The NAACP Calls Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott “Racist”

This is a follow-up to a letter posted here at ‘Nox & Friends on July 23. If you haven’t read the original letter, you can read it here.

 H/T to Terry for sending me a link to this story.

FORT MYERS, FL (from an NBC-2 report).

The Lee county NAACP is calling Sheriff Mike Scott a racist. That’s not all – they are also calling for his job.

It comes after Scott sent a letter to the group about why he will not attend or be a sponsor for their annual fundraiser.

In the letter, the sheriff says there is a double standard when the NAACP picks and chooses which issues to rally around – citing the Zimmerman verdict and the Robert E. Lee painting in the commission chambers as examples.

This is Sheriff Scott being a racist, hiding behind his badge” said Lee County NAACP president James Muwakkil.

Muwakkil and the NAACP are calling for his job.

I think voters should be looking to vote him out of office for misuse of his office, his arrogance,” Muwakkil said.

In response to the letter, Sheriff Scott says he’s heard people call him everything from a hero to a racist, and says the response was expected.

Scott said even in the face of backlash, he stands by what he wrote and says others do too.

The feedback I’m receiving via email, phone calls texts and what we’ve all seen on [NBC2] Facebook posting, your Facebook postings right now are running about 75%-25% in my favor,” Scott said.

The NAACP says this debate is far from over. They are sending the letter to Governor Rick Scott’s office and the national office of the NAACP.

As for having Scott removed from office – Scott won his last re-election in 2012 with 66% of the vote. He also noted in an email Thursday evening that he’s been awarded the local NAACP’s top honor twice in his eight years in office.

Did anyone see this coming?

That was a rhetorical question. Actually, EVERYONE saw this coming. It’s the usual kneejerk response to anything said or done that paints blacks in a negative light. It doesn’t matter if a statement is true; truth and facts have no place in race discussions these days, at least when the truth conflicts with the “race-baiters’” position. The truth is susceptible to being bent, spindled, and mutilated when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Damn the facts, retaliation must be swift and overwhelming.

Black “leadership” (that term is used very loosely), represented by Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, the NAACP, et al, immediately play the dreaded Race Card, and scream for the offender’s apology/job/head, etc. to demonstrate what happens when someone dares to accuse a brother/sista of something bad.

In their world, rhetoric rules; and loud rhetoric rules absolutely.

Intimidation is the goal, and in the case of our national media, it has worked. The media are cowered to the extent that they will report nothing that identifies blacks in a negative way (even if true). Just look at the “flash mobs,” “Knockout Games,” and other violence carried out by black youths against white victims.

At least that’s the way it’s been up to now.

White people are getting fed up with being constantly blamed for everything that is dysfunctional in the black community. The white population didn’t impregnate those unwed black girls giving birth when there is no father in the house and no way to support a family. We aren’t the black men who won’t take responsibility for a child (children) they’ve fathered.  We aren’t influencing black youth to refuse education ‘cause they’d be “acting white,” and whites aren’t committing the black-on-black crime.

Understand that my perspective is not an indictment of all black folks. Many God-fearing, law-abiding, black folks are also intimidated into silence by the overwhelmingly loud rhetoric used by the race-baiting industry. If whites and blacks are to get along, more of the silent majorities of blacks need to speak up and condemn the inflammatory rhetoric used by the race-baiters and use their influence to stop the downward spiral of the currently endangered black family unit.

~ G92

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One Response to The NAACP Calls Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott “Racist”

  1. CW says:

    Good post and great follow-up commentary, Garnet. Was there supposed to be a link to the original article? It didn’t work for me.

    “Racist” actually used to mean something, but no more thanks to the lefties. Now it is just a device the lefties use when those jackals want to announce that they’re circling their prey. Anyone who shines the light of truth on realties of liberalism is the enemy of the Left.