Another Mass Shooting, Another Liberal Democrat Nutjob.

Since it seems like EVERY time there is one of these outrages, the LAW-ABIDING, LEGAL gun-owners, especially if they are (GASP) conservative, are automatically BLAMED for these senseless attacks.

And, just as often, we find just the OPPOSITE is true. Such as the case here.


Aaron Alexis, Democrat, Liberal, and now, MASS MURDERER.

Aaron Alexis, mass murderer, and BIG liberal.

Approved by mass murderers 3 to 1.


On Monday, the nation was rocked YET AGAIN with news of another mass shooting, this time at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

Just as predictable, the leftist lamestream media was SALIVATING at the prospect of some redneck-type, probably (in their eyes) an NRA member, and at the VERY least, a right-wing  whack job. It seems like in EVERY ONE of these cases, the leftist media nattering nabobs have ALWAYS tried to pin the blame on the right. And, in the MAJORITY of these incidents, we find out (eventually) these asshats are usually FAR removed from the right.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a redneck, right-winger. A dark necked LEFT WINGER is responsible for this outrage.

According to a CNN (if THEY are to be believed) report, a friend of Alexis’, one Michael Ritrovato, is on tape, stating that Alexis, the murderer, was NOT “conservative”, like himself, but “more of a liberal”, who wasn’t happy with the Bush administration, but WAS happy with the Obama administration.

Mr. Ritrovato also states that Alexis was fond of playing EXTREMELY violent video games. According to some reports, Alexis also had claimed in the past he was hearing “voices” in his head. You would think, with the NUMEROUS calls to police FROM Alexis himself, and the FACT that the Navy knew he had mental issues, but STILL did not declare him “mentally unfit”, we see the developing picture of YET ANOTHER obviously disturbed individual falling through the cracks.

There also is floating around out there, a story about how Alexis felt “mistreated” because of his race. He apparently felt he had been, in HIS words, “screwed over on a job in Japan” by his company because he was black. More excuses.

It seems what we have here is an epidemic of democrats, disturbed, paranoid, schizophrenic, deranged, whatever you wish to call them, obtaining the HATED-by-liberals EVIL guns, and playing out their twisted, fantasy-world video games in REAL life.

And, just as predictable, here come the loony left, with Dianne Feinstein, REGISTERED gun-owner, leading the charge to DENY we, the LAW-ABIDING, not nutcase violent video game players, the RIGHT we have, under the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the VERY MEANS to protect ourselves from the deranged leftists out there in our midst. Not to mention the abject LUNACY of, in this case, the Clinton Administration’s rulings that MILITARY installations were to be “gun-free” zones. What kind of an asshole would dream up such nonsense? Obviously, liberals.

Certifiable lunatics running around, obtaining weaponry legal or not, all because some guilty white liberal, in this case, did not want to “hurt someone’s feelings” by DOING THEIR JOB, and either getting this individual OFF THE STREETS, or into treatment of some sort for his OBVIOUS mental instability.

The issue, as I see it, is NOT one of “too many guns”, or “not enough gun laws”, no, to me it is a FAILURE of those who have the RESPONSIBILITY to see to it these types of individuals DO NOT have the ability to move freely about, doing whatever they have to, in order to carry out their sick vision of the reality THEY live in. It is NOT ANY FAULT of guns, gun manufacturers, ammo makers, etc etc, that led to this leftist nutjob’s rampage.

But, as is the leftists’ wont, they are ALL out there clamoring for, you guessed it, FURTHER erosion of OUR 2nd Amendment rights.  From the hypocrite Feinstein, to the odious Piers Morgan, to the resident himself, all wanting to revert to the democrat dimwit default position, and ELIMINATE private gun ownership.

I think I have a GREAT idea to help slow down these types of senseless shootings. Let us start with eliminating 2nd. Amendment privileges for DEMOCRATS. Since it has become obvious THEY cannot be trusted with weapons, due primarily to their mental state, I think the nation will be better served by this one starting point.

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23 Responses to Another Mass Shooting, Another Liberal Democrat Nutjob.

  1. randy63ism says:

    Another spot-on commentary, Clyde. The leftist insanity of our times is precisely the reason we are in the shape we are in. Perhaps we do need to amend the 2nd in order to keep guns out of the hands of libtarded Demoncrats, and while we’re at it, remove their right to vote AND hold political office, lol! It’s like giving toddlers dynamite to play with!

