Senate Introduces Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

As I live & breathe I didn’t think we’d see this, and certainly not so fast, so I’m holding my breath to see what the catch is. It’s a given that there’s pork in it somewhere. Senator Cornyn posted this on his Facebook page from Life News. His statement: “The blatant disregard for precious, human life depicted in these videos is shocking, and we must stand up to protect our most vulnerable. This bill will ensure taxpayer dollars are used to fund women’s health, not to subsidize a political organization that perpetuates these kinds of abhorrent practices.” After negotiations between … Continue reading

UPCHUCK ALERT! Obama says “I’m a Pretty Good President.”

Obama says “I’m a Pretty Good President’ And If I Ran For a Third Term, I Could Win” From:,  by David Rutz,  on Jul 28, 2015,  see the article HERE. President Obama told the African Union Tuesday that he felt he had been a “pretty good” president and if he were allowed to run for a third term, he’d probably be victorious. Obama made the remarks while criticizing leaders on the continent who wouldn’t step aside at the conclusion of their terms. “Now, let me be honest with you,” Obama said. “I do not understand this. I am in … Continue reading

What Should you do if there is an Active Shooter?

From:,  on Jul 28, 2015,  see the article HERE. Are you prepared if an active shooter situation unfolded in front of you? CNN’s Randi Kaye looks at the training involved in surviving an active shooter situation. ~~~~~~~~~~ This is worthwhile 2:37 video. I know that we all have these images of how we’d react; we’d immediately draw our trusty sidearm, and quickly stop the bad guy with a well-placed pair of hollow points to center-mass and become the hero of the hour. I can see it now … that beautiful blonde supermodel will be so appreciative when she learns that I saved … Continue reading

1938 and 2015: Only the Names Are Different

From Truth Revolt We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright, so painfully bright that people look away from it. Many even deny its existence. Why? Because once people acknowledge evil’s existence, they know they have to confront it. And most people prefer not to confront evil. That is what led to World War II. Many in the West denied the darkness of Nazism. They looked the other way when that evil could have been stopped and then appeased it as it became stronger. We are reliving 1938. British Prime Minister Neville … Continue reading

House Passes the ‘Donald Trump Act’

From Young Conservatives: ‘Donald Trump Act’ Just Passed in the House, Would Punish Cities that Don’t Enforce Federal Immigration Law Anything that upsets President Obama is a victory for the American people. Liberals will be too stubborn to admit as much, but deep down, they know it’s true. When 44 loses, America wins, as justice prevails. H.R. 3009, also dubbed the ‘Donald Trump Act,’ which “would punish cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration law,” passed the lower chamber of congress by a 241-197 vote. Hopefully, the Republican dominated Senate will echo the House’s sentiment. H.R. 3009 passed easily in … Continue reading

Brazen Intruders Ruin Photo Shoot at Miami Beach

From Right Wing News: When you think of a model posing for a photo shoot on Miami Beach, what comes to mind is probably not a crowd of illegal immigrants jumping off a boat and rushing towards the shore. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this month. A group of undocumented immigrants interrupted a model’s video shoot in Miami Beach this month as they ran from a boat to shore in the back ground of where the woman was filming. Ekaterina Juskowski was filming her unnamed friend stroll down the beach in a sequined dress at about 6am on July … Continue reading

Trump: People are Tired of Incompetence

Greta has Donald Trump “On The Record” and they discuss a variety of topics. ranging from his relation with his ex-wife Ivana, the Iran Nuke Deal, Common Core, Hillary, the upcoming debates, the dishonesty of the press, and other topics.  A good interview. “Maybe Kerry & Obama Are Not Bright” I like this guy.  There is little about him that he says that isn’t spot on. ~ Hardnox

BFD – Boehner Tells Clinton “Turn Over Server”

So what!  The server files are long gone. Serial liar is an understatement. All of this is bullshit and waay too late.  This should have been done 8 months ago. Interestingly the Inspectors General found 4 emails (count ’em FOUR) containing confidential information out of only FORTY that were reviewed.  Mind you, those were 40 emails out of 32,000.  I’m not a rocket surgeon but that suggests 10% had confidential information.  Frankly, as SoS 99% should have had confidential information on them. She’s a liar, and that much is true, yet the lemmings will vote for her anyway if she … Continue reading

Pinecone of the Week Award – July 29, 2015

It’s humpday again, and in honor of our belated Mrs A.L. who loathed “pinecones” see the video below: Congratulations to Rutgers University Deepa Kumar who believes that the US is more brutal than ISIS and is the professor who successfully blocked Condoleezza Rice from presenting the commencement address last year. Kumar does not allow dissension in her class and regularly “punishes” students who disagree with her, in other words a typical leftist. ~ Hardnox  

