OK, Don’t Talk Then.

Just shut the whole thing down, republicans.

The odious bastard from Nevada is at it again. Time for the cowardly assed republicans to call his bluff. You’re going to be blamed anyway, so there’s really nothing to lose.

From The Daily Caller.com


Reid: No negotiations with GOP on government funding, debt ceiling

2:57 PM  09/26/2013
OK, idiotic republicans. THIS is what the nastiest prick EVER to foul the senate thinks of you. TWO can play that game.
 Go for it, GOP. Have NO fear. And, you MAY find SOME of us who have been extremely disappointed in you lately WILL thank you for it. Guess I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.
Alexis Levinson

Political  Reporter


WASHINGTON — If Senate Majority Leader Harry  Reid gets his  way, Republicans will get no concessions in exchange for continuing to fund the  government past Monday and raising the debt ceiling in mid-October.

Reid doubled down on his promise not to negotiate on either subject in a  press conference Thursday, saying: “We’re not going to play their game.”

The government will shut down on Tuesday if the Republican-controlled House and the  Democrat-controlled Senate cannot reach an agreement to continue funding it. The  sticking point is Obamacare, which gets defunded in the government funding bill  passed by the House.

The Senate intends to strip out that provision, and send it back to the  House, by which point, as a result of Senate rules, Republicans will have  precious little time to agree to it or send back a counter offer.

Reid said the Senate would pass a government  funding bill that  had no other provisions attached, period.

“We want a clean [government  funding bill]. That’s what we’re gonna get,” Reid said.

Reid said he had not spoken to Speaker of the House John Boehner on the  subject and that there was no need for him to do so.

“Send us a clean [funding bill], clean debt ceiling,  that’s the path forward. There’s no need for conversations. We’ve spoken loudly  clearly, and we have the support of the President of the United States,” Reid  said.

He added that even if the House were to send back the government funding bill  with an attachment that repealed the medical device tax,  something that both Democrats and Republicans dislike — Reid referred to it as  “that stupid tax” in the press conference — that the Senate would not agree to  the bill, saying that was an issue that should be tackled in separate  legislation, when the government was not on the verge of a shutdown.

“Senator Reid thinks the idea of attaching the medical device tax repeal to  the CR or the debt ceiling is ‘stupid,’” a Reid spokesman clarified in a  statement later. “Senator Reid supports the medical device tax, and his position  is clear from his record: he voted for the medical device tax in the Affordable  Care Act and against repealing it during the budget debate earlier this year.  His position has not changed, and the Senate will reject any CR that includes a  repeal of the medical device tax. If the House wants to avoid a Republican government shutdown,  they should pass a clean CR. Period.”

New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said that if the House did not agree  to that plan moving forward, it would be responsible for a government  shutdown.

“If they at this late hour send us a [funding bill]  that’s not clean, they are shutting the government down. There’s virtually no  way that we can undo that in time for a government shutdown,” he told reporters  after the press conference.

On the debt ceiling, Reid gave a flat “no” when asked if he would be willing  to consider any of the possible things Republicans were asking for in exchange  for voting to raise the debt ceiling, like a go-ahead for the Keystone XL  pipeline.

Even if Republicans offered to lift the sequester cuts for a period, Reid  said there would be no debate, “as much as we dislike the senseless  sequestration, we despise it, is is senseless.”


I really cannot say I’m surprised to hear this coming out of the vilest sonofabitch to EVER foul the Senate halls. And, why should he “negotiate” ? 

There is no question in my mind Reid, with the help of the usual putrid repub suspects, has enough votes for cloture. And, more than likely to pass any bill they want. The House republicans need to take the noxious Reid at his word. 

OK, he will not negotiate.  FINE. Send him the SAME bill you have now EVERY DAMN DAY. A clean bill he wants? WHEN was the LAST, FIRST, or ONLY time the goddamned democrats EVER sent Bush a “clean bill”?  Let the stupid government shut down. What the hell good is it doing anyway?

It will not matter a hill of beans what the republicans do, the lying assed liberal lapdogs of the Obamamedia will blame the repubs, Obama will blame the repubs, the rest of the damnable democrats will blame the repubs, so why bother giving the odious prick what HE wants?

Republicans, especially YOU, Boehner, now is the time to show Americans if you are the party of LIMITED government, or mere stooges to the democrats. IF you want to see the republican party survive as a viable alternative to the democrats, THIS is your last chance.

Blow this one, in the name of “bipartisanship”, you can say hello to the WHIGS, who did the SAME stupid shit YOU are doing now, way back when. If you have ANY knowledge of history, you need to realize YOU are on the same path.

Do the RIGHT thing, NOW, 2014 could look a lot like 2010. Abandon republican principles now, you can kiss your ass, and party, goodbye.




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17 Responses to OK, Don’t Talk Then.

  1. Mrs AL says:

    This is getting really really old and really really ridiculous, Clyde. Your post demonstrates this well!

    If Cruz, et all want to really pull the rug out from under the democratic/leftist he would announce the following: We are introducing a bill that will fund the government, raise the debt ceiling, and fund obamacare with this caveat, “Obamacare” will be stripped of ALL, repeat ALL exemptions of every kind and the law will be instituted within the time frame of the law, no exceptions.

    There — comprise at its finest.

  2. Hardnox says:

    I echo Mrs AL’s comment. I also agree with your reason. The R’s are past their “best by” date and have been for 20 years or so.

    Good post and rant.

    • Clyde says:

      These stupid bastards think people stayed home in 2012, Boehner, Cantor, and the rest of the RINO herd caves now, it’s lights out. They’ll be lucky to get the amount of votes the Green Party does. Thanks, boss. I get sick of having to BLAST these clowns, it’s like beating one’s head against the frigging wall.

  3. Kathy says:

    Didn’t we see this same thing last time? It’s like watching an old western over and over. The bickering and fighting, followed by the drama of a deadline, building up to the shoot-out scene. They’re standing at ends of the street, poised with the guns…except the R’s cave and run away. Just like they did the last time I watched this movie.

  4. Buck says:

    I’m no spring chicken and don’t seem to get any younger as time passes but one of the major contributors to my continuing longevity is just I want to be around to see the country rise up and kick those slimy RINO sonsabitches out of office…

  5. bullright says:

    GREAT. How about that, the dirtiest duo in Washington want a “clean bill”? We need a forced retirement program for the bastards.

  6. Buck says:

    Yep. Retirement after 12 years and no retirement benefits…….

  7. BrianR says:

    The spineless Establishment GOP is super-glued on stupid.

    Why do they think they won the House majority in 2010 while increasing their Senate numbers at the same time? What was THE issue they ran on?


    Now, instead of living up to their campaign promises, they’re trying to weasel their way around them.

    At the same time they’re ignoring the FACT that actively opposing Obamacare actually GETS them votes.

    They should start worrying about what’s going to happen if they DON’T do something about that program, and what the voter turnout’s going to be by the people who DID vote for them last time, instead of swallowing the socialists’ propaganda hook, line and sinker.

    What a bunch of gutless morons.