Whiney Stubbed His Toe??

In sports, there are winners and losers. In the professional arena, rarely does a game end in a tie. And when it does, it’s after a mutually agreed period of time off the clock.
In the game of LIFE, there are winners and losers. AND whiney apologists.
Following is one such scenario.


Youth Teams Face Fines, Suspension For Winning Games


September 25, 2013 by Breaking News


As scoreless games become more prevalent and players receive trophies for merely participating, it is increasingly difficult to teach children the important lessons associated with both winning graciously and losing with dignity. The Northern California Federation of Youth Football is dedicated to making those principles even more foreign to players in the league.

Recently announced rule changes for players in the 7 to 13 age range now include a fine of $200 for teams that win by at least 35 points and week-long suspensions for violations.

According to deputy commissioner Robert Rochin, the league decided to implement the directives because poorly performing teams have difficulty retaining players.   ( Oh, Good Grief~! )

“If they are constantly getting beat, who wants to play anymore?” he asked, noting that players quit “all season long because of that.”

While kids should have the freedom to either stick with a struggling team in hopes of making it stronger or quit when the going gets tough, the entire league should not cater to those in the latter group.

In addition to the penalties included, the new rules also dictate that a team winning by at least 28 points at halftime must replace its starting players with second- and third-string backups.

Rochin contends that the rules will benefit players by “teaching them compassion for the other team” and “teaching them sportsmanship.”

Compassion is a vital trait for young minds to develop; however, it is also important to teach children to always perform at their highest ability. As for teaching sportsmanship, a team could win by 100 points and still embody civility while a team ahead by a field goal might engage in endless showboating. The attitude of players, not the size of a win, determines sportsmanship.

The league’s decision has drawn pointed criticism by parents and those embedded in the sporting world.

Dave Briggs of NBC Sports called it a “ridiculous rule,” noting that the real lesson it teaches is “that there’s always someone there to cushion the blow.”

Kelly McHugh, whose son has seen his playing time slashed under the new rules, says players are “afraid their coaches are going to get suspended.” Others say the change can prohibit potentially great players from early development and could result in increased danger.

Brent Moore said his son and others on the team who are “in the position of trying to protect their coach are backing off and are at a higher risk of being injured.”

At the root, proponents of such rules hope to spare children the sometimes harsh reality that everyone cannot always be a winner. Unfortunately, such protective sheltering only puts the next generation at a marked disadvantage upon entering adulthood. Likewise, those who excel — whether on the gridiron or in any other capacity — should be rewarded for their achievements instead of punished.

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How in all the Valerian Hells are kids supposed to learn to accept life, if they cannot accept being trounced once the while in the sporting game?

The goal is to win the game, admittedly. Yet, the GREATER goal is the sublime goal of learning to accept the ups and downs of LIFE, and all it has to offer~! Even a loss can be a blessing in disguise, for the simple reason of the lesson it has to teach, both directly and indirectly.  How well did one prepare for the contest? And what was lacking, in the preparation for the lost contest? These are also pertinent questions in the Game of Life. But the consequences for incompetence are much greater~!

And has no one remembered the concept, “Honorable Opponent”? For without the opponent, where would the measuring stick be?

AND, if they are continually losing, maybe they should look to the capability of the coaches and the coaching staff???

Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis – ALL (and more~!) have definite rules, and definite sporting outcomes. Preparation for playing the sport determines the advancement of the individual AND the team. The same holds true in the game of LIFE.

And yes, there are those who break the rules for unfair advantage. But those are the greatest losers of all.  

~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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14 Responses to Whiney Stubbed His Toe??

  1. Kathy says:

    My meter was pegging before I even made it to your comments, which are spot-on. With these new rules in place, kids are in for a rude awakening when they get to high school, not to mention the pros. They’re coddling, not preparing, these kids and it’s a huge disservice.

    Another thought that came to mind is that we sure don’t want this mindset should any of them choose the military. No room there for compassion or sportsmanship whatsoever!

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Here’s an idea … when one team gets near the 35 point mark, why don’t the kids just switch uniforms? Then the score will end up more even. Then the winners will know how the losers feel and visa versa, or is that asrev asiv?

    Got news for ya’ kids, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Get over it and move along. You will be much stronger for it and that is the truth and a fact.

  3. upaces88 says:

    Okay!! ALL of the parents need to march their butts up to the principal’s office as well as the School District Administration Building and raise hell. IF they don’t get satisfaction there?
    AS A GROUP, march again to the local media and stand there until they GET A PROMISE of a story to be put on the air!

  4. Clyde says:

    Wow. Once BrianR and the other 50 conservatives leave, Califruitifornia can slide into the ocean. What ASSHATTERY. But, that being said, the KIDS are keeping score. You betcha.

  5. Folks, Spot On ~! And I’m glad that I’m not the only one seeing through the red haze of anger~!
    How many times did Edison fail and miserably, before he perfected the incandescent light bulb??? Good thing he didn’t live and sport around in Northern California~!

  6. Buck says:

    Here’s a possible reason for one of today’s problems.
    These kids are mollycoddled with trophies for showing up, no score keeping and now being punished for trying their best.
    They graduate higher education with a degree in Liberal Arts, Basket Weaving, Racial Whatever and enter the job market.
    And are eaten alive by folks who know the real world.
    They go home, stick their thumbs in their mouths, assume the fetal position and wait for the government to come along and pick them up, dust them off and give them a trophy for just showing up……… and a cell phone. Don’t forget the cell phone.

  7. Garnet92 says:

    This mindset has been gaining influence among libs for a while now and I’m sure that they’re patting themselves on the back for “evening the playing field” for their little mush-brains.

    It shows just how misguided they are that they actually believe that this action will better prepares their kids for the real world. It is hard to believe that these people think that life will treat their kids that same way. Those kids will become cannon fodder for kids allowed to compete and not have things modified to make things easier for them. They are being prepared to fail.

  8. Hardnox says:

    This is no surprise coming from California. I guess it never occurred to lefties that if one is getting their asses kicked by 35 points then maybe that sport is not for them. With lefty ideals we will produce a generation of mediocrity that knows nothing of winning or losing. In the meantime the world’s bad guys lay and wait.

    Good post albeit depressing.

  9. Buck says:

    Grouchy: The entire thing started with a book by a Doctor Benjamin Spock back in late ’40’s. It was picked up by the ‘in’ folks and touted as the new, real way to raise your kids. The rest is history.
    I’m not sure the book is even available anywhere but if it is, get a copy and see just why the majority of younger generation is so disturbed…