One From The “Union Success Stories” File.

In another attempt by the United Food and Commercial Workers of America to organize Wal-Mart stores around the country, it looks like they failed BIG time. AGAIN. Kind of like Wiley E. Coyote chasing the Road-Runner, I’d say.

From The Daily   Sit back, relax, and ENJOY the steaming cup of Schadenfreude.


Looking  for “The Union Label”?  Ain’t going to find it HERE! hahahahaha

When you are traveling about, and get the chance to ask one of THESE truckers if  they would like to be unionized, don’t be surprised by their answer. Not only NO, but F#%& NO. This is one of the BEST trucking jobs today.

Wal-Mart mocks union walk-outs.

1:00 PM  09/06/2013
Patrick Howley


Wal-Mart released a statement Friday mocking the low turnout for this week’s  staged walkouts by members of OUR Wal-Mart, an affiliate of the United Food and Commercial  Workers International Union (UFCW).

Protests and walkouts were held in 15 cities Thursday, with three protesters  arrested in New York City on trespassing and disorderly conduct charges while  trying to deliver a petition to a Wal-Mart board member, according to Berlin Rosen, the public  relations firm representing the protesters.

“Once again, it looks like the UFCW threw a party and nobody showed up.  Despite promises of ‘thousands of workers’ protesting this week, the union  failed to deliver more than a smattering of paid protesters at their 15  orchestrated events. At most, 50 of the participants actually work for Wal-Mart,  put another way, that’s less than one-tenth of one percent of our 1.3 million  associates,” Wal-Mart vice president of corporate communications David Tovar  said in a statement.

“You see so few current associates participating because they understand the  unparalleled opportunity Wal-Mart provides. For example, 75 percent of our store  management teams started as hourly associates, we have more than 300,000  associates who have been with the company for 10 years or more and every year we  promote 160,000 associates to jobs with higher pay and more responsibility,”  Tovar said.

“The UFCW is quickly becoming the boy who cried wolf. They put out news  releases with big  promises, but fail to deliver on those promises. It was proven again this week  that the OUR Wal-Mart group doesn’t speak for the vast majority of Wal-Mart  associates,” Tovar said.


While I understand a company spokesman is going to put a different spin on the issue than the lying union would, the FACTS bear this man out.

Yours truly has no less than 9 Wal-Mart stores within a 30 minute drive of home. I had a TON of errands to run yesterday, which took me to a Sam’s Club for gas, ZERO protesters, to the Super Wal-Mart a couple miles down the road, ZERO protesters, past another one in the area, ZERO protesters.

Had to go towards Detroit, went past 2 more Super Wal-Marts, ZERO protesters. On the way back, I saw a couple Wal-Mart fleet drivers pulling into a rest area near home, so I followed them in, and asked if THEY were “protesting”. They both just laughed, and said they knew of ONLY 5 people out of the approximately 50 stores a week they make deliveries to who had even MENTIONED this exercise in silliness.

I have NO qualms about people wanting to form, or join, unions. Not at all. It is THEIR business. BUT, with the cajoling, the lying about how much money, and how many benefits they are going to get for them, then not delivering on the promises, it looks to me like the Wal-Mart workers are wiser than their “fast-food” counterparts, who, last I knew, were STILL flipping burgers WITHOUT the “Union-Label”.

And, given the increases in costs associated with collective bargaining agreements, NO ONE is going to pay $8 for a Big Mac, let alone $12 for a $ 4 package of socks.

And THAT is a GOOD thing for the beleaguered “middle-class” families struggling in this Obama economy.




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9 Responses to One From The “Union Success Stories” File.

  1. Mrs AL says:

    ZERO sums if up well, Clyde.

  2. Hardnox says:

    I’m not a shopper but what I do know is no one is holding a gun to the heads of the Walmart employees and forcing them to work there. In my opinion, they must like working there otherwise they would have left even before the economy fell on its face. I view Walmart as a great entry level position for anyone interested in retail.

    The reality is that the unions are lusting after this huge workforce. If it ever became a reality then the unions would profit and no one else. Prices would rise, and ultimately the company would fail just like every other mega business model.

    My only beef with Walmart is in their importing Chinese products.

    • Also Pakistani and Bangladesh and Mexico, Hardnox.

      But you’re so right, as look at what happened to the steel industry, and how many parts for American cars are “Made In The U.S.A.” ??? I’m not talking ASSEMBLY of the finished product – I’m talking the on-board computers, the various sub-assemblies, and stuff like that.

      At one time, I worked for a Cable Assembly plant. It is now out of business, and the process has gone out of country.

      And my job was NOT union. But the union costs of doing business had a lot to do with our costs of doing business and manufacture.

    • Clyde says:

      If China wasn’t making the cheap shit, someone else would be. Between the government, and leftist idiots, the chance of making a $4 bag of socks PROFITABLY here is about like a snowball in hell. The ONLY thing the unions are lusting after is the mandatory confiscation of dues, to be pumped back to democrats. They got NOTHING to offer this wage class.

  3. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Clyde, and good for them. I think more and more people are seeing the unions for the shills that they are – hollow and full of promises they can’t deliver on.

  4. Buck says:

    Haven’t has a good a laugh on the subject since the days when the members of the AFL would have gang fights with members of the CIO.