The BASTARDS. Time To Make RINOS Extinct.

Break out a new pisstivity meter. The sonofabitch who calls himself The Speaker Of The House is at it AGAIN.

What the hell will it take for the damnable GOP to wake the hell up?  From  Bastards.


Report: House GOP Leadership Plan Procedural Trick to Avoid Obamacare Funding Fight

 You two bastards need to be sent to the DNC. You DAMN sure aren’t representing US. You two BASTARDS.
Time to hunt’em down, and make’em EXTINCT.
            by             Matthew Boyle     9 Sep 2013, 3:24 PM PDT

Sources close to House conservative leaders have confirmed to Breitbart News that House GOP leadership is planning to cave and fund Obamacare’s implementation for at least the rest of 2013.

Text of the Continuing Resolution (CR) that will fund the government for 60-75 days will be released on Tuesday, the conservative source said, before a House vote on Thursday. The move comes abruptly as conservatives are ramping up their final push on House leadership with a big Tea Party rally outside the Capitol on Tuesday calling for Obamacare’s defunding.

House Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel told Breitbart News the “CR will include defunding ObamaCare,” but would not specify whether or not a certain procedural “trick” the GOP leadership used in a similar situation in 2011 will be employed yet again.

Breitbart News’ source, a high-ranking conservative movement figure close to House conservatives, said that this CR from House leadership will continue to pay for Obamacare’s implementation without cutting from current levels of taxpayer funding for the healthcare law’s rollout, despite claims from Boehner’s office it will “include defunding ObamaCare.” The source said the budget riders that will be attached to the CR can be removed easily by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, allowing him to pass a CR through the Senate funding Obamacare–a procedural move that does not require the House to revisit its CR and makes the Senate version final.

The source added that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is “shopping an idea of passing defund through the House with the CR, but with a mechanism that would allow it to be decoupled in the Senate, defeated, and then the base CR be passed without coming back to the House.”

The source said the conservative movement should “reject and pan” this “trick” from Cantor, which allows House GOP members to claim they voted to defund Obamacare but allows Reid to strip out budget riders defunding Obamacare and pass a Senate CR without them.

In rushing the CR to the floor for a vote, Breitbart News’ source said that House GOP leadership will put votes on whether the U.S. should authorize use of military force in Syria off until next week.

Politico has also confirmed the GOP leadership’s plans, reporting that Cantor and House Speaker John Boehner are “dusting off an old legislative gambit from April 2011 as one way to move ahead this week with a stopgap spending bill for the first months of the new fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.”

“The goal is to give conservatives a vote on defunding health care reform without resulting in a government shutdown,” Politico’s David Rogers wrote. “It’s worked before, but ‘before’ is the operative word.”

“And until Tuesday’s Republican Conference, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) won’t really know if this flash-from-the-past can flash again,” Rogers continued. “Most simply the procedure calls for sending the Senate a stopgap spending bill together with a resolution that would alter the text of the bill once it’s enrolled for presentation to President Barack Obama.”

Red State’s Daniel Horowitz notes that this trick from House GOP leadership could give GOP members political cover to oppose the grassroots and Tea Party movement by allowing them to claim they voted not to pay for Obamacare’s implementation. “Based on what I’m hearing from House sources, the worst suspicions are confirmed,” Horowitz wrote. “Eric Cantor is floating an idea to pass a short-term CR with a defund rider. But just as we predicted, they plan to write a rule that will sever the defund rider from the body of the bill after it passes the House.”

“This will allow the Senate to vote down the defund part separately, and send a clean CR straight to the President’s desk without ever returning to the House,” he explained. “This will ensure that we capitulate while allowing House and Senate Republicans to be shielded from charges of voting to defund Obamacare.”

Rick Manning, the vice president for public policy and communications at Americans for Limited Government, told Breitbart News such a strategy from leadership to buy political cover will likely fail in the end.

“If Congress ends up funding Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution, House Republicans will own it every bit as much as if they had voted for it in the beginning,” Manning said. “Parliamentary tricks will not save them from this reality.”

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said recently that if House Speaker John Boehner allowed a situation like this to happen, Obamacare would forever become known as “BoehnerCare.”

