The Church of Oppositism

An industrious person with a strong stomach could make a full-time career out of the task of documenting the litany of peculiar positions staked out by the Left.  Ditto for the litany of lies and double standards that result from their unabashed fondness for dishonesty and hypocrisy.   The point of this post is to try and answer one simple question:  Why?

The biggest problem liberals face in America is that conservatism makes them irrelevant.   The Founding Fathers already established a strong and durable form of limited government – check!   The American economy thrived and produced enormous prosperity under our system of capitalism and our belief in the entrepreneurial spirit – check!  Conservative principles of personal responsibility, accountability, patriotism, deference to religion and respect for morality gave the country a solid foundation – check!   And with a few self-imposed corrections along the way Americans have enjoyed more freedom and equality as individuals than in any other nation around the world – check!  So what is a modern-day liberal supposed to do when he has but one goal in life – “making a difference?”  Answer:  He campaigns for anything and everything that is the opposite of that.  Yes, the basic philosophy of liberalism can be summed up this way:  “If it ain’t broke, break it.”

Oppositism, a term that I like to think I coined myself since “Word” keeps trying to reject it, is one of the natural driving forces behind modern liberalism.  It’s best explained by observing the behavior of the country’s youth.  Young adults are famous for their love of anything anti-establishment (read conservative), and they announce this through their appearance, their behavior and their love of protesting all things conservative, republican or traditional.  Oppositism for the sake of oppositism.  In part this attitude is due to their immaturity and the lack of adult life-experience that causes them to want to reject anything that smacks of self-discipline, just as a toddler rejects his parents’ attempts to rein in the behaviors he enjoys.  But also it comes from the need of their youthful egos to prove their own self-importance in the world, coupled with their ignorant belief that self-importance is somehow a reflection of the amount of attention one artificially draws to oneself.  Some of these people eventually grow up.  The ones that don’t – the Barack Obamas and Michael Moores of the world – go on to spend their entire lives worshiping in the church of oppositism.  Oh they have other ignoble goals, to be sure, but their quest to undo anything rooted in conservatism must not be under-appreciated.

I bring this up to expose what a dangerous mentality we’re up against, and because it’s imperative if we are to understand our enemy.  If America’s traditional values are truly the basis for the strength and prosperity we’ve enjoyed in the past, anything which seeks to undermine that will produce just the opposite.  If conservatism promotes individual rights, real fairness, equality, prosperity and common sense, then the Left’s efforts to destroy our conservative footing will result in the trampling of individual rights, unfairness, inequality, poverty and the death of common sense.  Thus we end up with children being disciplined for the shape of their pop tarts while heinous criminals are paroled; hard-working, successful people are demonized and punished with more taxes while people who sneak into the country illegally are rewarded with welfare, in-state tuition and amnesty; and Big Gulps are off-limits but you can buy pot on any street corner.

It’s not a theory.

It’s reality.



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