Moonbeam to Legalize Non-Physician Abortions


From Breitbart News:

A bill that would allow non-physicians to perform abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy is awaiting signature by Gov. Jerry Brown of California by Sep. 30. The bill, AB 154, passed both houses of the state legislature with strong support from Planned Parenthood and pro-choice groups. Planned Parenthood stands to benefit most directly from the bill, as non-physician staff at its clinics would be able to obtain abortion licenses. 

One doctor–who identified himself as pro-choice–told Breitbart News that “the bill is a disaster since it sends us back 100 years to the problems of the complications from back-steet abortions.” The bill’s critics warn that the training provided to non-physician staff is weak, that supervision by physicians in clinics will be minimal, and that there is real risk of injury or death to women who will be treated in such conditions.

The California Medical Association has endorsed AB 154 because of “provisions for training in the bill and the amendments that clarify physician supervision.” Yet the training is to be provided by the Board of Registered Nursing, not by physicians, and the protocols for defining “supervision” have not been specified. There is nothing in the legislation requiring a physician to be present or on-site during an abortion.

The bill permits licensed non-physicians to perform two kinds of abortion in the first trimester–by medication, and by aspiration, which requires the insertion of medical instruments into the uterus. Though many doctors agree that non-physicians could provide medications with few risks, the idea that a non-physician would perform an invasive procedure such as aspiration strikes many as rife with risks.

Debate about AB 154, which was introduced by California State Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), has been muted in a state that pro-choice advocates see as sympathetic to their cause. The Los Angeles Times came out strongly in favor of the measure in an editorial on September 3, arguing that it does not pose safety risks and that it could increase access to abortion services for women early in pregnancy:

In underserved urban areas, women face delays in getting medical appointments at clinics. When a woman can’t get an abortion in the first trimester, she may end up getting one in the later stages of pregnancy, which can mean a more complicated and more expensive abortion.

Advocates of AB 154 also argue that other states have allowed non-physicians to perform abortions safely, including in Planned Parenthood clinics.

Opponents describe AB 154 as an effort by Planned Parenthood and other groups to profit from Obamacare, since the legislation will expand the number of patients eligible for the state Medi-Cal program, and Medi-Cal pays for abortion. They also dispute assurances about the bill’s safety for women, arguing that there has been inadequate monitoring of California abortion clinics even prior to the passage of the new legislation.


I do not support abortion, and even if I did, I would say that any woman who subjects herself to an abortion by a non-physician is certifiably insane. As we saw in the Gosnell case, even abortions performed by doctors, especially sloppy ones, are risky at best and fatal at worst.

The training the nurses receive is inadequate to perform the surgical procedure, yet Planned Parenthood and the California legislature support this anyway.

Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, California, follow the money…we pay for them to abort babies, while on the other hand, we pay them every time the welfare mamas have another one.

I think it was Reagan who said “I noticed that those in favor of abortion are already born.”



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15 Responses to Moonbeam to Legalize Non-Physician Abortions

  1. myfoxmystere says:

    Besides Idiot Moonbeam and Gaffing Gavin, Tony Villaweiner’s queer cousin ASSembly Speaker Johnny Perez and State Senate Speaker Darrell Steinberg have been leading the charge for this hairbrained move.

    By the way, word’s been out about Moonbeam’s hairbrained scheme, and many Californians are quite upset about this. Governor Baldy has lost hundreds of thousands of brain cells for every hair follicle he keeps losing.

    Bythe way Kathy, you, Hardnox and everyone else who posts here can feel free to go to my blog sites mystere’s moonbat spanker and mystere’s moonbat slayer club and borrow any of my photoshop jobbers, especially my moonbeam and Gavin monkeys. I have a blank caption pic posted on mystere’s moonbat slayer club for anyone to use. Someone already borrowed the Energizer Moonbat Bunny on another blog.

    • Kathy says:

      It sounds like they’re all guilty of drinking too much Kool Aid. How anyone can think this is acceptable is beyond me.

      Thanks for the offer – I’ll drop by and check them out.

  2. Hardnox says:

    One does not need to be a woman to see the problems coming from this boneheaded legislation. I remain amazed and disgusted on how abortion is regarded as “normal” by certain people.

    • Kathy says:

      What makes it regarded as normal is more of that communist agenda I keep harping on. Just like the homo issues that have evolved into ‘normal’ over the years, so this has too.

  3. BrianR says:

    Thirty years or so ago, if I was traveling and someone asked me where I lived, I’d say “California”, and get looks of envy.

    Now, if I travel and someone asks me where I live, I mutter “California”, and get looks of pity.

    Gee… I wonder why…

    • Kathy says:

      Brian, you and Myfox and the handful of other sane people who live there, should seriously consider relocating before the whole state falls in the ocean.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    Kathy, Orange County is my home. I’m staying and putting up a good fight to stop the liberal cows from grazing up California to ruins. That dumb cow Toni Atkins and her dyke husband Jennifer Lesar are going to get women killed in abortions if the dumb ape Moonbeam and his pet monkey Gavin pass this bill. I’m getting ready to launch another post on my blogger blog mystere’s moonbat slayer club, mocking the cows and apes who support this bill. I just found the perfect pics to help launch it.

  5. Mrs AL says:

    Like Kathy, I don’t support abortion on demand. And there is nothing good about this legislation. Nothing. It all boils down to dollars. Period. There is no true compassion (only phony) and there is no objective medical justification — EXCEPT Obamacare, as the article pointed out.

    These are cruel, money hungry, nasty humanoids all the way around. Oh gee, do I sound negative?

  6. Clyde says:

    Oh,shit. I get it !! It’s JOBS bill. Last week, you could work at Mickey D’s, next week, be doing SURGERY !! Wow, that California Legislature. WHAT brainpower. Christ. DOG SHIT has more common sense.

    • Kathy says:

      Now wait a minute, Clyde. Just yesterday, Hardnox showed us where libs come from so you can’t say that – you need a new animal shit.

      • Hardnox says:

        That would be a redundant redundancy. 🙂

        • Garnet92 says:

          It may take a year or two for the welfare moms to figure out that when they abort a baby, they won’t get paid for it! That alone can deplete the ranks of abortion mills. Of course, someone will have to ‘splain that to them.

          Next, we’ll find Moonbeam proposing that welfare funds get paid out even if there is no child, only one that would have been. After all, the left has always been about intent, not results, and the welfare moms INTENDED to have another little dependent, didn’t they?

  7. myfoxmystere says:

    Kathy, I finally launched the post! It’s on my blogger site mystere’s moonbat slayer club. Kudos to rattrapper for the lib cows and the pic of Toni Atkins and her “husband” Jennifer LeSar. Rattrapper had the stomach to search on an LGBT site for the pic. And now we have the answer for another animal that dumps the lib-eggs they hatch out of. It also explains all the BS that spews from their pie holes.

    The post is part of my series “Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today?”