OK. Environmentalists Are RACIST Now??

Well, according to our old reprobate pal, Van Jones, they are indeed.

Read it, and decide for yourself. From The Daily Caller.com


Van Jones: The environmental movement is too white.

5:08 PM  09/25/2013
Pictures say it SO well, don’t you think?
Michael Bastasch


Is the “green” movement  too white? According to former Obama administration green jobs czar Van Jones,  it is.

Jones told the news site Grist that the environmental movement  has a diversity problem.

“The mainstream donors and environmental organizations could be strengthened  just by recognizing the other ‘environmentalisms’ that are already existing and  flourishing outside their purview,” Jones said. Historically, many environmental  organizations have been mostly white, and organizations tying environmentalism  to social justice received a much smaller amount of funding than  mainstream groups.

But Jones said that a movement that welcomed more diversity would  flourish.

“If you go to Detroit, you will find lots of community gardening going on,  lots of community cleanup going on, lots of small-scale manufacturing going on.  None of this is being directed by any mainstream environmental group — these are  organic, well-considered responses from people who are trying to make their  lives better,” Jones said. “Those people should be called environmentalists as  much as anybody who is standing up for endangered species.”

Jones has recently returned to the political scene, co-hosting CNN’s  “Crossfire” after months of being a “social pariah,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. His  re-emergence in public life has allowed him to become a major voice on  environmental issues once again.

Jones said that mainstream environmental groups should help small-scale  environmental justice groups get funding from donors and foundations to help  further their missions. He argues that diversifying the donor lists of  foundations would help African-American environmentalists make an impact on the  environmental movement.

“I think there’s always been way more support in the black community for  climate solutions and environmental solutions than we have credit for,” Jones  said. “Some affluent white communities are more vocal and maybe have more  intensity, and also more resources to single this one issue out, but the polling  data’s pretty clear that African-Americans are among the most supportive of  environmental regulation and climate solutions.”


And here I had hoped, when this communist bastard had resigned from the Obama Regime, we would be done with him. But, like a turd in a punch bowl, here he comes, floating back to stink up the party.

However, this time around, the racist bastard is FINALLY going after…..wait for it….. GUILTY WHITE LIBERALS. Those of the “environmental” community. I say GOOD FOR HIM. While I find fault with his premise, that of the environmental movement is too white, the fact that he is putting the squeeze on liberals is music to my ears.

Say, Van. I’ve got a REAL bankroll for you to go after. You can start with THESE two asshats. Michael Moore and Al Gore. Then, head out to Hollyweird. DiCaprio, Crow, among a host of others, would be GRATEFUL that you came to shake them…errr, point this “injustice” out to them.

Racist liberals eating up guilty white liberals. Now THAT brings me GREAT joy. Happy hunting, Van, you commie bastard, you.




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6 Responses to OK. Environmentalists Are RACIST Now??

  1. bullright says:

    Great post, laughed all the way off the page. Oh, it has a diversity problem all right…race has nothing to do with it.

  2. Kathy says:

    Do we have more than one Detroit? I’ve seen pictures of the one in MI, but I didn’t notice any community gardening or clean-up efforts.

    He wants us to call the folks up there environmentalists and I’m ok with that – it’s probably much better than some of the names they’ve been called.

    • Clyde says:

      Believe it or not, Kathy, there really IS some “community gardening” going on, but most EVERYTHING is STOLEN before the rightful owner can reap the tasty rewards.Hell, I’ve contended for years some enterprising soul could cattle ranch in MANY areas. As for “cleaning up”. there are TWO neighborhoods where some clean up is going on. The ONLY reason it is , because one of the local news clowns lives NEAR one of the areas, it had been used as a dump for years. They’ve had to use heavy equipment, and twin-trailer dump trucks to haul it out. One WHOLE BLOCK was covered in old tires. Another in building debris. yet another with various and sundry trash. Some of it was 20′ high. Damn shame, it really is.

  3. Buck says:

    I’m not sure of the “black” participation in environment cleanliness. Driving through predominately “black” areas of the large metropolitan where I formerly lived I find the streets, yards and lots littered with everything from old tires, junk cars, ice boxes and rotting carcasses of dead animals. The houses are more unkempt and rundown.
    The odor is definitely different from over in, say, Arlington Heights or Ridglea….

    • Clyde says:

      Looks to me like Van is simply trying to do a Sharpton-type shakedown on these liberal “environmental” groups. All about the money. This communistic prick could give a flying rat shit about the “hood”.