Cop Steals 2A Sign from Yard

From Fox News:

Hidden camera catches culprit taking man’s Second Amendment sign



A New York man, frustrated when his pro-Second Amendment sign kept disappearing, was surprised when the hidden camera he set up revealed the culprit to be a local cop.

Jon Gibson, of rural Lake Lincolndale, about 50 miles north of New York City, told he set up a hunting field camera near the sign, which reads “Protect the Second Amendment,” and features the silhouette of an assault rifle, after two mysteriously vanished. A third sign disappeared before the camera finally captured the sign stealer — a police officer from the nearby Somers Police Department.

“It was pure shock to see,” Gibson said to about first seeing the video recorded on Monday. “He had a huge smile on his face as he’s kicking down the sign.


As first reported on the Blaze news site, Gibson said he was fed up with his signs being continually stolen and hatched a plan to catch the thief red-handed.

Gibson’s lawyer, Richard Bombardo, told that they are currently having his property surveyed to be certain that the signs were not on the public right-of-way, which, though on Gibson’s property, would be restricted for signage.

“If the sign was close enough to public property, then they were within their right,” Bombardo said to “But if it was solely on his property, that’s where the issue is.”

Somers Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy told that the signs were indeed on public property — within 15 feet of the road — and were removed to comply with town ordinances.

“The town does not allow signs in the right of way,” Murphy said. “The police chief had received numerous complaints from neighbors and it was determined that the sign was posted in the right of way.”

Murphy also denied Gibson’s claim that the officer had attempted to destroy the sign.

“I have seen the images that were taken, but it is my understanding that he was loosening the sign from the ground,” she said. “It was brought to the Police Department and it is still intact and he (Gibson) would be able to come pick it up.”


However, images provided to by Gibson clearly show the officer in mid-kick, snapping the post of the sign in half.

Murphy also said that there was never a fine issued, but that Gibson did receive a letter from the Somer Building Department.

Gibson says that he never received any sort of citation and that he’s been singled out as other signs in the area have been left undisturbed.

“This isn’t about the Second Amendment. My First Amendment and even my Fifth Amendment rights have been violated,” he said, explaining that words and image on the sign are protected by his right to free speech and the sign itself was taken from him without due process.

“I’m not quite sure where this is going to go, but what’s important here is that people need to defend their rights,” Gibson said.


You go get ’em, Mr. Gibson! The cop is a leftist thief and a disgrace to cops everywhere. Had he been removing the sign in an official capacity, he would have pulled it up and written the homeowner a citation. He would not have kicked it to intentionally break it.

Somers Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy is obviously a lefty who subscribes to Cuomo’s gun control laws and should be fired for lying and covering for the cop. 

Mr. Gibson should make another sign, bigger this time, and place it next to his house so there can be no doubt about whether or not it’s in the right of way. Then he should sue the pants off them for violating his Constitutional rights.

Although he refers to his first and fifth amendment rights, I think he meant the 4th amendment. I hope he gets it straight so they can’t toss his suit on a technicality.


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21 Responses to Cop Steals 2A Sign from Yard

  1. Theatre of the Absurd and Bizarre~!
    Words Fail.
    Great one, Kathy~!

  2. Mrs AL says:

    This is the same kind of policeman who would call for help at the drop of a hat if he came face-to-face with a real bad guy. Stealing signs is cowardly and he ought to be fired immediately. Wonder who he’s related to.

    Get a billboard, Mr. Gibson. Let’ see if Elmer Fudd tries to take it down. The pine cone.

  3. upaces88 says:

    Good Grief! This is ridiculous!
    Bill the police dept. along with a letter to the Chief of Police, Mayor, City Council AND “YES! I AM SERIOUS!”

  4. Clyde says:

    If it truly was on the right-of-way, then they can pretty much do what they want. I would measure 16′ off the right-of-way, and cement it in, using steel plate for the actual sign. Let’s see Officer Doughnut kick THAT one down.

  5. Buck says:

    Sorry, Kathy. There are legions of law enforcement who believe only THEY should be allowed to possess firearms.
    I believe it stems from a reluctance to stand in the fore and defend the people when there is a danger of some criminal shooting at them and they, like some other people, that to disarm the citizen is to disarm the criminal.

  6. Kathy says:

    No need for sorry, Buck, because you’re right. We’ve got a nation full of people like this cop who think they’re Billy Bad-ass when they’re kicking down a sign, but cower in the corner when it comes down to real cop work. Thank goodness there are people like Mr. Gibson, and us, to re-educate them.

  7. randy63ism says:

    What a lousy, power-tripping thing for a cop to do! This is bullshit pure and simple. If the sign was in the right of way, then the correct thing to do would be to courteously inform the homeowner/tenant that the sign needed to be moved back away, and out of the right of way/curtilage, and simply let the sign owner comply, to which in all likelihood would have done just that. The officer never informed him at all simply because he is liberal trash.

