The Middle East Before and After

Re-posting this from Gunny G’s site, The Anti Liberal Zone:


by Gunny G

Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Power (Ms Cass Sunstein), and Piano Legs Hitlery Clinton started to meddle in the affairs of other people’s countries.



What makes it even WORSE is that senile NeoCon and stealth Democrat Juan McShamnesty was busted playing poker on his IPhone during the hearings on Syria instead of listening to what was going on, WHICH IS WHAT HE IS PAID FOR! Like Clapper at the DIA and Hagel as the SecDef, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dempsey, really nothing but a rubberstamper for Obama and a Yes man, had no idea WHAT the US is after in the Syrian situation!

Then Nutsy Baloney not only tells her five year old grandson that we’re at war, she gets her advice on the situation FROM HIM, Boehner was shown his NSA file and like Judge Roberts on ObummeKare, quickly fell into line, and McLame’s butt plug Grahamnesty is going along to get along and to keep his secret of being a homo in the closet. And when the going gets hot, The Village Idiot from kenya GOES GOLFING!

THESE are the morons trying to start a war.

So we’re 17 TRILLION in debt, the military has been downsized since Obummer took over, their budgets have been slashed, weapons are worn out and have NOT been replaced, roughly 49% of us support the other 51% through excessive taxation, and the voice of the American people are IGNORED by the vermin within The District of Corruption. DEMOCRATS want yet another war for two reasons, one, to make the Village Idiot from Kenya look tough and two, to stimulate the economy to overcome years of Keynesian stupidity ala Paul Krugman, Bernanke, Geithner, and the rest of the Harvard tools. NATO is as useless as the UN and both are a bad joke that costs us about 1.5 TRILLION a year, of which we see NO return on the investment.

The nation is in the toilet, 49 MILLION Americans on welfare, 9 MILLION no longer in the workforce, employment participation is THE LOWEST since BEFORE WW2, and Obama and his minions want another war.

How about liberals enlist, Obama dons a uniform, his clowns in the government fall into formation, and he leads FROM THE FRONT while the rest of us watch. If our loved ones are sacrificed for Obama’s ego, then let us march on DC and start hanging these bastards from the lampposts for the traitors they are.


I think Gunny stated it perfectly and gives us a look at the bigger picture of the damage this administration has done, not just to the US, but the world in general and particularly the Middle East.

Things weren’t ideal before they came along, but you can see from the two maps just how terrible conditions have become since our Idiot-in-Charge has been at the helm.

I’d agree that rope and lampposts are indeed in order at this point.


(h/t to Mrs. AL)

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3 Responses to The Middle East Before and After

  1. Clyde says:

    That just nailed it, Kathy. Guns usually does.

  2. Buck says:

    Next to this you should post pictures of gas station price signs before Jan ’09 and after Jan ’13….

  3. Mrs AL says:

    I n c r e d I b l e !