So, There’s No “War On Coal”, Eh?

So WHY then is the EPA, a rogue agency which needs defunding as bad as Obamacare does, coming out with THIS ?

From The Daily


EPA admits banning coal plants won’t impact global warming.

1:02 AM  09/25/2013     Michael Bastasch

THIS is what they REALLY think of the coal industry.


The Obama administration is effectively banning the construction of new coal-fired power  plants, a move officials admit will have little to no impact on global  warming.

“The EPA does not  anticipate that this proposed rule will result in notable CO2 emission change …  by 2022,” the agency writes in its proposal to limit  greenhouse gas emissions.

“EPA knows there aren’t benefits,” Dan Simmons, director of regulatory and  state affairs at the Institute for Energy Research, told The  Daily Caller News Foundation. “EPA and environmentalists are being disingenuous  when they claim this rule will have an impact on the climate or the  environment.”

Last week, the EPA unveiled the first ever carbon emissions limits for new  power power plants, hailing them as the first step to combating global  warming and  protecting future generations.

“Climate change is one of the most significant public health challenges of  our time. By taking commonsense action to limit carbon  pollution from new  power plants, we can slow the effects of climate change and fulfill our  obligation to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our children,”  said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

The rule “will contribute to the actions required to slow or reverse the accumulation of GHG  concentrations in the atmosphere, which is necessary to protect against  projected climate change impacts and risks.”

Why ban coal power if it won’t even put a dent in global warming?  Critics say this is because the EPA is trying to mask the high costs of  compliance by not claiming that the proposal would create any benefits.

“They don’t want to quantify the damages,” Simmons said. “They know the rule  will create large harms, but they don’t want to be held liable.”

By claiming monetized benefits from cutting carbon emissions from power  plants, the EPA would also have to calculate the costs — meaning how the rule  would impact the coal industry, employment and the  economy.

The EPA’s proposal glosses over the costs by claiming that no new coal plants  will be built without utilizing carbon capture and storage technology,  thus the agency doesn’t “anticipate that the power industry will incur  compliance costs as a result of this proposal and we do not anticipate any  notable CO2 emission changes resulting from the rule.”

However, the coal industry points out that many coal plant projects are being  shelved or shut down because of pending EPA rules.

Natural gas prices fluctuate, just like prices for any other energy source,  so when prices increase relative to coal, utilities will switch back to burning  coal. Coal supporters argue that EPA rules would make the current market  trend of plants  choosing to burn natural gas a permanent situation.

“It’s a circular logic as far as we’re concerned,” Luke Popovich, top  spokesman for the National Mining Association, a mining industry group, told  TheDCNF. “Certainly natural gas prices have played  a role in fuel switching, but nothing like what EPA would be proposing.”

“It’s entirely possible that no coal power  plants of any type  will get built for years, regardless of what the EPA does Friday,” writes The Washington Post’s Brad Plumer.  “That’s because natural gas is so cheap right now it’s not really economical to  build coal plants.”

“Roughly speaking, natural gas prices needs to rise above $7 per million  [British Thermal Unit] for new coal plants to be competitive. But the U.S.  Energy Information Administration projects that natural gas prices will stay  under $6 per million BTU for the next two decades. As a result, the agency  doesn’t think any coal plants will be built between 2018 and 2035,” Plumer  added.


Let me see if I have this straight. The Obama Regime says there is no war on coal, his rogue EPA starts shutting down coal-fired power plants across the country since being immaculated, driving UP the cost of electrical power, TELLS the coal industry HE is going to put them out of business, now we see the EPA says it’s DRACONIAN regulations on new coal-fired power plants ARE NOT going to “impact” the farce known as “climate change”?

OK, people. Tell me. Is this just RAMPANT incompetence, is the EPA lying, is Obama lying, or is it something I’m missing ?  I say: ALL THE ABOVE.

So, tell me, also, United Mine Workers unionistas. How does it feel to be told YOU are going to be losing YOUR jobs by the asshat YOU all, with the MASSIVE arm-twisting from your glorious “leadership” voted for. And, the SAME goes for you of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. YOUR union leadership supported this clown as well. You guys EVER stop to LISTEN to what Obama was actually saying? Or were y’all too enamored with “hope and change”, and “free stuff” to hear the asshole?

You people have coming to you what may happen, due to your ignorance. YOU helped elect the VERY man who wants to DESTROY your jobs, way of life, healthcare, etc etc.

It is too damn bad you screwed the REST of us over, as well as yourselves.

Next up, the cowards of the utilities themselves. YOU were responsible, in part, for the clown getting elected due to YOUR ignorance as well. Didn’t YOU guys listen either? Along with MASSIVE campaign donations you gave the fool. Money “well-invested”, I’d say. Glad I sold ALL my utility stocks.

When some asshole says to me, “I’m going to put you out of business”, I take THAT threat VERY seriously. So, the guy you got elected comes along, gives this rogue agency powers it CONSTITUTIONALLY does NOT have, to shut down a cheap, viable source of energy, you morons stand there and wonder what hit you.

Have any of you utility executives CHALLENGED the government on this ? If not, WHY not? Are you THAT afraid of this bunch? If you are, you have utterly FAILED in your fiduciary responsibilities to your investors, employees, and customers.

If you all do not want the federal government coming in, and taking over YOUR businesses, NOW is NOT the time to hunker in a corner, and hope they will “leave you alone”.  As savage a bunch as this is, you best get defending yourselves like YESTERDAY.

Failure to do so will result in NO tomorrow for ANY of you. The Obama administration, along with it’s rogue EPA, plays for keeps. About high time you did too. And, armed with this article, PROVING the EPA is lying, I would damn sure be having MY legal staff looking at this NOW.

Or, you can stick your heads in the sand, and wonder what sliced your ass off.




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10 Responses to So, There’s No “War On Coal”, Eh?

  1. bullright says:

    Right on target, Clyde, excellent. I really don’t know which is worse, their policies or their lies about them?

    • Clyde says:

      Is there ANYTHING this damnable administration, from top to bottom, has NOT lied about? Even worse, these CEO’s of utilities are either BIG liberals, or cowards. I don’t know which is worse. Thanks, Bull.

  2. Kathy says:

    Unemployment is already through the roof, businesses are folding, or going to part-time employees because of Obamacare, so what do they do to fix it? They shut down even more businesses and cause more job loss. I’m not sure we can stand another 40 months of this.

  3. Buck says:

    You can damn Jimmy Carter for the blight on freedom and every president since who has not dismantled the EPA should be sanctioned.
    EVERY one!

  4. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post. It is obvious that Zero and Co. are bent on destroying America from every conceivable angle. The lack of pushback from Congress is disgusting.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Nox. We KNOW why there is no pushback. Boehner and co. don’t want to be seen as (GASP) RACIST, now do they? Be nice for ONCE to hear some repub in Congress to tell him to go f%^& himself.

  5. Buck says:

    Okay I stand corrected. But I still curse Carter.