Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?

Here’s an eye-opening report written by Yossef Bodansky of Global Research:


There is a growing volume of new evidence from numerous sources in the Middle East — mostly affiliated with the Syrian opposition and its sponsors and supporters — which makes a very strong case, based on solid circumstantial evidence, that the August 21, 2013, chemical strike in the Damascus suburbs was indeed a pre-meditated provocation by the Syrian opposition.

The extent of US foreknowledge of this provocation needs further investigation because available data puts the “horror” of the Barack Obama White House in a different and disturbing light.

On August 13-14, 2013, Western-sponsored opposition forces in Turkey started advance preparations for a major and irregular military surge. Initial meetings between senior opposition military commanders and representatives of Qatari, Turkish, and US Intelligence [“Mukhabarat Amriki”] took place at the converted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, used as the command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors. Very senior opposition commanders who had arrived from Istanbul briefed the regional commanders of an imminent escalation in the fighting due to “a war-changing development” which would, in turn, lead to a US-led bombing of Syria.

The opposition forces had to quickly prepare their forces for exploiting the US-led bombing in order to march on Damascus and topple the Bashar al-Assad Government, the senior commanders explained. The Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials assured the Syrian regional commanders that they would be provided with plenty of weapons for the coming offensive.

Indeed, unprecedented weapons distribution started in all opposition camps in Hatay Province on August 21-23, 2013. In the Reyhanli area alone, opposition forces received well in excess of 400 tons of weapons, mainly anti-aircraft weaponry from shoulder-fired missiles to ammunition for light-guns and machineguns. The weapons were distributed from store-houses controlled by Qatari and Turkish Intelligence under the tight supervision of US Intelligence.

These weapons were loaded on more than 20 trailer-trucks which crossed into northern Syria and distributed the weapons to several depots. Follow-up weapon shipments, also several hundred tons, took place over the weekend of August 24-25, 2013, and included mainly sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles and rockets. Opposition officials in Hatay said that these weapon shipments were “the biggest” they had received “since the beginning of the turmoil more than two years ago”. The deliveries from Hatay went to all the rebel forces operating in the Idlib-to-Aleppo area, including the al-Qaida affiliated jihadists (who constitute the largest rebel forces in the area).

Several senior officials from both the Syrian opposition and sponsoring Arab states stressed that these weapon deliveries were specifically in anticipation for exploiting the impact of imminent bombing of Syria by the US and the Western allies. The latest strategy formulation and coordination meetings took place on August 26, 2013. The political coordination meeting took place in Istanbul and was attended by US Amb. Robert Ford.

More important were the military and operational coordination meetings at the Antakya garrison. Senior Turkish, Qatari, and US Intelligence officials attended in addition to the Syrian senior (opposition) commanders. The Syrians were informed that bombing would start in a few days.

“The opposition was told in clear terms that action to deter further use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime could come as early as in the next few days,” a Syrian participant in the meeting said. Another Syrian participant said that he was convinced US bombing was scheduled to begin on Thursday, August 29, 2013. Several participants — both Syrian and Arab — stressed that the assurances of forthcoming bombing were most explicit even as formally Obama is still undecided.

The descriptions of these meetings raise the question of the extent of foreknowledge of US Intelligence, and therefore, the Obama White House. All the sources consulted — both Syrian and Arab — stressed that officials of the “Mukhabarat Amriki” actively participated in the meetings and briefings in Turkey. Therefore, at the very least, they should have known that the opposition leaders were anticipating “a war-changing development”: that is, a dramatic event which would provoke a US-led military intervention.

The mere fact that weapon storage sites under the tight supervision of US Intelligence were opened up and about a thousand tons of high-quality weapons were distributed to the opposition indicates that US Intelligence anticipated such a provocation and the opportunity for the Syrian opposition to exploit the impact of the ensuing US and allied bombing. Hence, even if the Obama White House did not know in advance of the chemical provocation, they should have concluded, or at the very least suspected, that the chemical attack was most likely the “war-changing development” anticipated by the opposition leaders as provocation of US-led bombing. Under such circumstances, the Obama White House should have refrained from rushing head-on to accuse Assad’s Damascus and threaten retaliation, thus making the Obama White House at the very least complicit after the act.

