Future Justice For Zimmerman???

Some things take time to muddle themselves out. The George Zimmerman trial is one of them.

Eagle Rising and Onan Coca have the story.

Zimmerman Prosecutor Under Fire

By Onan Coca / 21 September 2013

Anyone who paid any attention to the George Zimmerman trial this summer knew that the Prosecutor in the case, Angela Corey, had bitten off more than she could chew. Almost unanimously, the legal pundits across various forms of media thought that  Ms. Corey had overreached  in her prosecution of Zimmerman. While many may have believed that he was guilty of some crime, the legal brains just couldn’t see how she could prove that he murdered Trayvon Martin. She had no motive, no witnesses, and the little evidence that she could dig up all seemed inconclusive. “The prosecutors made a tactical error by charging this as second-degree murder,” said Charles H. Rose, a professor at Stetson University College of Law. “Their theory was that George Zimmerman picked out this young black kid and set out to do him harm. But at the trial, it became clear it didn’t happen that way.”

But she pressed on, and then she lost.

She is accused of illegally firing her information technology director, Ben Kruidbos, because of his testimony in the Zimmerman case.
Photo: Associated Press

During the trial and in its immediate aftermath we began to learn more about the prosecutor and her unpleasant reputation.

She had been fired by a previous boss, in part, for abusive behavior. Her old boss, Harry Shorstein, enlightens us: “

“We have law school interns in the office… When they leave we critique them and when they return to law school, they are critiqued by the professor who oversees their end. One of the interns reported Corey was abusive, profane, unprofessional, etc. The school called us, I reprimanded Corey. Then, Corey called the school and told the Dean the professor should be disciplined for reporting her misconduct, the school called me, I told Corey that was unacceptable and she must apologize to the Dean and the professor. Corey refused my direct order. Then she was given another chance, she refused and was fired.”

During the trial itself, evidence emerged that the prosecution might be covering up some evidence; when the whistleblower (who had been within Corey’s office) was found out, he was fired. Fired for abiding by the law, in not hiding evidence? He has since sued the prosecutor’s office for wrongful termination, and his lawyer expounds on why he believes he’ll win the case.

“The letter terminating Mr. Kruidbos makes explicit reference to his testimony of June 6th … Prior to his testimony, he was a well-regarded employee, recently received a raise, and was considered a ‘friend’ by the State Attorney. But for his testimony he would still be employed.”

Now, Angela Corey is under investigation herself thanks to the investigation into the wrongful termination suit.

It will be interesting to see if Ms. Corey can find a way out of this predicament she has made for herself. In deciding to try to become a political icon by over-prosecuting George Zimmerman, she has unintentionally made herself into a pariah. This is what happens when someone uses the law in an attempt to advance their own political machinations… or maybe I should say this is what should happen. Far too often political careers are made by overzealous or overly political prosecutors and judges who focus on their career when they should be concerned with justice.

Hopefully Angela Corey serves as a warning to future members of the court that justice must come first.

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And she had been FIRED before, for her improper professional conduct~!

Wow~! That’s the Spicing in the Icing, far as I’m concerned Now all Mr. Zimmerman  needs to do is sue her for improper bondage, or whatever the charges would be. 

“I love it, when a plan comes together~!”,,, and also,,, Luka’s Wheel grinds slow, but thereby grinds so fine~!

(” Luka’s Wheel”  is the Law of Karma )

~ ~  Grouchy  ~ ~

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18 Responses to Future Justice For Zimmerman???

  1. vonmesser says:

    It’s about time the persecutors (oops, prosecutors) in some of these scheiße cases get treated properly. far too long they have used their position to run rufshod over innocent people in an attempt to increase their position or reputations.

    • VonMesser, I am in FULL Agreement with you. When they charged him with Second Degree, I knew then he had his freedom. But the hell they put him through to get there~! It’s no wonder his life has become a shambles~!

  2. randy63ism says:

    Good post Grouchy. Lets hope her legal profession and any potential political career goes out the window. She deserves to be disbarred. For life!

  3. Kathy says:

    Boo-yeah!! Justice prevails after all!!

  4. Buck says:

    The cold, hard fact is many, if not most, Assistant DA’s who prosecute the cases do not give a damn about innocence or guilt. They only care about winning a conviction and getting another gold star by their name on the roster in the DA’s office.
    They really don’t care if they send innocent people to prison if it furthers their careers…

    • When as a High School Student I saw some of the crap that lawyers defended, and some of the miscarriages of justice from the prosecution, I refused to join the ranks, and become a lawyer. Glad now I didn’t,,, and I can see why the profession was summarily banned in the early days of our Nation~!
      NOT ONE of the drafters of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution was a lawyer, as best I have been able to determine.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Was she a democrat?

    This whole thing was a farce. The police chief, a detective, and a prosecutor were all terminated or forced out because they didn’t see any reason to bring charges against Zimmerman in the first place.

    Martin’s uncle who works for a special FBI hate crimes community organizing group was the one who stirred that pot. Then the race-baiters, the media, and Zero jumped on it. This was a non-story from day one until it became one… and only for the purpose of political opportunism in advance of the 2012 election.

    It’s a damn shame that this one event served only to open the racial divide in this country that was in fact closing.

  6. Buck says:

    ‘Nox, it wasn’t the event that opened the racial divide. It was the race pimps, hate mongers and politicians who took this page 5 item and twisted the facts to meet their own agenda and the LIV’s swallowed it. Just as they politicize everything that can be useful.
    EVERY shooting is used to push for gun confiscation.
    EVERY biracial incident where a negro can be portrayed as the victim.
    And never mind the facts. They will make up the facts as will fit the scenario.
    Zimmerman… Does Tawana Brawley come to mind?
    Yet you never hear about massive black on white crime.
    It is a planned strategy to keep the country divided…

    • When men and women of Honor and Integrity, regardless of race, have had their fill of evil, I would NOT wish to be the object of their vengeance.
      Great comment, Buck~!

  7. Mrs AL says:

    Too many good comments for me to add mine. Most of my ideas already taken. So I will do something inane and ask, Grouchy couldn’t you have found a different pic? She looks s c a r y !

  8. Clyde says:

    You know goddamn well this biotch is democrat. Had the damnable feds stayed out of it, being a LOCAL issue, this would have been done and over. But, even NOW, the assholes at the U-frigging-N are wanting in on the action. Even though Zimmerman was found not guilty, THAT will NEVER be good enough for the race pimp industry.

    • Clyde,,, We now have full and valid reason to dissolve the Republican Party of Duval County, FLORIDA,,, She is an Active Member in Good Standing.
      What a BUMMER~!

      And your temper matches my own. We need to get some more pisstivity meters from Kathy, m’thinks.

  9. Buck says:

    Grouchy: I believe Jefferson studied law. But in that day the study of law was more of a hobby or pastime than a profession as lawyers were not allowed to charge for their services. Not until sometime maybe in the ’50’s was it even legal for lawyers to advertise beyond hanging out their shingle.
    I can understand the reasoning behind the prohibition. Look at all the ambulance chasers and the, “I’ll get something for nothing”” legal hacks on tv today.