Now THIS Is How You Do It.

While engaged in his filibuster against the Obamacare funding resolution, Ted Cruz had THIS for the lamestream media.



Cruz to Press: ‘That Is Not Responsible Reporting’

September 25, 2013 – 7:16 AM
By Terence P.  Jeffrey
Sen. Ted CruzSenator Ted Cruz. F@#$%^&G hated by McCain, and the rest of the RINOs. As well as the limpstream media.

A group portrait of the Washington Press Corp. and what they would LOVE to do to Sen. Cruz ( a pack of jackals)

( – Sixteen hours after he first stood up on the Senate floor to speak out against Obamacare—and vowed to keep speaking as long as he could stand—Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas took a moment to reprimand reporters for covering the debate over Obamacare as something that was primarily about politics and personalities rather than about the future of the country.

“I am going to suggest that is not responsible reporting,” said Cruz.

“I am going to make a request directly to those reporting” on the debate over Obamcare “to endeavor to have at least half of what you say be focused on the actual substance of this debate,” Cruz said shortly before 7:00 a.m Eastern time, and shortly after briefly yielding the floor to Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.).

“My real request would be to make all of your coverage be about that, but I know that is too much to ask,” said Cruz.

Cruz said that reporters who make the story about Obamacare a story that focuses on the personalities debating its fate and their relative political prospects are “not doing the job you have stepped forward to do” as journalists.

“But those of you who serve in the media have a duty to report to the American people what is happening” with Obamacare and the effects it is having on the nation,” said Cruz.

By focusing “on the personalities and the political game” rather than the substance of Obamacare and its impact on the nation, Cruz said to reporters from the Senate floor, “you area taking sides in this issue.”

“Why is that?” asked Cruz rhetorically. Because those who want to keep Obamacare in place “want all the coverage to be about the personalities and the politics and not to focus on the substance.”

Speaking of Americans whose lives will be effected by this law, Cruz said: “Nobody gives flip about the politicians involved.”


Listen up out there, all you squishes who call yourselves republicans. Sen. Cruz has given YOU the blueprint as to how to address a media who is going to HATE you no matter what. You agree with Obama, they STILL are going to lie about you. You KNOW how crazed they get when you disagree with the asshat, so do the RIGHT thing, regardless.

Those of you cowering to the media, afraid of being called racist if you disagree with him, you need to get over the media. While Sen. Cruz is doing it right, you guys need to read up on some history. The media DESPISED Ronaldus Magnus, yet he DID NOT CARE what they wrote about him.

If you want to get re-elected, THIS is the path to take. Try listening to YOUR constituents, you remember, those who put you into office in the first place, instead of a bunch of democrat partisans who have put the label of “journalist” upon themselves, who, irregardless of what YOU may want to believe, are going to despise you JUST BECAUSE you wear the R after your name. They have NEVER liked you, and they NEVER will like you. Love it, learn it, live it.




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6 Responses to Now THIS Is How You Do It.

  1. Kathy says:

    Finally!! A guy who’s the real deal! Look for him to get hammered from every side, starting with McCAinhole, and come out just fine.

    Could he be our next George, Thomas or Ronald? He’s already got more experience than the big fat O in our oval office.

    • Clyde says:

      While Cruz isn’t the perfect candidate, he has more cojones than the rest of the rinos combined. While there is a very good chance this will never see the light of day via Dingy Harry, Cruz hit a home run with this filibuster, and follow-up comments on Rush’s show afterwards. Thanks, Kathy.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    I don’t put any human being on a pedestal. Cruz, however, went out on that limb and Republicans in the Senate and House who disagreed should have just kept quiet, IMO. We’re in a fight for our existence. This is NOT afternoon tea with the queen.

  3. Buck says:

    Texas is batting .500 on Senators….