Meanwhile, additional data from Damascus about the actual chemical attack increases the doubts about Washington’s version of events. Immediately after the attack, three hospitals of Doctors Without Borders (MSF: médecins sans frontières) in the greater Damascus area treated more than 3,600 Syrians affected by the chemical attack, and 355 of them died. MSF performed tests on the vast majority of those treated.

MSF director of operations Bart Janssens summed up the findings: “MSF can neither scientifically confirm the cause of these symptoms nor establish who is responsible for the attack. However, the reported symptoms of the patients, in addition to the epidemiological pattern of the events — characterized by the massive influx of patients in a short period of time, the origin of the patients, and the contamination of medical and first aid workers — strongly indicate mass exposure to a neurotoxic agent.” Simply put, even after testing some 3,600 patients, MSF failed to confirm that sarin was the cause of the injuries. According to MSF, the cause could have been nerve agents like sarin, concentrated riot control gas, or even high-concentration pesticides. Moreover, opposition reports that there was distinct stench during the attack suggest that it could have come from the “kitchen sarin” used by jihadist groups (as distinct from the odorless military-type sarin) or improvised agents like pesticides.

Some of the evidence touted by the Obama White House is questionable at best.

A small incident in Beirut raises big questions. A day after the chemical attack, Lebanese fixers working for the “Mukhabarat Amriki” succeeded to convince a Syrian male who claimed to have been injured in the chemical attack to seek medical aid in Beirut in return for a hefty sum that would effectively settle him for life. The man was put into an ambulance and transferred overnight to the Farhat Hospital in Jib Janine, Beirut. The Obama White House immediately leaked friendly media that “the Lebanese Red Cross announced that test results found traces of sarin gas in his blood.” However, this was news to Lebanese intelligence and Red Cross officials.

According to senior intelligence officials, “Red Cross Operations Director George Kettaneh told [them] that the injured Syrian fled the hospital before doctors were able to test for traces of toxic gas in his blood.” Apparently, the patient declared that he had recovered from his nausea and no longer needed medical treatment. The Lebanese security forces are still searching for the Syrian patient and his honorarium.

On August 24, 2013, Syrian Commando forces acted on intelligence about the possible perpetrators of the chemical attack and raided a cluster of rebel tunnels in the Damascus suburb of Jobar. Canisters of toxic material were hit in the fierce fire-fight as several Syrian soldiers suffered from suffocation and “some of the injured are in a critical condition”.

The Commando eventually seized an opposition warehouse containing barrels full of chemicals required for mixing “kitchen sarin”, laboratory equipment, as well as a large number of protective masks. The Syrian Commando also captured several improvised explosive devices, RPG rounds, and mortar shells. The same day, at least four HizbAllah fighters operating in Damascus near Ghouta were hit by chemical agents at the very same time the Syrian Commando unit was hit while searching a group of rebel tunnels in Jobar. Both the Syrian and the HizbAllah forces were acting on intelligence information about the real perpetrators of the chemical attack. Damascus told Moscow the Syrian troops were hit by some form of a nerve agent and sent samples (blood, tissues, and soil) and captured equipment to Russia.

Several Syrian leaders, many of whom are not Bashar al-Assad supporters and are even his sworn enemies, are now convinced that the Syrian opposition is responsible for the August 21, 2013, chemical attack in the Damascus area in order to provoke the US and the allies into bombing Assad’s Syria. Most explicit and eloquent is Saleh Muslim, the head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) which has been fighting the Syrian Government. Muslim doubts Assad would have used chemical weapons when he was winning the civil war.

“The regime in Syria … has chemical weapons, but they wouldn’t use them around Damascus, five km from the [UN] committee which is investigating chemical weapons. Of course they are not so stupid as to do so,” Muslim told Reuters on August 27, 2013. He believes the attack was “aimed at framing Assad and provoking an international reaction”. Muslim is convinced that “some other sides who want to blame the Syrian regime, who want to show them as guilty and then see action” is responsible for the chemical attack. The US was exploiting the attack to further its own anti-Assad policies and should the UN inspectors find evidence that the rebels were behind the attack, then “everybody would forget it”, Muslim shrugged. “Who is the side who would be punished? Are they are going to punish the Emir of Qatar or the King of Saudi Arabia, or Mr Erdo?an of Turkey?”