    And they think we’re the nutters?

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks much, Randy. Indeed, they do believe those of us, NORMAL ,LAW-ABIDING citizens are the problem. Ahhh….., my friend, the lunacy of the left.

      • randy63ism says:

        As time marches on, it seems a profound level of cognitive dissonance is a prerequisite for Democratic Party membership. No, strike that, it IS a requirement for membership. It has to be because they managed to get (o)bama elected, not once, but TWICE! How stupid is that? For the first time in my life, I actually have more admiration and respect for a Russian leader than I do for my own country’s president. For me, this is not so much a measure of Putin’s greatness, but rather a measure of (o)bama’s incompetence, hubris, duplicitous nature, and his massive moral weakness. In short, a fraud.

        • Clyde says:

          Randy, don’t give the repubs a pass here on Obama’s election, and subsequent reelection. The party LEADERSHIP totally ABANDONED any semblance of conservatism. Hell the incompetent fools couldn’t bring themselves to swing at what was teed up for them. Look at them now. STILL won’t stand up and OPPOSE the sonofabitch.

  2. It takes an act of conscious will to pull a trigger. And I note that Alexis was into game-playing of the more violent types. And yet, the left and “Weeping Willowbys” would have us all believe, “It’s just a game”,,, but they fail to discern or even to ask, what is being taught in the game playing???
    Great post, Clyde, and good info.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, GF. Yep, if WE suggest that the culture of violent movies, music, video games, what have you, lead to some of these nutcases coming the rest of the way off the rails, WE are the ones who, as Randy so well put it, are the “nutters”. And, as a result, OUR rights MUST be further eroded.

  3. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Clyde. Yesterday, just on Breitbart alone, I counted 5 headlines for stories about gun control. Everybody and their dog was screaming we need more gun laws and we need to get them off the streets.

    What we need is better communication with the info we have. Almost every agency in the government is spying on us ‘radical conservatives’, when they should be focused on the nutjobs who are going on these murder rampages. Seal up those cracks and stop wasting time and money watching us.

    Also notice the absence of Sharpton and the gang since this was committed by a black guy.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, Kathy. I saw many of those as well. I sometimes wonder if the idiotic left has knowledge of these nutjobs, and HOPES something like this happens, all to further the cause of disarming U.S. citizens. Would NOT be surprised. And, you are spot-on about the ABSCENSE of the race-bait industry. You KNOW they’d be howling like screech monkeys(oops, can I say that?) were this asshat to have been a white guy.

      • Kathy says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised either, as I’ve wondered the same thing.

      • randy63ism says:

        Clyde, there is no doubt in my mind that there are a great deal many on the left who privately (and some perhaps not so privately) jump for joy when these incidents occur because it gives them more ammunition to attack us, and of course the lap dog media can be relied upon to play their role faithfully. All this while it is the very cultural rot and depravity brought on, indeed, enabled by the left over the span of decades that is responsible for these horrific incidents.

        The political left is hell-bent upon our nation’s destruction because they want to build their unproven, idealized utopia upon it’s ashes, and like the morons they are, they never realize there is nothing new under the sun. Destroy history, and you have “plausible deniability” to hide behind when things go horribly wrong. At least in the left’s infantile paradigm. Alas, this is the sinister reason they have consistently dumbed-down education, to create wool-bearing livestock, instead of informed, responsible, armed citizens, and with the teacher’s unions competing for ever larger shares of sparse education dollars, they have the perfect vehicle for bringing about their artificial vision of the perfect world.

        They’re evil and we absolutely must stop these morally-crippled people, both shooters and their leftist enablers.

        • Clyde says:

          Damn good comment, Randy. Nothing here to disagree with for sure. Thanks.

        • Kathy says:

          Ditto what Clyde said – excellent comment. For me, one of the key points in your comment is ‘over the span of decades’. Slowly and surely they came, while the comatose conservatives were zoned out and didn’t see what hit them before it was too late. The left has been persistent in their endeavors, in attack mode, while the right has been on the defensive. It’s hard to get things done, when you’re busy deflecting bullets.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    I will pick up on only one idea in your great post, Clyde. Back when my husband person was a street cop, he would take folks like this to a state run mental facility and would have them temporarily committed for evaluation. Sometimes they were encountered on the street, sometimes people would call and tell the police about a person with issues. There were strict guidelines he had to follow, of course.

