Christian Enterprise Under Attack

Whatever happened to the premise, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”?
The line between civil and religious rights has been destroyed, and the courts are taking stands against the rights of folks to operate within their own Christian belief system. Following is one such tale.

TODD’S AMERICAN DISPATCH: Christian bakery closes after LGBT threats, protests

By Todd Starnes

Todd’s Daily Dispatch Published September 03, 2013


A family-owned Christian bakery, under investigation for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, has been forced to close its doors after a vicious boycott by militant homosexual activists.

Sweet Cakes By Melissa posted a message on its Facebook page alerting customers that their Gresham, Ore. retail store would be shut down after months of harassment from pro-gay marriage forces.

“Better is a poor man who walks in integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways,” read a posting from Proverbs on the bakery’s Facebook page.

“It’s a sad day for Christian business owners and it’s a sad day for the First Amendment,” owner Aaron Klein told me. “The LGBT attacks are the reason we are shutting down the shop. They have killed our business through mob tactics.”

Last January, Aaron and Melissa Klein made national headlines when they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Klein tells me he has nothing against homosexuals — but because of their religious faith, the family simply cannot take part in gay wedding events.

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” he said. “I don’t want to help somebody celebrate a commitment to a lifetime of sin.”

The lesbian couple filed a discrimination with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries and told their story to local newspapers and television statements.

Within days, militant homosexuals groups launched protests and boycotts. Klein told me he received messages threatening to kill his family. They hoped his children would die.

The LGBT protestors then turned on other wedding vendors around the community. They threatened to boycott any florists, wedding planners or other vendors that did business with Sweet Cakes By Melissa.

“That tipped the scales,” Klein said. “The LGBT activists inundated them with phone calls and threatened them. They would tell our vendors, ‘If you don’t stop doing business with Sweet Cakes By Melissa, we will shut you down.’”

To make matters worse, the Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries announced last month they had launched a formal discrimination investigation against the Christian family.

Commissioner Brad Avakian told The Oregonian that he was committed to a fair and thorough investigation to determine whether the bakery discriminated against the lesbians.

“Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that folks have the right to discriminate,” he told the newspaper. “The goal is to rehabilitate. For those who do violate the law, we want them to learn from that experience and have a good, successful business in Oregon.”

In other words, Christians who live and work in Oregon must follow man’s law instead of God’s law. But in a show of benevolence, the state is willing to rehabilitate and reeducate Christian business owners like the Kleins.

Klein said the closing of their retail store was a small price to pay for standing up for their religious beliefs.

“As a man of faith, I am in good spirits,” he said. “I’m happy to be serving the Lord and standing up for what’s right.”

Klein said what’s happened to Sweet Cakes By Melissa should be a warning to other Christians across the nation.

“This is a fight that’s been coming for a while,” he said. “Be prepared to take a stand. Hopefully, the church will wake up and understand that we are under attack right now.”

Just last month, New Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that two Christian photographers who declined to photograph a same-sex union violated the state’s Human Rights Act. One justice said the photographers were “compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives.”

Denver baker Jack Phillips is facing possible jail time for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

The Colorado Attorney General’s office filed a formal complaint against Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop. A hearing before the state’s civil rights commission is set for later this month.

In Indianapolis, a family-owned cookie shop faced a discrimination investigation after they refused to make rainbow cookies for National Coming Out Day.

A T-shirt company in Lexington, Ky. found itself at the center of a Human Rights Commission investigation after they refused to make T-shirts for a local gay rights organization.

Klein said it’s becoming clear that Christians do not have the “right to believe what we believe.”

In other words, gay rights trump religious rights.

Aaron and Melissa Klein tell me they will continue to bake wedding cakes from their home. He’s already taken a full-time job to pay the bills and feed their five children.

Mrs. Klein told television station KPTV her philosophy remains unchanged by recent events.

“The Bible tells us to flee from sin,” she said. “I don’t think making a cake for it helps. I guess in my mind I thought we lived in a lot nicer of a world where everybody tolerated everybody.”

