So, THIS is what he meant by “Respect at home and abroad” ? Really ?

From just WHOM, I wonder ? From The Daily


Obama gets stood up by Iran’s theocrats.

5:34 PM  09/24/2013
Won’t give the BECS the time of day.  Can’t say as I blame him. Who wants to listen to UHH  DUHHHH I’M I I I I uhhh?
 THIS is what world LEADERS see. Way to go, guilty white liberals.
Neil Munro

White House  Correspondent

Iran’s new president spurned a meeting with President Barack Obama Sept. 24,  despite repeated invites from Obama’s staff.

“What we indicated is, again, what we’ve been saying publicly, which is we’re  open to the two leaders having an encounter here at UNGA, not a formal meeting,”  a White House officials told reporters at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in  New York, on Sept. 24

“We had discussions at a working level with them and ultimately it became  clear that that was too complicated for them at this time,” the official  admitted.

Obama had hoped to meet Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s new president. He was elected  to the post after being nominated by the top layer of Iran’s theocratic  government, the Guardian Council.

However, the Iranians have long frustrated U.S. pressure against its nuclear  weapons program, and is successfully working with Russia to frustrate Obama’s  effort to depose Syria’s dictatorial government.

Iran also supplied weapons to Iraq insurgents from 2005 to 2010, helping  persuade Obama to withdraw U.S. soldiers from the country, even after the  insurgents were defeated in 2007.

The United States is the world’s only superpower, with an annual income of  almost $16 trillion, a large military and nuclear force, and immense financial  and cultural clout that comes form its free and democratic culture.

Iran is a theocracy, whose military has bloodily suppressed democracy  protestors, and whose annual income has shrunk well below $70 billion, partly  because of U.S.-led economic sanctions.

However, Iran’s leaders are clever and are determined to advanced Iran’s  national and theological interests in the region. To advance those interests, it  has killed thousands of Iraqis, Americans, Syrians and Israelis over the last 20  years, partly via its funding of various rebels, terrorists and jihadis in  Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Israel.

Iran is now developing a nuclear force, and has shrugged off more than a  decade of pestering from U.S. and European diplomats.

U.S. officials declined to detail Iran’s rejection.

“We had an ability to be in touch with the Iranians at a variety of levels…  and today, I think it became apparent that the two leaders having an  encounter here on the margins of UNGA was not going to happen,” said the  official.

“I think the takeaway is that the Iranians, number one, have an internal  dynamic that they have to manage… the relationship with the United States is  clearly quite different than the relationship that Iran has with other Western  countries, even,” the official said.

A second official tried to downplay the rebuff.

“This was not a formal offer that then came back because it’s too  complicated.  This was a conversation — some conversations that were  taking place about the possibility of an informal, brief encounter.”


Well, we HAVE to hand it to the BECS. He SAID America needs to be “brought down” a few notches. When the leaders of a country that should be turned to glass by us are blowing you off, you’ve pretty much succeeded.

This guy is a joke that WE are paying the price for. His foreign policy, like everything else this cadre of clowns has touched, is a pure disaster. IF we ever get adults back in the White House, it’ll take DECADES to fix the damage this fool, with the help of the guilty white liberals, and the damnable media, has caused.

This week at the Useless Nations, he will go and prostate, scrape and bow himself before all the third world dictators, and other assorted asshats the world over who HATE us, and waste time trying to talk with THEM, but TOTALLY blow off ANY allies we may have left.

In my view, whoever thought THIS was “The Smartest Man On The Planet” ought to have THEIR head examined. Obama is the biggest JOKE the U.S. has EVER played on the REST of the world.

And, it isn’t very damn funny. America, we NEED to promise ourselves ONE thing: NO MORE of these fools and charlatans. No matter the political party. If the damnable media, and Hollyweird like the candidate, work our ASSES off to make SURE that candidate goes down in flames. We can afford NO less.





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7 Responses to From The BWAHAHAHAHAHA File.

  1. Buck says:

    Who was that comedian who used to say, “I get no respect!”??

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post.

    Nitwit has been writing the Iranians for some time now. The meeting probably would have happened if he hadn’t advertised it first. The media has already been swooning over the prospect of a relationship with the mullahs. The Nobel Committee was getting ready to mint a new medal.

    The Iranians didn’t take the bait because they aren’t that stupid or that needing… only Zero is, and that is dangerous.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, boss. Assmunch just HAD to try for the photo-op, as opposed to meeting away from the cameras. This moron does foreign policy like I used to fornicate. LOUSY. Your last sentence is just plain dead-nuts spot-on. Take a bow.

  3. Terry says:

    I think the real problem there was that Rouhani may have felt pressured to shake the BECS’s hand at a formal meeting.
    I can’t remember which hand is used to eat with, and which hand is used to wipe their ass with.
    Regardless, either one would have been contaminated by contact with o’zero.