Bias Bash: Trump Leaves Media at a Loss

The professional pundits, the consultant class, the media are wrong.  I’d say so… What the ladies dismiss is that batears had the thinnest of thin resumes with absolutely no job experience of any kind much less any leadership skills or executive skills, yet won anyway. Ditto with Hillary who has none of that experience either.  Her only accomplishments have been to be married to Bill Clinton, carpetbag a Senate seat in New York and have no worthy Senate record, then got a door prize as Secretary of State for stepping aside when Obama steamrolled her presidential bid.  Her tenure as … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — July 29, 2015

. “Jokes of the proper kind, properly told, can do more to enlighten questions of politics, philosophy, and literature than any number of dull arguments.” Isaac Asimov,  (January 2, 1920 – April 6, 1992)   ~ ~   Grouchy   ~ ~

Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts

Of course we all know about the traffic in baby parts by Planned Parenthood.  Here’s the latest video exposing this horrible practice as if abortion in itself wasn’t horrible enough. Thank you to this courageous women for coming forward and exposing this barbarity. I want to bitch slap the next leftist I encounter that opines about wanting all of us to support some bullshit project or idea with the meme “let’s do for the children”.  I do believe that I will lose my composure and any modicum of civility that I possess. Next, I’ll go apeshit if I hear some … Continue reading

Store-Owner Used AR-15 to Stop Trio of Robbers

From Controversial Times: Three armed robbers met a store owner armed with an AR-15 and left with gunshot wounds aplenty. And it was all caught on camera. “The persons who tried to break into his store that night not only intended to steal but I think they intended to kill him,” attorney John Schiro Surveillance footage shows the robbers using a stolen van to ram through concrete pillars in front of the store. Having already had an employee shot during an armed robbery last year, store owner Rami Murrar responded by arming himself with his AR-15 rifle. “When Mr. Murrar … Continue reading

Ted Cruz answers Barack Obama and Mitch McConnell

Sen. Ted Cruz, heir apparent to the Reagan legacy, answers Barack Obama’s scurrilous attacks from East Africa and Mitch McConnell’s treachery on the Senate floor. The GOP field has some excellent-sounding conservatives running, but this is the one who will take on the “Washington cartel” just as Reagan did 40 years ago. As the old saying goes: “if you’re over the target you get flak”.  Batears knows that Senator Cruz is a threat to his phoney legacy.  I find it amusing that while in Africa he finds it important to comment on Senator Cruz’ remarks as if his immediate audience … Continue reading

Who Da’ Thunk It? Only In Ontario, Eh?

From Yahoo News ~ You sometimes just can’t make these stories up! LOL!~ B.B. Kitchener women say they were stopped by police for cycling topless Three Kitchener, Ont., sisters are planning to file a formal complaint after they say they were stopped by a police officer for cycling topless. Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed took off their shirts while riding their bikes in downtown Kitchener on Friday evening because of the heat. They say they received mostly positive reaction, until a police officer stopped them on Shanley Street. ( I bet they got lots of positive reaction!) “He said, ‘Ladies, you need to put on some … Continue reading

Why does the Republican Party Exist?

By Ben Domenech at The Federalist: Why does the Republican Party exist? What is its purpose as a political entity – to what end do its members work to elect their fellow Republicans? What are its priorities? Whose interests does it serve? Why is this political party still around so long after its primary motivations for creation – the defense of the Union and the end of slavery – were achieved? The Democratic Party exists to serve its clients – but the Republican Party’s justification is more ethereal. Is it just an arbitrary entity seeking a universal negative, designed to … Continue reading

DOJ’s Office of Legal Council Blocking IG Investigations

DOJ facing bipartisan criticism for move to ‘undermine’ gov’t watchdogs FOX NEWS July 27, 2015 Matt Fossen – contributor The Justice Department is facing bipartisan criticism for clamping down on government watchdogs’ access to documents, in a decision lawmakers say defies Congress and undermines those tasked with rooting out government misconduct. The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel issued a 68-page memo last week that said the department’s inspector general would be required to get permission from the agencies it oversees to obtain wire taps, grand jury testimonies, and credit information. IGs are assigned to audit and conduct internal reviews of … Continue reading

High-ranking BLM official convicted by jury

  Pie N Politics  Editor Liz Bowen March 26, 2015 U.S. Attorneys » District of Montana » News Department of Justice. U.S. Attorney’s Office. District of Montana Jury Convicts Former High-Ranking BLM Official           PACER Case Reference: 14-57 GREAT FALLS – The former State Director of the Bureau of Land Management’s Eastern States Region, which is responsible for the stewardship of the public lands and resources under the jurisdiction of the BLM in 31 States east of and bordering the Mississippi River, was convicted of fraud and theft by a federal jury in Great Falls Wednesday night. … Continue reading