    Kathy, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I smell a rat here. If the sign owner lives in Lake Lincolndale, isn’t this a different jurisdiction from Somers Town? If so, then the cop is engaging in petty larceny. If he’s out of his jurisdiction, I don’t know, I’m just speculating here, Perhaps Lake Lincolndale is within Somers Town, but at any rate, it is unprofessional conduct on the officer’s part, whether in jurisdiction or out, and it pisses me off to the point that I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say something most of us would expect disrespectful, counterculture, occupy squatters to say, but I feel entitled to since I myself wore the badge for 7 years. This cop is nothing but a smelly, lousy PIG!!!!!!

    Leftwing Fascism. It’s real folks, it’s out there, and they’re quite emboldened with their man occupying our house.

    Perhaps the White House lawn needs to be graced with a large “Gun Free Zone” sign, hmmm.

    Oops! Loud knocking on my door! Gotta bolt thru the window!

    • Kathy says:

      Good question, Randy. Good enough that I looked it up on a map and it appears they’re neighboring towns. That being the case, then you’re right about him being out of his jurisdiction and nothing more than a petty thief, who happens to wear a badge.

      Like I said, if the cop had moved the sign, in the line of duty, that would be a different matter, but from the pictures, it’s obvious he’s just a pissed off gun control freak.

      Lefty fascism is right, but they’re gone, so it’s safe to go back in your house. for now.

      • Kathy says:

        My bad, forgot to add the link to the map so you could see for yourself.

        • randy63ism says:

          Whew! thanks for having my back Kathy! Couldn’t tell if they were Secret Service or Chicago thugs from Obama’s hood! You never know these days, and they both work for him anyway, lol.

          Thanks for the intel. It does appear to be two different towns from the map. Like you said, he’s a pissed off gun control freak alright. They sicken me greatly, but one of the things I love about Red state Oklahoma is that with a few exceptions, generally most of our law enforcement officers are quite pro 2nd Amendment here and are comfortable with lawful gun owners who legally carry. A little O/T but what I find funny in a vindication sort of way is how all the gun haters in Oklahoma (very few in number) ranted about how dangerous and violent things would be if we successfully passed our Oklahoma open carry law a year ago just like they did when we passed the concealed carry law several years ago. You know, the Chicken Little argument. Instead, violent crime rates went down as they have in other lawful carry states. Before the open carry law passed, I predicted, and keep in mind I told several people this, that actually seeing a person carrying openly in public would be a rare occurrence. and quite frankly, after about ten months of the law being in effect, I have yet to see anybody carrying openly, and mind you, I live in a metro area! Oklahoma’s 2nd largest city, Tulsa. These fear
          -mongering, gun-hating lefties are moonbats! Moonbats as in bat shit crazy moonbats! Looney Tunes moonbats! They use the same old arguments, same old anti-gun rhetoric and yet their cognitive dissonance is so profound that they cannot “get a clue” and actually learn something when their rhetoric blows up right in their face every time they are proven wrong. (which is every stinking time!)

          Kathy, it all makes sense when you realize that liberals are simply products of their own dumbed-down education, the very one they have insinuated into our public schools and universities nationwide.

          • Kathy says:

            Good rant, Randy. Guys like this sheriff are drunk on power and think they’re above the law. He’ll get his come-uppance from the likes of Mr. Gibson – people are tired of this crap.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Now correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Resident say he wanted to create a ‘civilian security force’? And don’t police in some jurisdictions wear fatigues and such? Sounds like the dots are being connected. Then again, maybe it’s all a coincidence.

      • Kathy says:

        Yes, he did say that and he’s buying them off by giving them grants to purchase military style equipment, thereby building up his militia. I don’t believe in coincidences.

  8. Hardnox says:

    Great post and comments. This is disturbing. No doubt the police chief endorses this type of behavior and attitude towards citizens.

    I’m curious to what the fallout will be. Please do a follow-up post.

    • Mrs AL says:

      Yes, I’m curious as well, Hardnox. Mr. Gibson was on this morning (Fox) talking about the incident. If memory serves, he did say he was going to put up another sign. The legal end of it should be interesting to say the least.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks, ‘Nox. I’ll do my best to follow up on it.

  9. Buck says:

    As I have said before. ANY law regarding buying, selling, trading or carrying of a firearm is an infringement and in violation of the Second Amendment.
    From FDR’s FFA to the lastest whatever the laws have always punished the citizen and not the criminal.
    When Americans wake up and understand this perhaps we will return to sanity regarding guns as well as a lowering of the current crime rate.