What is the Meaning of Hypocrisy?

Every day, it seems, we catch the President of the United States in yet another glaring hypocrisy.  Having spent his limited and undistinguished career as a U.S. senator grand-standing on the senate floor, arrogantly scolding republicans so as to assume the image of the impatient father scolding the errant child, isn’t it interesting that he now spends his presidency pursuing, if not doubling down on, virtually all of the very policies he once denounced with such great superiority and condescension?  Hmmmm.  From Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act to the abuse of war powers to increasing the nation’s debt to campaign financing to crony capitalism to his phony environmentalism and on and on and on, there seems to be a disconnect between what his Highness says and what his Highness does.  “Don’t play the blame game!” warns Obama, as he then proceeds to blame Republicans for the coming end of the world a.k.a. the sequester.  “Take care of the environment!” scolds his Highness, as he jets from one place to another on Air Force One for fundraisers, photo-ops, vacations and date-nights.

Something is seriously wrong when a person lives their life as a serial hypocrite, but just like people who become numb to sirens and explosions during wartime, Americans are being trained to react like robots to the blatant duplicity of this man and his administration.  We count off the hypocrisies (“There’s another one!”), but we can’t seem to make people understand why it matters.  So my goal here is to take the conversation to the next level by reminding people about the real meaning of hypocrisy.  Only in doing so can we begin to strip off the façade of Barack Obama and others like him, a process critical to the war against liberalism.

If you check Microsoft Word for synonyms to “hypocrite,” here are the first two words that come up: Charlatan; Fraud

That’s right.  Charlatans and frauds – people whose intent is to deceive others for their own personal gain.  That is what a serial hypocrite is, and that is what we have currently residing in the White House.  What other explanation could there be for a man who took such great pains to showcase his criticisms and scorn for the actions of others, but then turned around and proceeded to preside over the very same policies?   Either he gave zero thought to the criticisms that he proffered with such scolding condescension, in which case he’s revealed himself to be nothing more than a cheap, shallow opportunist and phony willing to hurt anyone for the sake of his own quest for power; or he secretly agreed with these policies all along and it was always his intention to continue them, in which case he is guilty of the worst kind of deceit upon his supporters.  Those are the only possible explanations so take your pick.  I have no doubt that it’s the former, but in either case – Obama is precisely what “Word” had in mind when it suggested “charlatan” and “fraud” as proper substitutes for “hypocrite.”  If A equals B and B equals C, then A must equal C.

Ask your liberal relative or neighbor this basic question:  Would it be a good idea or a bad idea to put the power of the U.S. presidency in the hands of a charlatan or a fraud?  Better yet, let’s ask the fifth-graders on the Jeff Foxworthy show.  Since they haven’t been completely poisoned by liberalism yet, they’re more likely to give an honest – and correct – answer.

Democrats who elevated the fraud-in-chief to the nation’s most powerful office are only concerned about hypocrisy when it results in an unfulfilled promise to their own special interest groups. Although they like to delude themselves into believing they are the party that values honesty and openness, their absence of anger and their failure to hold Obama accountable make them as guilty as he is.

~ CW

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