Iranian Payola

from Obama to the Mad Mullahs. EXCERPT:  “The State and Treasury Departments declined on Tuesday to answer a series of questions from the Free Beacon about the method in which U.S. taxpayer funds were paid to Iran. The administration is also withholding key details about the payment from leading members of Congress, including Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Mike Lee (R., Utah), who launched an inquiry into the matter earlier this month. The Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice all failed to respond to the inquiry by Monday’s deadline, according to congressional sources tracking the matter. “The already bizarre circumstances surrounding the $1.7 … Continue reading

Eric Shawn reports: Shocking election fraud cases

    Fox News Special Report:   Eric Shawn reports: Shocking election fraud cases Still think the votes won’t be rigged if we aren’t paying attention? Interesting fact backed up by fact checking sites who could not prove them false: Obama lost in the four states that had a strict photo-only ID requirement in 2012 — Georgia, Indiana, Kansas and Tennessee. Granted the trend of these states to Republican candidates pre-dated the photo ID laws, the first having been implemented in 2008. Voting record facts from the 2012 election have supported in some precincts for other states, total counts exceeding … Continue reading

Donald Trump Townhall On Illegal Immigration – Killed By Illegal Immigrant

On Hannity last night.  The families of Americans killed by illegals speak out. My heart breaks for these families. What part of ILLEGAL doesn’t anyone understand?  Trump simply wants to enforce the laws we already have on our books. ~ Hardnox

CBS: Trump call for special prosecutor ‘strikes fear’ in hearts of Clinton allies

Yesterday, Donald Trump while at a campaign rally in Austin Texas, called for a “Special Prosecutor” to investigate Hillary Clinton’s use of her position as Secretary of State to funnel donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access and favors. With the WikiLeaks release of hacked emails and Judicial Watch’s FOIA success even the limpstream media can’t ignore all of it. Surprisingly, we have a burst of journalism coming from a lefty media outlet.  Who knew that was even possible? Of course nothing will happen and a special prosecutor won’t be named but this is still good news insomuch … Continue reading

Jesse Watters: A real assessment of Obama’s two terms

  Jesse Watters is spot on. You would think that by now even the densest liberals who might have paid even meager attention to facts not the fiction of the people who print, speak, or post only approved propaganda would have begun to understand that Obama and Hillary have been two of the most divisive and dangerous actors in world and US politics since 2009. But no. It seems they are trotting right along in the wake of these two. You would think they might have learned by now even as they lose jobs to refugees and illegal immigrants, pay … Continue reading

Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event

From American Thinker: Forget the arrogance and corruption — $153 million in Clinton family speaking fees from 2001, mainly bribes during her State Department years. Forget the lies, the lies about lies, and the perjury. Forget the security breaches. Forget enabling America’s most prominent sexual predator. Forget the trail of bodies stretching from Little Rock to Benghazi. Forget every scandal from Whitewater to deleted e-mails. Forget all of it. Instead, focus on coming attractions — what a Clinton presidency would mean for America. It would be the political equivalent of an extinction level event. Obama began the process of transforming … Continue reading

FBI Finds 15,000 New Hillary Clinton Emails

Available to the public by September 22?  Sure, when pigs fly.  They will drag their feet on this. Meanwhile, WikiLeaks just published hacked emails from Huma Abedin Weiner that claims that “Hillary is often confused”.  The timeline is BEFORE her alleged fall and cracked head episode.  From the emails it’s obvious that Humma and Cheryl Mills have been concerned about the hag’s health and mental abilities for quite a while. ~ Hardnox

Wild Bill: Poll Dancers

Bill claims that the polls conducted by the limpstream media are nothing but lies in a feeble attempt to drag the Hildabeast across the finish line.  I wholeheartedly agree. The UniParty is crapping razorblades at the prospect that Trump will get elected.  Good.  They should be. ~ Hardnox  

Lost Speeches From The DNC

This is a moving look back at some of the more meaningful speeches of the 2016 DNC that were kept from the public by the biased media :     ~Terry

Asshat Alert: CNN Declares All Blacks as Felons

Congratulations assholes!  Spoken like true leftists.  Once in awhile the left exposes their true beliefs.  This time they have their collective pants around their ankles. So who are the racists here? Great ad by the way…. ~ Hardnox

Do Not Buy Into The Lies Of Mainstream Polls And Headlines

Election 2016 Presidential Polls Real Clear Politics August 21, 2016 Sunday, August 21 (LA Times/USC)……..Clinton 43…….Trump 45 In Ohio: CBS News/YouGov…….Clinton 46…….Trump 40, ………………….Johnson 6……..Stein 2 Iowa: CBS News/YouGov…….Clinton 40……..Trump 40, ………………….Johnson 7………Stein 2 Simple Newsmax Poll Trump………108,494………..77% Clinton……..32,322………..22% For those determined to spread the Democrat narrative (both liberal and conservative) – jerk the toilet chain and flush your polls down into the sewer. First, polls are ridiculous. They tell nothing more or less than the mood of the people at any given time. They are biased as he#l.  From the one preparing the questions to the one skewing the … Continue reading

Founding Fathers Check and Mate For Totalitarian Takeover Of Our Country

When our forefathers began this country, they were well aware of how other democratic-styled countries throughout history had been destroyed not from invading armies but from the weakening of faith, rise of corruption and greed in the leaders, and the breakdown of law and order from within. They provided two methods of check and balance for states and citizens to lawfully determine their fate when corruption and ideologies tried to erode the constitution and the values of our land. Check – Election      and      Mate – Convention of States The old sayings were never more appropo than … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

John Fleetwood Jr. heard an intruder break in through a glass door of his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so he went to investigate with his trusty .38 Special revolver. He encountered 30-year-old Yvon Juteau in the hallway armed with a crowbar and promptly shot him three times in the face. Juteau dropped the crowbar and exited the abode through the broken glass door, leaving a trail of blood that the police followed. There was a struggle and Juteau was subdued with a Taser. He has been involved with law enforcement since he was a juvenile, including incarcerations since … Continue reading

Trump blames liberal policies for inner-city problems

The record is clear.  The Left’s policies in democrat controlled cities has been a disaster.  It has wrecked the black community.  Meanwhile, the left imports refugees from all over the world and supports open borders further harming the blacks. Anyone voting for a democrat at any level is insane. ~ Hardnox