And there remain the questions: Given the extent of the involvement of the “Mukhabarat Amriki” in opposition activities, how is that US Intelligence did not know in advance about the opposition’s planned use of chemical weapons in Damascus?

It is a colossal failure.

And if they did know and warned the Obama White House, why then the sanctimonious rush to blame the Assad Administration?

Moreover, how can the Obama Administration continue to support and seek to empower the opposition which had just intentionally killed some 1,300 innocent civilians in order to provoke a US military intervention?

Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs


As we have said many times here at ‘Nox and Friends, there is no valid reason why Assad would use chemical weapons against his own citizens if he was already winning the war against the rebels.

The Russians are screaming “foul” on US reports that Assad used chemical weapons.  Now other reports are beginning to surface.

The Euro-weenies have already bailed on the resident.  The Senate, freshly back from vacation, is effectively giving Zero the green light.  Speaker Boehner has already said as much but the House won’t be back in sessions until next week.  The lapdog media is regurgitating White house talking points despite there’s no verifiable proof.

We have a problem on the horizon folks as our leaders are about to give the head asshat a green light for war.  It seems that the only reason for going to war with Syria is to save face because the community organizer in chief was running his mouth.

That doesn’t even pass the smell test.  Call your Congressmen and Senators before this goes too far.

~ Hardnox

UPDATE:  Walid Shoebat is citing the same piece at http://shoebat.com/2013/09/03/obama-an-accessory-to-war-crimes-in-syria/

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23 Responses to Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?

  1. western guy says:

    OK, lets jump right in the middle of this puddle of stuff….1) We are still in a shooting war with al-kida, and they are a declared ENEMY of the U.S. 2) The chemical attack was highly likely done by the Syrian rebels 3) The Syrian rebels are a known affiliate of the muslim brotherhood AND al-kida 4) said rebels have been heavily re-supplied with the knowledge of the U.S. 5) now the US wants to bomb Assad 6) this bombing will assist the rebels (will aid give and comfort to the enemy- see #1)….there is a word for this….some kind of dinosaur….t-rex…..hmm, no, t-rinosorryous…hmm…no….OH, I remember now t-reason….YEAH!…lets name it for what it really is, shall we?

  2. Blessed B. says:

    Here’s some interesting reading!

    Bombshell: Syria’s ‘chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S. water supply and sold at Wal-Mart

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041883_Syria_chemical_weapons_sodium_fluoride.html#ixzz2doiXXiIa

    NaturalNews) Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative being pushed by the White House is an outlandish hoax.

    To understand why, you have to start with the story published in The Independent entitled Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria.

    Sounds scary, right? As The Independent reports:

    The Government was accused of “breathtaking laxity” in its arms controls last night after it emerged that officials authorised the export to Syria of two chemicals capable of being used to make a nerve agent such as sarin a year ago.

    What, exactly, are those two dangerous chemicals that need to be controlled via “arms control” regulations? You won’t believe me when I tell you. They are:

    • sodium fluoride
    • potassium fluoride

    You can see this yourself in the screen capture of The Independent breaking news story. Note the headline and the subhead. The headline describes “nerve gas chemicals” and the subhead explains them as “sodium fluoride” and “potassium fluoride.”

    And this one!

    The U.S. Backed Plan to Launch Chemical Weapon Attack on Syria and Blame it on Assad Regime
    by sharia unveiled


    Original Source:






  3. Blessed B. says:

    Just got this in also! The plot thickens!


    The image John Kerry WON’T want you to see

    Posted on September 2, 2013

    Assad and Kerry hanging out. Somehow this isn’t a surprise.
    Check it out:

    This astonishing photograph shows U.S Secretary of State John Kerry having a cosy and intimate dinner with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

    Kerry – who compared Assad to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein yesterday – is pictured around a small table with his wife and the Assads in 2009.

