OK,GOP Morons, HERE It Is.

In an interesting piece, the blueprint for conservatives is pretty much laid out.

It is simple. Even a RINO can do it. But, they won’t. From The American Thinker.com


It’s so simple, even THESE asshats could do it…….

‘ Nuff Said.

September 10, 2013

Discredit Liberalism Utterly

By Christopher  Chantrill

Conservatives  have a Hamlet question this week.  Whether to ’tis nobler in the mind to  back President Obama as commander-in-chief, right or wrong.  Or to take arm  against a sea of troubles and defeat the president on his Syria war resolution.

Or,  perchance to dream that, at this point, what difference does it  make?


Either  way, this nation desperately needs to discredit utterly the political faith of  its liberal ruling class by November 2016.  Because until that happens,  America is stuck in an authoritarian administrative time warp of foreign policy  irrelevance and domestic policy train wrecks.


Here’s  how we would know that liberalism were utterly discredited.  We would see  cable comedians like John Stewart and Stephen Colbert make their bones by  sneering at liberal numskulls instead of at conservative numskulls as they do  now, because that’s where the ratings would force them.


Conservatives  used to think that liberals had already been discredited by the Reagan  Revolution of the 1980s.  We were wrong, and here’s why.


There’s  a theory about war that any real war takes 30 years to sort out.  That’s  because the loser typically needs to sacrifice two generations of young men on  the battlefield before it gets the message.  See Germany 1618-48; France,  1789-1815; Germany, 1914-45.


Stephen  Moore’s recent piece reporting that youth  and women and minorities are hardest hit by Obamanomics tells us that  liberal governance is in the middle of wiping out the second generation of  Democratic faithful in 40 years.  The first wipeout, remember, was the  stagflation of the 1970s that Reagan cured in the 1980s.


Back  in the late 1970s liberals were saying that the nation was ungovernable.   How else to account for the  stagflation?  Liberal President Carter knew what needed to be done, but he  just didn’t have the power to overrule Congress.  Now we have Sam Tanenhaus mourning that Obama  is stuck with a “Hands-tied  Presidency.”  Nobody’s fault, of course.  Just the reality of  politics in America.


President  Reagan advocated and passed an economic policy that reversed Keynesian  inflationism with hard money; continued  the deregulation that had started under Carter; and cut tax rates.   “Supply-side economics” was the catchphrase, but there was solid science behind  it.


Liberals  sneered that supply-side was “trickle-down” economics, that Reagan was an  amiable dunce, that Reaganomics would never work.  The liberals of the era  believed that the developed countries had exhausted the potential for economic  growth.  It was an era of Limits to Growth, as advocated by the  Club of Rome, the IPCC of the time.  Nobody’s fault, of  course.


Liberals  were wrong in the 1970s and conservatives were right in the 1980s.  It was  a slam dunk and liberals were silenced for a season.  When Bill Clinton ran  for president in 1992 and Democrats were desperate for the spoils of office  after losing three presidential elections in a row, he ran as a New  Democrat.  Unsaid, but understood, was that Democrats had learned the  lessons of the 1980s.


Even  in 1992 there was a clue that liberals hadn’t learned their lesson.  The  catchphrase of the day was “policy wonk” and Clinton was celebrated as a man  that liked nothing better than to go to the annual Renaissance  Weekend and gabble about policy with his fellow up-and-coming wonks.   But really, Renaissance Weekends were just bull sessions to plan how to increase  the power and the reach of big government and the authoritarian administrative  state.  Today Paul Krugman is sneering about a Republican “wonk  gap.”


In  fact, liberals hadn’t learned their lesson; they were lying.  But  what do you expect?  You don’t get to win a war with one  battle.


Still,  after the 1994 election, Clinton and Co. decided that they’d better lay low on  their real liberal agenda for the rest of the 1990s.


With  Obama and Co., we are talking about the second generation that has been  mobilized, trained and sent to the front to battle for the modern ruling class  and its essentially fascist vision of  “everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing above the  state.”  That is why it is so important to defeat them and humiliate them,  and get their hardest-hit followers — the young, the women and the minorities  — to desert the liberal colors.


Because  the way to win a war, a real 30 year slugfest, is to defeat the second  generation sent to the trenches.


The  way things are going, it looks like conservatives won’t have to do much to make  this happen, because the liberal generals are still fighting the last war with  their discredited Keynesianism and big government meltdowns.  And they are  getting the same disastrous results as  they did a generation ago.


Discredit  them utterly, that’s what it takes.


After a short pause to commemorate those who perished on 9/11, we now take you back to our regularly scheduled RINO-bashing. This article lays out pretty well what needs to be done, sadly, we do not have anyone at the “leadership” level of the GOP as currently constituted with the required set to actually IMPLEMENT this simple plan.

No, it is more than likely lost wisdom on the D.C. Beltway/ New York axis of “smart” that we do not expose these leftist liars for the criminal, willful misinformation they continually dish out. These clowns seem to think if THEY talk nice about THEM, they won’t “hate us” as much.

Listen up, dimwit leaders of the so-called “opposition” party. The left, and it’s mouthpiece media, are ALWAYS going to HATE us, no matter what, because WE are RIGHT, on damn near EVERYTHING. If you decide to “make nice” with them, they WILL continue to steamroll you, as agreeing with them, and compromising your principles to “get along” with them are signs of WEAKNESS.

WE have TRUTH on our side, while the left has to depend on lies, obfuscations, and innuendoes to make their case. OUR people, such as McCain, Graham, et al, NEED to LEARN these people on the left will NEVER have ANYTHING but CONTEMPT for these guys, even if they agree.

A lesson for republicans, if you care to hear it. Align yourselves with the Constitution, what’s right and decent, and with what YOUR constituents are telling you, elections will take care of themselves. But, since I am a realist, these words are simply pissing into the wind, and wondering why I’m getting wet. Prove me WRONG, republican party leadership.




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14 Responses to OK,GOP Morons, HERE It Is.

  1. BrianR says:

    “A lesson for republicans, if you care to hear it.”

    But of course, the real problem is that they DON’T ever want to hear it. That’s why they are absolutely super-glued on stupid. They have the completely uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the laws of victory. And that is because they REFUSE to learn the lessons so clearly taught by history.

  2. Clyde says:

    Haha. Typo King indeed. Good comments, pard. Thanks. I don’t know about you, but I get sick and tired of trying to get these GOP asshats to pay attention to ANYTHING remotely close to conservatism.

  3. The GOP leaders just want to feel a bit of power, have semi-good press attention, deep pocketed lobbyists at their doors, a golden pension and insurance package, and invites to the DC social scene events. They don’t give a damn about the Constitution, our nation, or conservatism.

  4. Mrs AL says:

    To use a phrase a little out of context, ‘no guts, no glory.’

  5. pepperhawk says:

    The repubs are doomed. Nuff said.

    • clyde says:

      Damn sure are, Pepp, if they continue trying to “please” the leftisits of the media, and communists of the Regime. Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Buck says:

    McCain will never get it. He is either senile or insane and he fits Einstein’s definition of insanity perfectly.

  7. CW says:

    It should be so easy to discredit liberals. They do all the work. All we would have to do it remind people; connect the dots. But too many in this bunch haven’t even figured out that we’re in a war for our lives here. All they care about is being part of the latest “gang” that holds the status quo in place.