Club for Growth president Chris Chocola denounced the reported plan in a statement Monday afternoon: “Are these news reports from The Onion? Or are they real?” Chocola said. “When members were at home over recess, did they hear their constituents ask for legislative tricks or principled leadership?

“Trying to fool Republicans into voting to fund Obamacare is even worse than offering a bill that deliberately funds it,” Chocola declared. “I hope this proposal is nothing more than a bad joke and is quickly discarded. Republicans should simply do what they say they are for by passing a Continuing Resolution that doesn’t fund Obamacare.”


Well isn’t this a fine way to run a party?  The MAJORITY of people are CLAMORING for this absolute fiasco to be shit-canned, and THESE stupid shits are going to resort to “legislative tricks” to HELP keep Obamacare funded? And, ostensibly, to “keep the government open”? WTF,over ? We DO NOT CARE if this albatross called government can’t fly. Be damned preferable to the God-awful mess the democrats, with help from goddamned morons like Boehner and Cantor, have made of things.

If there is ANYONE in the idiotic hierarchy of the Perpetually Stupid Party that does not understand WHY the party is losing members, supporters, and, most importantly, DONORS in RECORD numbers, HERE is the EXACT type of bullshit that tells US this party does NOT GIVE A GOOD SHIT about what WE think. And, you idiots are going to pay for it. Lie to us ? Shame on YOU. We will redouble our efforts to DEFEAT you sorry sonsofbitches next year, and on out into the foreseeable future.

We DO NOT CARE if these assholes need “cover” or not. If the sonofabitch Boehner and the equally as odious Cantor go along with THIS, it is PAST time for Ohio to RECALL his ass, and the SAME in Virginia for Cantor. OK, Ohio and Virginia. Step up. Tell these assholes ANY tricks that would be NOTHING BUT LYING to you will NOT BE TOLERATED.

Hey, GOP, and the rest of the republican House members: Get your heads out of your asses, and listen up. IF you do not want to go the way of the WHIGS, then tell Boehner and Cantor ANY tricks will be the END of MOST people’s support for your moribund, and stuck-on-stupid  party leadership.

You would think after 5 years of NOTHING but goddamned lies from this administration, these moronic republican leaders would be sick and tired of lies. Alas, I think they ENJOY it. I started with this, and will end with it: BASTARDS.



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11 Responses to The BASTARDS. Time To Make RINOS Extinct.

  1. Mrs AL says:

    You appear a little miffed, Clyde. My goodness. You are correct, of course. The parlor games being played with this healthcare takeover are no different than the Resident’s parlor games. Pine cones.

  2. Buck says:

    When talking about the Democrat and GOP, George Wallace said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two.” Then he got shot….by a leftist….

  3. BrianR says:

    Well… there’s a reason they’re known as the Perpetually Stupid Party. “Perpetually” is the key word.

    Nope; they NEVER seem to learn from history, or their mistakes. Instead of listening to their constituents, they’re hypnotized by the likes of Rove, Kristol, and other Establishment hacks.

    We really do need a viable third (really, “second”) party.

    • Mrs AL says:

      PSP also means ‘play station portable.’ Have zero idea what that means but somehow seems to fit with “Perpetually Stupid Party.”

    • Clyde says:

      Jesus pard, how long have we been haranguing this bunch of MORONS to just DO THEIR JOBS according to the Constitution? Asshole wants to use TRICKS to “save the day” ? More like they’ll RUE the day they pull shit like that. Haven’t heard back from ANYONE connected with the PSP in any form. Can’t wait for that next “call”.

  4. Kathy says:

    Ditto what Buck said – it’s all one party at the top. Both sides are guilty of playing their shameful political games. We need to hire a new government and start over.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Sneaky bastards to boot…

  6. bullright says:

    Excellently put Clyde. Stupid pet tricks belong on David Letterman. But when it comes to government, well, just count them as ‘dissatisfied with the status quo’ which they are a part of? Does it get any worse?

    How about this: No-Balls Boehner has control of the agenda. So why didn’t he just go ahead and immediately bring the Syria authorization to the floor for a vote. Let it die and tell Obama he has no control over what they bring up. That would have sent a shot across the bow. Then use the same tenacity on funding Obamacare. Make Obama squirm clear to Syria.

    But Clyde, even worse, these Grand Ol’ Plotters never get anything in return for their favors!