    Much of the violence with these mass shootings issue could have been averted via this one action. But ohhhhhh no, we had to eliminate this action.

    • Clyde says:

      Damn good point, Mrs. Al. We’ve kind of forgotten it was the damnable LEFT that pretty much got the mental institutions shuttered. Thanks for the insight.

  5. Buck says:

    Another liberal lamebrain, psychotic nut case STEALS the guns he uses to kill 12 and Obama runs up to the Oval Office to pen a new Executive Order making it harder for upright, honest folks to exercise their Second Amendment Rights….

    • Clyde says:

      Makes one wonder if he, or some other libtard, are BEHIND some of this shit. It IS usually leftists committing these atrocities. Good comment, Buck. Thanks.

  6. Bill Baldwin says:

    There’s not much to add to the comments and while this may seem cold, there is a bright spot for the gun rights community. The left has gone completely nuts calling for more laws, specifically, background checks. This is good news because, by now, most people already know that the killer went through a background check, as did the Aurora killer, the Sikh killer, the Giffords killer, and the Newtown killer could have passed a background check, he didn’t want to go through the waiting period. While the gun grabbers are yelling for background checks on private sales, the rest of the world is thinking “why”? All of these killers slipped through the cracks of mental health intervention.

    As far as his weapons, there is no doubt that he bought the shotgun from an FFL in Virginia, where he lived. The pistol(s) came from his victims. We know this because there has been no trace report released. Had he brought the handgun with him, the FBI would have, at the very least, announced that they’re still tracing it and it was sold through a private sale. Since the FBI is mum on this, we know he didn’t bring it with him. The AR-15 (shotgun) was made up by either CNN or a witness that doesn’t know a pump action shotgun from an AR, AK, or pink Water Blaster.

    Brady, National Coalition against guns, and Mayors Against Guns will be holding a rally in DC tomorrow, certainly to call for ‘expanded’ background checks. What they won’t mention is that NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre was right when he said that we need to look at mental health intervention.

    On another note, and don’t take this as disparaging our military men and women, I am fourth generation military. In the words of Sen. Feinstein, a single gunman “stormed an American military installation… and took the lives of innocents…” This is the same military that’s supposed to stamp out us gun-rights ‘insurrectionists’ with their nukes, drones, tanks, and all implements of warfare.

    Don’t expect this to be the last time a military facility is attacked on U.S. soil. No, I’m not being an insurrectionist, the terrorists have just been put on notice that military facilities are soft targets. It took 7 minutes for an armed response and 20 minutes to neutralize the threat. Imagine if there really were three attackers. Imagine if there were three attackers that weren’t so bent on a rampage killing, but an actual terrorist attack.

    • Clyde says:

      And, to add to your outstanding comments, Bill, WHO was it that disarmed the bases to begin with ? Good ol’ BJ Billy Klintoon. Liberals, I swear, Bill, could screw up a train wreck. Great to see you out.

  7. Hardnox says:

    Clyde, EXCELLENT post. Take a bow. You have really gotten good at this blogging thing.

    Kudos on the excellent comments by all.

    My 2 cents: bet me that Alexis didn’t have his card punched because he was black and no one, and I mean no one, wanted to violate any PC guidelines and end their careers.

    • Clyde says:

      Thank you for the kudos, although I just try to tell it as it see it. YOU, my friend, have it EXACTLY right with your comment. YOU take a bow.

  8. Terry says:

    Notice that the MSM immediately declared the wacko used an AR-15 to commit his murders. And even when confronted with the fact that no such weapon was used, or found on the scene, they issued no detraction.
    The nut-job’s weapon of choice ? A Biden endorsed shotgun.
    MSM has been mum on that issue.

    • Clyde says:

      Damn good catch Terry. Not a ONE of the shitsacks have changed their tune. Just tells me how MIRED, not just stuck, on STUPID they really are. If it doesn’t fit the template, LIE about it.

  9. pepperhawk says:

    clyde, I am so used to hearing these mass shooters are democrats I just expect hearing this now. And what do the dimwit demorats say about this? Notta. All they can think to do is start preaching gun control all over again. They make me sick.