in this out-of-control federal colossus we find ourselves with.

Side with Harry Reid, and the democrats, to keep this unsustainable shipwreck waiting for a shoal to hit,color yourselves GONE in 2014. WE will make sure it happens. You all can sink with the democrats if you wish, but WE would rather KEEP our great nation off the rocks.



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15 Responses to French Repubs, Shut It Down.

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post. The problem with most of the R’s is that they are media driven which is stupid beyond comprehension given that the media will always trash them anyway.

    Regarding the 2014 elections, I have little faith that the R’s will prevent or challenge the voter fraud that is bound to be massive. and other groups have already outflanked the meager attempts by the Right. Personally, I think we are screwed for next year.

    Once Americans realize that their votes don’t mean squat, then and only then, will there be a major grassroots movement. Not before.

    In the meantime, both side will play the Kabuki theater for our consumption. I am glad that the R’s are fighting back for a change but they keep negotiating with themselves while the D’s refuse to compromise.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Nox. I think the stuck-on-stupids ought to turn it right back on Obama and the democrats. YOU don’t want to negotiate, EFF YA. We won’t either. See Ya !!!

  2. Buck says:

    Your comment about Clinton winning with less than a majority in ’96 should also be a lesson in history to the GOP.
    In 2008 they put forward John McCain
    The conservative vote stayed home.
    In 2012 they put forward Romney
    The conservative vote stayed home.
    In 1996 the GOP put forward another ho-hum RINO. But
    A conservative ran on a 3rd Party ticket. .
    And Dole lost to a winner who could not garner 50% of the vote…
    Seems the lessons are out there…

    • Clyde says:

      The morons running the GOP today can’t be trusted with a lemonade stand. These asshats are SO ASHAMED about Reagan, who SHOWED HOW it was done, they REFUSE to use HIS methods. Eff them. They can be backbenchers forever. I’ll support local candidates who meet, or exceed, MY standards, and if the PSP party gets it’s head out of the libstream media’s ass, and sees a PROVEN strategy to WIN, then maybe I’ll support a potus candidate, PROVIDED they meet my standards.

  3. Kathy says:

    We have to remember how good the R’s are at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as Brian likes to say. We have some major house cleaning to do in the Senate and toss out some of the old RINOs.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    Great post, Clyde. All the furor over the “shutdown” is g a r b a g e. It’s a PARTIAL shutdown! Good grief the media needs to get a grip. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t have the courage given to the mongoose. It’s pathetic.

  5. BrianR says:

    LOL, Clyde!

    You like the French metaphor, huh?

    I did a search last night before posting my essay, and as far as I could determine, I originated it. I’m gonna be very interested to see if it catches on. I hope so!

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, pard. I do believe I first saw it at your place, Gunny’s been using it, and it DOES fit. The check is coming for you from my Nigerian connection. haha

  6. bullright says:

    Great post, Clyde. Who would have thunk revolution could be so simple?

  7. garnet92 says:

    Stop me if you’ve heard it before, but a commenter on Hot Air (Resist We Much) coined a term that I liked, calling the democrats the “TEAT PARTY.” How fitting!

    • Clyde says:

      Damn Garnet, haven’t heard that. I DO like it, however. I’ll use it. Thanks. YOUR check is in the mail from my Nigerian connection as well.