    Assad and Kerry – who was then a senator for Massachusetts – lean in towards each other and appear deep in conversation as their wives look on.

    MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2408805/John-Kerrys-cosy-dinner-Syrias-Hitler-Secretary-State-Assad-pictured-dining-Damascus.html

  4. Mrs AL says:

    Call me crazy, but I am waiting for a Congressman (e.g. Rand Paul) to bring this up. I am not disputing all the “solid circumstantial evidence,” Perhaps that seems naïve, but this is very damning and I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

    • Hardnox says:

      You echo my thoughts too. I didn’t want to post this when I first saw it but considering all the other events concerning the so called Arab spring it is certainly not beyond the realm of possibilities.

      I too would like to hear what Rand, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and other conservatives have to say.

      • Mrs AL says:

        I appreciate your hesitation, Hardnox. Proves you are thoughtful. I also agree with you that it needed posting. There is another theory and it’s important to explore that as well. That’s what separates adults from children or …

  5. Buck says:

    Think about it. “We” have jumped into Libya, deposed a dictator that was causing us no harm. The bad guys took over.
    “We” jumped into Egypt, helped depose a moderate dictator. Bad guys took over.
    Now Obama wans “Us” to jump into Syria…
    Yeah, I believe the regime could’ve had something to do with it.
    Or on the other hand the jihadists used the chemical weapons and then pointed their finger at the Syrian regime while our regime wants more jihadists in charge.
    Remember: “When ill winds blow I will stand with the muslims.”

    • Hardnox says:

      Exactly right Buck. Everything that this regime has touched has turned to crap one way or the other. They must be under the illusion that they can control the bad elements. I beg to differ. Carter tried that and look how that turned out in Iran.

  6. CW says:

    I agree with Mrs. AL. There are too many unknowns and unanswered questions here to reach any intelligent conclusions.

  7. Clyde says:

    WHY we would believe ANYTHING out the lying shitsacks of this administration and it’s equally odious media shills requires the willing suspension of disbelief. This most definitely stinks on ice. Good post, Nox, and some stellar comments.

  8. When in doubt, DON’T~!

    And as has been said so many times, this doesn’t pass the smell test..

    Even LOGIC tells us that the King of the Mountain (Assad) would not kill his own people to gain an advantage that HE ALREADY HAS~!,,,

    BUT, the usurpers and the “pretenders to the throne” will use every scheme possible to them, to gain the power their ideology demands. And it is well known from the Egyptian videos that human life is nothing but altared sacrifices and cannon fodder to the al quaeda and MB groups~!

    WE DO N.O.T ~! belong in Syria, for ANY reason. Even Israel has stayed out, and they have more reason than anyone to become involved, should they choose to do so.

  9. Kathy says:

    Again, our government, most specifically our prez, on the wrong side of history. This is massive, creepy, scary stuff, and if Congress weren’t so busy going in circles, they might see what’s really going on.

    The White House DID know in advance and they DID conclude “that the chemical attack was most likely the war-changing development” but they didn’t care, at least not in the way any conservative author would think. This administration has never reacted in a manner we’d expect, because it’s not part of their plan. The media needs to stop thinking the government is making mistakes and face reality. A very harsh reality at that.

  10. garnet92 says:

    The ONLY thing that I know for sure is that I don’t know all I need to know to make an intelligent decision. There aren’t any good guys, they’re all bad guys.

    We, the people, don’t have access to the intelligence that our “leaders” have and ordinarily, I’d like to think that we could trust our elected representatives to act in the nation’s best interest. But in the case of B. Hussein, no thinking, aware person should trust him or his regime one single millimeter. He is psychologically incapable of telling the truth.

    So, as the Grouchman said, DON’T.

    There is NO WAY that this folly turns out well for the U.S.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for weighing in. Despite your logic Congress is wanting war to save face for Zero. Frankly they would save face for America if they voted NO.

  11. myfoxmystere says:

    Let 0bama screw this up big time! It’s the only way for God to get through to the libtards to shake them and wake them up to the facts that libtardism is a cancer to the USA.