The Fraudacle Speaketh Again.

Or, from the “I Wish He Would Shut The F#$^ Up” file.

Read it, and you decide. From The Daily



‘How dare you?’ Al Gore calls possible government shutdown ‘political  terrorism,’ takes a shot at Ted Cruz.

3:20 PM  09/27/2013   Katie McHugh
Who to believe?  Ted, or THIS  lying asshat…….
… I rest my case.


Former Vice President Al Gore blamed Republicans for the impending government  shutdown on Friday, which he called “despicable” and “political terrorism.”

Gore also took a gratuitous shot at Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I think the only phrase that describes it is political terrorism,” Gore said  at the Brookings Institute Center for Effective Public Management, where he was  scheduled to speak about global warming. ”Nice global you got there. Be a  shame if we had to destroy it. We have a list of demands. If you don’t meet  them all by our deadline, we’ll blow up the global economy.”

Gore also called on voters to support the funding of a law a plurality of them oppose.

“Where are the American people in this? Why does partisanship have anything  to do with such a despicable and dishonorable threat to the integrity of the  United States of America?” Gore asked, glowering over the podium. “It cannot be  allowed. But it can only be stopped if people in both parties and independents  as well, and say, ‘Look, I might not agree with everything that’s in the  Affordable Care Act, but it did pass. It was upheld by the Supreme Court. It is  the law of the land.”

The Affordable Care Act did indeed pass the Senate under the cover of  darkness late Christmas Eve in 2009, thanks to 60 Democratic votes — the only  major legislation in recent years to pass along strictly partisan lines. Senate  Majority Leader Harry Reid noted this at the time, denigrating the GOP for  withholding their support.

“I’m sorry to say that for the first time in American history, a political  party has chosen to stand on the sidelines rather than participate in great —  and greatly needed — social change,” Reid said shortly after the vote.

Gore echoed this sentiment during his digression at Brookings.

“Now you want to threaten to not only shut down our government, but to blow  up the world economy unless we go back an undo what we did according to the  processes of democracy?” Gore said. “How dare you? How dare you?”

A certain “crassness” cropping up in political culture was to blame for the  looming government shutdown, Gore said.

“And over time, those who are drawn to participate in such a culture have  changed. Many men and women who I wish were in politics aren’t in politics now.  And why would they be? And some that I surely wish were not in politics are  speaking for long stretches of time,” Gore said, alluding to Texas Republican  Sen. Ted Cruz’s marathon 21-hour speech imploring Congress to defund  Obamacare.


WHY haven’t aliens from another planet made off with this blathering fool yet? Must be NO other planet in the universe wants the noxious bastard.

Here we have a KNOWN serial LIAR, claiming because Cruz actually STOOD UP for the Constitution, now this piece of shit who wouldn’t know honor if it bit his ass, calling Cruz a TERRORIST.

As Slim Pickens said in the GREAT movie “Blazing Saddles”, upon learning Bart (greatly played by Cleavon Little) was named sheriff of Rock Ridge, “I AM DEPRESSED”.

It is, indeed, depressing when such a lying, excrement-drooling boor as the Fraudacle is held in HIGHER esteem by the damnable media than a man TRYING to keep the nation from going off the cliff.

Al, you lying piece of polar bear shit, may YOUR dirt nap come sooner than later. You sorry excuse for a human.




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12 Responses to The Fraudacle Speaketh Again.

  1. MickeyG says:

    Clyde, your last 2 sentences says it all !!
    Semper Fi

  2. Buck says:

    So we’re political terrorists for wanting to shut down the government now.
    Seems to me they wanted to shut down the government some years back and we were at war back then.
    Or am I wrong…

    • Clyde says:

      Nope, you aren’t wrong. I say shut it down. Or, in the immortal words of Hitlary, “what difference does it make” ? The country is hosed, no matter what.

  3. BrianR says:

    “… It was upheld by the Supreme Court. It is the law of the land.”

    True. But the same thing could be said about slavery. Does AlBore the Whale endorse slavery, too?

  4. Kathy says:

    The Brookings Institute showed their poor taste in speakers by inviting this blowhard to speak in the first place, then Gore showed his by going off on Cruz.

    Anyone else notice how they’ve ratcheted up the name calling? Terrorism? Really?

    • Clyde says:

      When the hyperbole gets personal, you KNOW you’re right over the target. The Brookings Institute would be another good spot for a meteor parking lot.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Every time I read a piece concerning Owl Bore I can’t help but think if that asshole were elected president in 2000. We have been spared so to speak albeit he still keeps his crap going.

    As you stated, “When the hyperbole gets personal, you KNOW you’re right over the target.” That’s the truth.

    This is the Left’s only tactic because the facts simply do not support their version of the truth.

    Good post bro.

  6. western guy says:

    “…It was upheld by the Supreme Court. “, so was the election of GWB…so NOW the decisions of that court are the standard? Now maybe he will accede the presidency of that election…any bets?