Turncoats or Patriots??

Ok, I just looked at a couple of links on Facebook and came across this. It looks like the Tea Party is all ticked off about these Republicans who voted to fund O’care, but according to my guy, Cornyn, he’s got another line of thinking.  You guys take a look and tell me what you think, because, as much as I read, I’m still having a hard time understanding how all the different types of votes work.

From the Tea Party Patriots: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/2013/09/establishment-senate-gop-cant-fund-obamacare-fast-enough/

Then Cornyn has this to say:  http://www.chron.com/opinion/outlook/article/Cornyn-Bipartisan-legislation-is-the-best-way-to-4843007.php

So, are these 25 guys on our side or not?


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10 Responses to Turncoats or Patriots??

  1. Clyde says:

    Well, IMHO, the trouble with Cornyn’s thinking is that the democrats will actually listen to their constituents. It is OBVIOUS he has NOT. If he TRULY wants the democrats to ride this train wreck into oblivion, get the hell out of way, cast the vote your constituents WANT you to, which would be NO, if the government shuts down over it, PFFTT, who cares, the repubs will get the blame NO MATTER WHAT, and let them have the total failure. Cornyn sounds more like he’s trying to cover his ass with bullshit.

  2. Kathy, this thing has more wheels and gears than a Swiss Watch.
    I’m like you – I don’t understand this game anymore.

  3. Cornyn, whom I thought to be a solid conservative Texan, has turned into a disappointment to me. Here he goes calling for “bipartisan” legislation. Democrats only consider something to be bipartisan when they get liberal Republicans to vote with them. The Democrats will NEVER compromise their core beliefs and will NEVER do anything to disrupt the signature accomplishment of the first two years of Obama.

  4. Kathy says:

    Grouchy’s right – there’s more wheels and gears here than I’ll ever understand. Which kind of vote is more important at which time? I didn’t know there were so many ways of saying ‘I don’t really care, so long as I get my money.’

    • Blessed B. says:

      well…if there’s 50 ways to leave your lover there has to be more ways than that to say “I don’t care…just give me my money!”…..

      Coryn voted with Reid to lower the number of votes required…so he’s basically being a CINO.

      It’s not surprising that McCain voted to fund obamcare…. and anything he voted yes on definitely denotes RINO!

      I just heard from my source that by Nov. 18th the USA will officially be bankrupt and will have to go into receivership to pay for loans already given. There is not another red cent that can be squeezed out to give….time is up! Texas will most likely be the first State to be sold off as they have resources ( oil and cattle)…..

      The only good thing about it is….. Politicians and the Gov’t. workers won’t be getting a pay check either. Militias will have to take over to defend the States….as military won’t be getting their paychecks either….This is what Obama wanted as he set out to do for the Saudi’s…bring America to her knees!

      It’s going to be a rough ride my friends…. hang onto your hats and keep that powder dry! God Speed!

      • Kathy says:

        Cornyn can’t get out of there fast enough for me. and you’re right about the rough ride, Blessed, but I think it’s going pretty much according to Obama’s plan. This is what he had in mind all along.

  5. Buck says:

    Robert Pratt had it right. Cornyn has lost his way and you folks South of the Red need to seriously consider replacing him.

  6. Mrs AL says:

    The issue is, what is the real end-game for the Cruz side? What is the real end-game for the Cornyn side? Everyone has an opinion and everyone has heard their public statements. So I repeat my Q — what is the end game?

    • Kathy says:

      Good question – I think Cruz is trying to save our country from this monster, but Cornyn’s plan is very fuzzy right now. He could be right in line with that turncoat McCain. It’s time for him to go get a real job.