Savage: Egypt Can Prove Zero’s Complicity in the Muslim Brotherhood


Michael Savage interviews Walid Shoebat.  Listen to this:

This should make your head explode.

So where is Congress?

I remain disgusted.

~ Hardnox

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9 Responses to Savage: Egypt Can Prove Zero’s Complicity in the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Where is Congress??? Trying to prove ovomit never left the “Down Low Club”, and that the leavings are chocolate.

  2. Clyde says:

    Powerful. Too bad this will never see the light of day. The lib media will bury this faster than a cat does a turd in the litterbox.

  3. Kathy says:

    Whoa. This is some heavy duty stuff. We’re not stupid and we know that our administration and our media are constantly redirecting our attention to other things, ‘the next scandal’. It’s designed to keep us off balance and to make us leave a topic alone and move on to the next. Our current king has proven to be quite proficient at this game, or so he’d have us think.

    I, for one, and I know some of you agree, will never let go of Benghazi until we’ve completely exhausted it.

    Ok, did he just say our prez is a muslim plant? And that he has a Christian brother named George (who I never heard of) on ‘ignore’? Did he just say that CNN Arabic airs this information, while CNN English doesn’t? From his actions, we’ve already determined he’s aligned with the MB and certainly not with us, but this just proves it outright.

    My apologies if I’m not making sense, but my thoughts are just absolutely pinging off the walls after listening to this. ‘Nox you’re right – where is Congress?? Why aren’t they on this?? Clyde is right too – the media can’t cover this up fast enough.

    It is preposterous to know this ‘person’ became our president. Pisstivity meter is busted, big time!!

    • Hardnox says:

      Whoa is right. Savage and Shoebat are no lightweights so I put stock in what they go on record about.

      I read a lot of international news and they are miles ahead of our limp-wrist media, FOX included.

      You heard all that correctly.

      Where is Congress????

  4. randy63ism says:

    Get a rope!

    Nuf Sed

  5. Buck says:

    I believe it but it’ll never see the light of day in this country.

  6. MickeyG says:

    Buck, agreed !!