Well, Imagine THAT. Or, One From The “GEE,NO SHIT” File.

The globalists trying to cover up the FACT there has been ZERO “global warming” since 1998.

Guess WHO is in on it?  This article from The Daily Caller.com  tells us. No surprises, really.


US and Europe tried to cover up data showing lack of global warming

1:15 AM  09/23/2013
Mix THESE assholes in with THESE assholes, ………
…….. what you end up with…….
………is  THIS.
by  Michael Bastasch


It looks like the science isn’t settled. Leaked documents obtained by the Associated Press show that the U.S. government and several European governments tried to get climate  scientists to downplay the lack of global warming over the past 15 years.

The highly anticipated United Nations report on global warming is expected to affirm the link between human activity and global warming, but scientists are still having trouble explaining away the lull in rising global temperatures over the past 15 years despite rapidly rising greenhouse gas levels.

The lull in global warming has been noted by skeptics to show the flaws behind the science and the theory that human activities, primarily through burning fossil fuels, causes global temperatures to rise.

This has some governments worried, reports the AP, as documents show that the U.S. government along with some European nations tried to convince the report’s authors to downplay the lack of warming over the past 15 years.

The AP reports that “Germany called for the reference to the slowdown to be deleted, saying a time span of 10-15 years was misleading in the context of climate change, which is  measured over decades and centuries.”

“The U.S. also urged the authors to include the ‘leading hypothesis’ that the reduction in warming is linked to more heat being transferred to the deep ocean,” the AP noted. “Belgium objected to using 1998 as a starting year for any statistics. …Using 1999 or 2000 as a starting year would yield a more upward-pointing curve. Hungary worried the report would provide ammunition for skeptics.”

Concern by governments over the lull in warming comes ahead of the deadline the world has set for reaching a global climate agreement in 2015. This report would serve as the scientific underpinning of such an agreement.

“This is the culmination of four years’ work by hundreds of scientists, where governments get a chance to ensure the summary for policymakers is clear and concise in a dialogue with the scientists who wrote it, and have the opportunity to raise any topics they think should be highlighted,” Jonathan Lynn, a spokesman for the UN’s climate authority, told the AP.

A leaked draft of the UN’s climate report from June said it was “extremely  likely” that human influence caused more than half the warming since the  1950s.

However, the report also acknowledged that the rate of warming since 1998 was  about half of what the average rate had been since 1951, citing natural  variability in the climate system, cooling effects from volcanic eruptions, and  downward phase in solar activity.

“I think to not address it would be a problem because then you basically have  the denialists saying: ‘Look the IPCC is silent on this issue,’” Alden Meyer, of  the Washington, D.C.-based Union of Concerned Scientists, told the AP.


Good to see, thanks to Al gore’s little invention here, this news come out.

If nothing else, it gives meat to the truth of the absolute hoax this has been all along.

We  have the bastards like Gore, in it SOLELY for the money, various governments, and organizations like the Useless Nations, the European Union, Greenpeace, et al, in for not only money, but absolute CONTROL over ALL peoples, AND their daily activities.

Not a single ONE of these assholes believe ANYTHING they espouse about “saving the planet”. They don’t care. As long as THEIR gravy train rolls in, the mass of bleating grass-eaters, WILLINGLY giving up ever more of their liberties for some scam, THEY are happy as clams to go about jet-setting around the globe, using up precious resources, while admonishing US not to.

These hypocrites ALL ought to be sent on an Arctic Expedition. To “study” the effects of “climate change” on the polar bears. Dressed as seals.




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11 Responses to Well, Imagine THAT. Or, One From The “GEE,NO SHIT” File.

  1. What the ‘ell you got against Polar Bears??? WHY do you want to give them such indigestion and diarhhea? What did they do to you~!~? 😀

    This is a massive shell game, Clyde,,, and a total ignoring of the facts and all the associated cosmological, geological and climatological factors pertaining to the problems of global climate changes, historically speaking.

    Yet, as you note in this essay, the Algoreans will do anything and spin atrociously to further their agenda. Now, if Gore and Kerry would downsize to the level of most middle class homes, then I’d say there is minimal hypocrisy. As it is, they’re in it to the MAX.

    The idiocy is hilarious, in a macabre sort of way~!.

  2. Kathy says:

    The scientists have no more ethics than the politicians with whom they play this game. They should be shouting the truth, but instead they go along in order to keep the grant money flowing.

    It fries my brain when I think of the money we would save if we just got rid of this global warming and EPA idiocy.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Thanks for putting this up. Another log on the lefty GW funeral pyre.

  4. bullright says:

    Hey hey, ho ho! Good post, Clyde.. Dressed as seals. LOL
    More Goreony — here’s an update from Climate Central coverage…

    “Overall, the message is, in that sense more conservative I expect, for this IPCC report compared to previous ones,” said Prof Petersen.

    “The language has become more complicated to understand, but it is more precise. ”

    “It is a major feat that we have been able to produce such a document which is such an adequate assessment of the science. That being said, it is virtually unreadable!” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24173504

    Just what we would expect.