The plight of the Klein family exposes the true nature of the left. Those who preach tolerance and diversity are the least tolerant and the least diverse of all.
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To be honest, I have no idea what it will take to get us back to following the principles of righteous action that this Nation was founded upon. I am grieved to my very depth at what degree of depravity and debauchery the leftist ideology demands of, and is forcing on, the American Public. 

The General Assembly of all Christian belief systems, and those who are sympathetic to them, are going to have to start supporting those who are under attack by the crowds of fools.

I am reminded of this Biblical quote, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good, evil.”

Appalling doesn’t begin to describe how this intolerance hits me.


~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

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27 Responses to Christian Enterprise Under Attack

  1. Anne says:

    Your comments summed mine up, especially the part about “grieved to my very depth.” It’s shameful of the mobs to destroy whoever disagrees with them, but as I have recently learned the hard way, that is what more people do than I would have thought.

  2. Mrs AL says:

    Grouchy, this is a great post and thanx so very much. It’s a significant story. “Appalling” is, indeed, not strong enough.

    I guess my initial reaction is, welcome to Syria II. The State of Oregon ought to be ashamed but clearly they are not. As for the LGBTers, they are pine cones. I won’t say any more on that.

    • The saddest part, Mrs AL, is that this is a NATIONAL phenomenon, and not just in Oregon. From my understanding, there is even a SCOTUS decision on this very phenomenon.

  3. Clyde says:

    Good post,GF. Too bad the Kleins didn’t honor their request. With something appropriate. Like a cake that tastes like fish. Seriously, though, given the litigious nature of these queer rights groups, I think I would have baked their cake, but also would have done a piss poor job, so as to discourage the queers from spreading the word. Barring that, I think a court battle, maybe with help from Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation, or like group.

  4. Buck says:

    Reminds me of the workplace sign, “The floggings will continue until morale improves.”

  5. CW says:

    The LGBTs and their liberal cohorts are the VERY SAME people who feign outrage over the bullying that goes on in our schools, even while that is the standard modus operandi for everything they do. They should look in the mirror and observe the ugliness looking back at them.

  6. Jim B says:

    This Situation is a result of the Tyrant in the White House. He practices the oldest strategy to keep people from being a strength as a unit, Divide and Conquer. He trashed our constitution and hate the limits set upon him by it. The LGBT groups comprises about 5% of the population. Rightfully, they should be given one of the Aleutian Islands to live on and do as they wish. AS for me, I will never be controlled by any bastardized groups of people who practice a life that is against the Natural and Spiritual Laws on this earth. I, personally would have baked their cake with a lot of sugar alcohols in it,( IT gives people Diarrhea if too much is consumed. Ha, Imagine that…. they would have been dropping their pants and plugging each other on the dance floor…………HAHAHAH…. A Cocky cake indeed. Sexual deviants. Seriously, as along as Obama and people of his ideology remain in D./C. nothing will change for the better. I have to say though, This man sent a HUGE message to these Deviants.

    • Jim, Great points.
      Welcome to Hardnox and Friends. Glad to have you aboard~!
      And I’m sure between you and Clyde and a few of our other Friends, you all will “Cook up some ‘dainty’ Pastries”, indeed~!
      As for the message sent,,, Indeed he did. And The Christians Assembled are going to answer the call, religiously as well as spiritually.

  7. Kathy says:

    I guess it would have been too easy to simply find another bakery to accommodate them; instead it was more fun to bully Christians until their business folds – nationwide.

    The homos’ actions have nothing to do with gaining rights equal to those of hetero couples and everything to do with trampling Christianity and ultimately dominating society.

    It reminds me of how the blacks over-compensate by having their own history month, chamber of commerce, etc. Their bullying is a little more subtle, but it’s bullying just the same.

    How long until Christian white folks are the outcast rather than the norm? It’s not about equality – it’s about superiority.

    • garnet92 says:

      Great post GF! And kudos to Kathy who is spot on in her assessment. The LGBT “community,” made up of lesbians and gay men, bisexuals, and the icing on the cake, “transgendered,” is an abomination – not just against God, but against the human race in general.

