Somehow, This Isn’t The Problem.

In a move I find telling, the Republican National Senate Committee fired their fundraising director today.

For, in their words, “poor performance”. We shall see. From The Daily


NRSC getting rid of its finance director

4:21 PM  09/04/2013
Ms. Carson,  HERE is your REAL problem why donations are way down. Hope that helps.
Alex Pappas

Political  Reporter

The National Republican  Senatorial Committee is replacing its finance director due to disappointing  fundraising numbers, The Daily Caller confirmed on Wednesday.

Two sources told TheDC on Wednesday that the committee — which is dedicated  to electing and re-electing Republican senators — has removed finance director  Shelly Carson from the top fundraising position.

The Washington Examiner — which first broke the news – reported that Carson will  continue to work as a consultant for the committee.

“Shelly is a valuable member of our team  whose strength and skill is working directly with donors and will focus directly  on fundraising efforts instead of day-to-day operations,” NRSC spokesperson Brad  Dayspring told the Examiner.

The NRSC has raised about $20.3 million this year, in comparison to the $31  million raised by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

According to her biography, Carson is a former aide to former Sen. Jim  DeMint’s 2004 Senate campaign and Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential  campaign.


While the erstwhile NRSC can hire and fire who they please, it is my take the Perpetually Stupid Party has let the WRONG person go here. This next line is quite confusing.   “Shelly is a valuable member of our team  whose strength and skill is working directly with donors and will focus directly  on fundraising efforts instead of day-to-day operations,” NRSC spokesperson Brad  Dayspring told the Examiner.  You relieve her of her duties as director, citing “poor performance”, then send her out to beg ?  Sounds abusive to me. Either she can do the job, or not. Very telling in the upper echelon of the party apparatus.

To blame this woman for the downturn in donations simply is ignoring the REAL problem with the GOP, in ANY form today.

In my humble opinion, the REAL reason for the downturn is LOOK who the damned party is BACKING.  McCain ?  A damned democrat in elephant’s clothing.  Graham ? Just as bad. Go on down the list, there are PLENTY of clowns who should be booted from the party for the sin of NOT STANDING UP FOR THE PRINCIPALS we hold dear.

The next time you get that call from the NRSC, the RNC, the RNCC, whatever, tell THEM  when THESE        are gone, you’ll THINK about MAYBE donating something. NOT UNTIL.




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12 Responses to Somehow, This Isn’t The Problem.

  1. Hardnox says:

    You are spot-on Clyde. The problem certainly isn’t Carson. The RNC has been throwing conservatives under the bus for a long time and people don’t like it.

    Maybe Carson will get her position back after she engineers a money laundering scheme modeled after the DNC’s Green Energy grants for donations program.

    In the meantime, people will give directly to the candidates that they approve of. Screw the RNC.

  2. Kathy says:

    Good stuff, Clyde. I quit donating to these goofballs years ago when I heard they were so deeply in debt. My thinking was if they can’t manage their own budget, how can we expect their candidate to manage the country’s budget. That’s not how true conservatives work, but then, they haven’t been truly conservative in many years.

  3. Mrs AL says:

    Like Kathy, we stopped the party contributions some time ago. There is a huge disconnect between the Republican Party and Republicans.

  4. Buck says:

    Yeah, it’s really smart to fire a “valuable member” of the team.
    Those bullshit artists just don’t know when to come straight.
    No wonder they are losing support, donations and elections.

  5. BrianR says:

    Yep. I ditto all the comments.

    The GOP basically throws conservatives under the bus and ignores the principles it professes to stand for, FOR YEARS, then is puzzled when people stop giving them money.

    Then, instead of acknowledging the real problem, they pick some scapegoat to pin a tail on and hope they’ve solved their problem.

    Acting more and more like Democrats all the time.

    • Clyde says:

      Thanks, pard. BTW, used part of your outstanding letter to most of the Michigan delegation. Have no response yet, but since we have the senile Dingell, and Levin to contend with I’m not surprised. As to the PSP, we’ve been barking at that tree for HOW LONG now ?

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Rinsed Prius has blown the tires big time! Didn’t he learn from Michael Steele’s blunders, such as the strip club scandal a while back? The RINOs keep charging us into moral bankruptcy, and Prius allows this firing to happen.

    • Clyde says:

      Good comment, myfox. We ALL know why Steele was picked to run the RNC. Too much listening to the D.C. consultant class. You know, MORONS. As for Preibus, this guy has as much brain power as a bucket of hog slop.