Green Eggs & Scam

Maybe a little dated, but still ever so relevant :

green eggs

~Big H/T to Mrs. AL for finding this gem !




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7 Responses to Green Eggs & Scam

  1. Clyde says:

    THAT is a gem. Good one, Terry.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Well it may be dated but I never read Seuss. My husband person introduced me to “Green Eggs and Ham.” He would recite parts of it when he got nostalgic about his children. Personally, I was grossed out at the thought of green eggs. And clearly I was right to be grossed out – haha

    • Terry says:

      When I said “dated” I was referring to the line :
      ” I do not like this speaker, Nan ”
      I’m thinking it was written back when pukelosi was speaker of the house. I may be wrong.

      As to never reading Dr. Seuss, as shocking as that seems, I must confess that I never heard of “Curious George” before I married Wendy 14 years ago !
      After she introduced me to him, I asked her to read his books to me at bedtime.
      He and that yellow hatted dude crack me up !