      There are but TWO sexes (genders). Yes, sometimes genes and chromosomes don’t get “aligned” just right and an exception happens, but there are still just males and females. The human race has survived because of natural human procreation requiring a man and a woman – that’s natural. What the LGBT proponents are doing is forcing acceptability of their condition – which is clearly unnatural.

      They are taking a page from the minorities that preceded them and depending on bullying and intimidation to force acceptance of their “lifestyle” as equal to that of heterosexuals.

      On a related note: I just heard about the Massachusetts Supreme Court going to hear a case that would remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. We Christians (especially WHITE Christians) are being attacked from all sides. We had better band together to fight back or we will, as Kathy said, become the outcasts.

  8. Kathy, the term, “WASP” has long been in disfavor, and so has Christianity as a whole, for ALL races, creeds and nationalities. IF not from the muslim, then from the muslim sycophants.
    Just as there are “Republicans In Name Only”, so are there “Christians In Name Only”. And those hypocrites are the most dangerous of all. They’re like a virus in the blood stream,,, and one never knows when that virus will erupt in violence to the host.

  9. Buck says:

    Grouch: Do you realize just how few people are running this show?
    Think about school. From 1st Grade to 6th there was the “Teacher’s Pet” who was a swishy “sissy” and who turned out in High School to be a homo. Class size varied from 30 to 35. If that holds up everywhere that means around 3% of the population are faggots. Now the 64$ Question: Why are so many politicians and judges kissing the ass of a few sexual deviants?
    Oh, and a Galleon was a Spanish ship. A Roman warship was a trireme.

    • I always did get those two con-fussed (Which is 5x as bad as con-fused~!)

      Buck, the pride of abominations is what bugs the ‘ell out of me. I can remember many a time, when the reaction was swift and violent, when a queer would approach a hetero,,, both on the male and on the female side of things. Those days are long gone, I fear.

      I see absolutely no reason that the insecurity and deviance of an individual should be forced on me as a part of my responsibility. Judging by the comments on this piece, I don’t stand alone, either. AND, there’s word out of Florida, I think it is, that to seek or provide counseling for gender Identification issues is being legislated out of existence.

      The backlash, when it does come, is going to be swift and terrible, and even worse for the pushing and shoving in the first place. Kathy’s comment on the Christian being the outcast is already well on its way to being accomplished. Temporarily.

  10. Buck says:

    We must remember the homosexual/pervert community is not the only progressive/socialist/liberal/Marxist group to attack Christianity.
    They ALL are on every front from sports to education to the courts.
    I don’t remember, it’s been many years since I seriously studied the philosophies of communism but it seems I seem to remember one of the early leaders said the people’s religions must be eradicated and communism must become the religion of the masses.

    • There was a “Communist Manifesto” in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, that listed the goals of Communist takeover of the United States. And two points that I recall from that manifesto was the deterioration of morality, and the destruction of religious / Spiritual beliefs. There was something like 50 points, altogether, and they’re now self-sustaining, as the critical impetus has been applied. We are now our own worst enemy, and like Khrushchev said, we will, “Fall like an over-ripe fruit into their hands”.

  11. Buck says:

    Yep. All they need to do now is get our guns.

  12. Kathy says:

    Number 25 on the communist agenda is break down morality and promote porn. Number 26 is present homos and degenerates as normal healthy people.

    Among some of the others are elimination of prayer -we see that working its way in everywhere and another is to discredit the family institution.

    It seems to me, it’s time for Christian hetero people to get loud.

  13. myfoxmystere says:

    I will call this move the curse of the queertards. I’ve been told by many that Oregon is further left than my home state of California, which is already getting worse with Antonio Villaweiner’s queertard cousin John Perez as ASSembly speaker, Dimwit Darrell Steinbooger as State Senate Supermajority leader, and to round it off, Governor Moonbeam and Lieutenant Goobernor Gaffing Gavin Nuisance to drive the nails into the Moonbat coffin. I don’t think California would have gone as far as Oregoon did in aiding and abetting the queertards who attacked Sweet Cakes by Melissa…they made wedding cakes, not fruitcakes! By the way, I hope you all give me some leeway…these LGBT groups irritate me to the core with their vile moves!