A Sunday Feel Good Story – Revised

How to be “Presidential” in retrospect

I haven’t seen our current pResident doing this, have you? I’m not saying Bush was perfect–as we well know he was not–but to respect our armed forces in this way and ALL ways is what we need to do each time we see a soldier…tell them “thank you” whenever and wherever. They’ve earned it.

1. Look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake.


No one appreciates a firm handshake more than a soldier.


2. If they prefer not to shake hands…


…then a chest bump will do.


Just make sure you do duck face afterward so they can laugh at you.


3. Admire their medals. They were hard-earned.


4. Always treat their families with great respect.


They have been through more than you could imagine.


5. Laugh with them!


Laughter is a medicine that works 100% of the time.


6. Sometimes it’s important that you treat a soldier the way you would treat anyone else.


7. If you know a soldier, call them on the 4th of July.


It will make their day!


8. Or you can Skype them.


9. Each soldier has an amazing story.


10. Listen.


Listening is often the best gift you can give someone.


11. Give them a hug!


Soldiers love getting hugged because most of them are big softies deep


12. Do a sport with them.


Soldiers love being active.


President Bush golfs with wounded veterans at the Warrior Open

13. Make sure you are respectful.


14. Cook them a big dinner if you can. Lots of meat.


15. But if you only have a minute, look them square in the eye…


And say, “Thank you.”


We promise you they will appreciate it.


God Bless America !


And God bless you, President Bush, a truly presidential man.


(h/t to Tommie)

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14 Responses to A Sunday Feel Good Story – Revised

  1. Clyde says:

    Call me stupid, but I do not see any photos.

  2. Hardnox says:


    Thanks for putting this up. I didn’t agree with GW on everything but I miss him very much.

  3. Garnet92 says:

    Great pics Kathy! Those images show how Dubya felt about our troops, no faking that and like ‘Nox said, he screwed up some, but I do miss him.

  4. CW says:

    Great post, Kathy, and I agree with everyone here. No matter what you might think of Bush’s presidency he was sincere in his appreciation for the troops.

  5. LT Bill Safford says:

    Maybe not the best president (by a long ways), but we could have done FAR worse. He was the best in that particular race, and did a credible job overall.

  6. Buck says:

    And every time some asshole wants to call him a draft dodger I want to hand them their teeth.
    Not a lot of folks know but Bush volunteered for Viet Nam.
    He was turned down because the type aircraft he flew was no longer in active duty service. Transition time and his active duty time were incompatible.

  7. You only forgot the “Tissue Alert”,,,
    He wasn’t the best, as has been said,,, But I feel he did the best he could, with what he had to work with.
    Fan-TASTIC post, Kathy.

  8. myfoxmystere says:

    Bush had some ugly circumstances to work with, and I’ll give him credit for working hard to get through it. I met his sister in 2005 at a book signing. The Bush family is humble, from what I observed; I had the pleasure of chatting with Doro Bush Koch, telling her I believed and supported her big brother as President.

  9. Terry says:

    Great post, Kathy.
    Hard to believe how the respect for our military from the CIC has disappeared in only 5 years.

    • Terry, it only disappeared in five years, because it was NEVER in the Current CIC to begin with.
      Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem, “TOMMY”, that pretty well explains it. In our case, it doesn’t apply to the populace, but DOES to the Administration.

      We must remember to separate the Current Leadership from those being “led”.