Sheriff Mike Scott’s Letter to the Local Head of the NAACP

Following is a letter just beginning to make its way around the country. It was written by a brave and realistic county sheriff and addressed to the president of the county NAACP. It is a worthwhile read and represents the sentiments of many citizens, regardless of location.

Kudos to Sheriff Mike Scott!

He broke the bonds of Political Correctness (PC) and told it as it is. No doubt, there will be a call for his resignation – how dare he speak the truth?

We have ALL had enough. It is time – no, it is PAST TIME to break free from the shackles of PCness and stop “going along to get along.” That hasn’t worked. The only thing it gets us is more disharmony and disrespect.

He is saying things that need to be said, in thousands of cities, counties, and states across America. It’s time to cut the crap and tell it like it is.

~ G92

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